Why do we have cellulite?

Cellulite, commonly called orange peel, is accompanied by almost everything since early childhood. Even though it is believed that the disease is typically feminine, so do teenagers, and it increasingly appears even in men!

It is important to note that the appearance of an orange peel under no circumstances depends on the weight, as it has thin and fatter shapes. Despite the fact that cellulite is not a disease in and of itself is not a threat to our health (if that is accompanied by a significant excess weight or obesity-in this case, however, a factor that threatens us with too much mass), passing the dream to the millions of people around the world. How to get rid of cellulite? This question asks itself almost everyone who begins to take good physical form.

That is why in our cellulite cycle, we will tell you its causes, factors that promote development and the most effective methods to eliminate and prevent relapses of the orange peel. Don’t hesitate to act!

Why do we have cellulite?

1. What is cellulite?

Cellulite, or the lumps and irregularities visible under the skin and forming the anti-aesthetic effect of the so-called orange peel, is nothing more than increased fat cells that, as a result of an increase in their size, contract nearby blood and lymphatic vessels. As a result of this process, blood circulation is worse, and cell metabolism becomes weaker. As a result, toxins, by-products of metabolism, which, together with water, are postponed in tissues, are eliminated. The visible sign of such changes is exactly cellulite that hates us. In addition, a more favorable cellulite – that is, “weaker” – the structure of the skin in women, resulting in the fact that even if at first sight it seems to us that cellulite we do not have, after having shrunk most of the body (for example, when the leg is set on the leg), our eyes appear the effect of an orange peel of course, cellulite, which we have already written in the introduction, is not an exclusively female problem, but about this in the next part of the article.

2. Causes of cellulite

In general, the culprit of cellulite is the regime of life today. Our grandmothers and prababcie, educated in a healthy meal, healthy, outdoors, and all the days in a constant movement, not in front of the computer screen, driving a car, not complained of cellulite, although probably not all can boast of the figure of the supermodel;)

The most important factors contributing to the development of cellulite include::

The lack of physical activity, it is clear that if we don’t provide our body with enough exercise, the excess calories are postponed in the form of fat in the places most prone to the appearance of cellulite, namely the hips, the buttocks, the abdomen, but more often on the forearms or even łydkach, and the circulation of blood and metabolism in the body is much weaker. In addition, the muscles are not trained, respectively, are smaller, weaker and require less energy, which only “encourages” the fat cells to the action, and the effect of the orange peel is visible to the naked eye. In addition, the lack of a sufficient daily portion of movement can cause poor body posture, which again affects the incorrect blood circulation, which, as we know, contributes to cellulite.

Causes of cellulite

A bad diet is high in calories, rich in simple carbohydrates and animal fats. Carbohydrate-rich foods, carbonated drinks, numerous snacks containing hardened fats, sugar in excessive amounts and preservatives without enough vegetables and fruits are the ideal fuel for our cellulite, which can thrive completely even in very thin people.;)

Hormones are estrogen and estrogen compounds. As is known, estrogen is a hormone, predominantly female, suitable, in particular, for the beautiful appearance of skin, hair and nails, that is, the dedicated attributes of femininity;) its excess, however, (during periods of a variety of hormonal fluctuations), can be a traitor, because it can cause cellulite unwanted by us. However, estrogen compounds are much more dangerous in the foods we eat. Hormones are also added, For example, animal feed, and then the meat of such animals comes to our table in the form of a delicious lunch.

Too tight clothes sound amazing, right? Unfortunately, this is true because items that are too tight wardrobe (pants very tight to the tube) weaken the circulation of the blood, especially in the parts of the body, especially prone to the formation of orange peel, which as a result slows down and weakens the circulation of the blood. And the bad circulation is because one of the important allies of cellulite!

Cigarette smoking: among the many negative effects of cigarette smoking, there is also a significant weakening of skin elasticity and elasticity. And, as we know, the skin is slightly tense and flexible enough, even more visible will be the orange peel. The same effect causes sunburn without proper filters, which also affects the overall decrease in skin condition, including its level of flexibility.

3. Cellulite in men?

Although until recently, cellulite was considered a typically female disease, it begins to manifest more and more in men. Those responsible for this, in addition to poor diet and lack of physical activity, are estrogen compounds found in the foods we wrote earlier. In addition, the appearance of an orange peel may also complain about men with hormonal disorders or those undergoing any hormonal procedure. One factor that affects the formation of cellulite can also be something that few people know about: hormonal doping used by men, which disrupts the natural and normal hormonal economy of the body.

Now you know where cellulite comes from and why it’s so hard to get rid of it. Know, however, that it is really possible to significantly reduce the orange peel, and even get rid of it completely. Only a little discipline and patience and the consequences will be guaranteed! About this in the next part of our cycle, to the reading We invite you