As Winston Churchill said, ” there is never a second chance to make a first impression.”How right I was!. As a beauty professional and working in an industry where so much emphasis is placed on “appearances”, it is really a simple and easy question to address. If you look and act in a professional way, you will be taken seriously and your reputation will be that of a professional who offers high quality services. Never underestimate the way people perceive you. Dress in an impeccable professional uniform, fresh and clean, in addition to having clean and tidy hair (off the face), simple make-up, and no fake nails. All these things will really make a difference. A good cleanliness and personal hygiene says a lot about you and will tell your client what kind of safe beauty service you will experience.


Hand washing

This is the most important step in preventing the spread of germs that lead to diseases and infections. Let us know that 80% of the germs are transferred from the hands. We all use our hands much more often than we imagine. Wash your hands thoroughly and use a gel disinfectant during the course of the day. Be sure to disinfect your hands in front of your client immediately before starting work. You think you wash your hands well enough? You might be surprised. Here is a useful guide to effectively wash your hands:

  • Use the water at a warm and comfortable temperature.
  • Use a splash of liquid soap for hands.
  • Rub your hands until you foam for at least 20 seconds.
  • Wash well between your fingers and under your nails.
  • Enjuagate the hand soap

Dry your hands completely, preferably with at least two paper towels or air dryers.

Close the water Key with paper towels and throw the towels in the appropriate container.

If you don’t have access to soap and water, use a good quality disinfectant gel, come in various sizes, which can be kept in your workstation and in a kit.

And recuérda…No touch the customer’s face, then your own face or hair and then the customer’s face again (double dip).

Dirty accessories and brushes

Once again, this is common sense, but it seems to be overlooked too often. Brushes and tools must be properly disinfected. do you clean the eyelash curler with a cleaning product after use? Remember when you used it last time and you can be sure the client didn’t have an eye infection?

It takes practice, but it’s like washing your hands after going to the bathroom – an absolute necessity. Don’t be fooled and don’t be lazy, leaving your dirty work tools is a poor reflection of your professional ethics and something that cannot be ignored.

Dirty accessories and brushes

Contaminated products

You put expired milk in your coffee? If a product doesn’t look, doesn’t smell good, then don’t use it, throw it away. Respect the service life of the products.

As a beauty professional, the use of the products is more frequent and with more customers than with our personal products. It opens and closes the lids after each use, as by leaving them open, the bacteria are getting into the product by the frequency of its use. As we can see in the shops, the useful life of most beauty products is “six months” but it could mean only “one month”in the mascara or mascara.

We should think about how work products and tools are used, and make preparation for a safe beauty before and after use.

Are you using disposable materials correctly? Who else could have had access to your products and kit? All these questions will help you determine how long you keep your products in use.