How to feel slimmer and lighter at the end of the day? Here are 15 ways

Feel light, airy and well-formed-the dream of many women. Silhouette slim is hard work and many victims, but there are ways to feel lighter already in 24 hours! Here are 15 proven patents to overcome the feelings of swollen stomach.

How to feel slimmer and lighter at the end of the day? Here are 15 ways

1. Warm water with lemon on a good day

It stimulates and moves the gastrointestinal tract, activates digestion and stimulates metabolism.

2. Losing dairy products in the morning

Breakfast should not always be milk, yogurt, yogurt and cheese. See, it’s not if your belly’s a little better after food.

3. And you can yoga?

All these turns, tilt and curvature stimulates digestion and helps get rid of toxins from the body. Besides, exercises in the morning, revive you and ensure good mood.

4. An exotic cocktail (no alcohol, of course!)

Pineapple and papaya are rich in enzymes that facilitate digestion and eliminate swelling. Cocktail with coconut water or fresh fruit for lunch is a great idea for your body and well-being.

5. Chew!

Food in the run very fast causes, along with food enters the air tract, which is trapped can cause swelling. Sit quietly, be careful to chew and eat without stress.

6. Thanks for rubber!

Do you like to chew? In addition to the air you enter, then, into the gastrointestinal tract, along with the rubber to deliver your body to substances that cause feeling of opuchnięcia.

7. Drink more water!

Man is composed mainly of water, but his level in our body is not constant, and we must always replenish. In addition, water helps eliminate toxins and excess salts, therefore drinking all day from small to small sips, and best, always keep a bottle in your bag.

8. Try using the care tool

Quinoa, or quinoa, increasingly present in our dishes for some time , and it’s no wonder it’s rich in nutrients, including potassium and fiber, to help you feel less sensationalist. Serve it instead of rice or cereal or add the salad, and if you like sweets, you can also use it to cook cookies!

Try using the care tool

9. Control portions

You will not feel light if your lunch will remember portion for the miner after an arduous Шиха. All in moderation and common sense! You can’t be hungry, you can’t eat too much.

10. Remember subcutaneous

Fiber-your new co-worker. Thanks to it you will feel better fed after eating food, full of energy and free from swelling. Where to find him? For example, whole grains, vegetables and fruits.

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11. Thanks for a bowl for dinner.

And for dinner too. Alcohol can and delicious, promotes relaxation and helps in relaxation, but does not need to drink every day. Besides, what slows digestion is very caloric.

12. Conjuring for asparagus dinner

These plants stimulate the production of bacteria beneficial to our organism, prevent tumors, are a treasure trove of vitamins and minerals, and one of the aphrodisiacs. And besides, in 100 g, it only contains 18 calories, could it be even better?

13. Avoid desserts from afar

Really, you can go one day without a dose of candy! You are beautiful, intelligent and special, so cake or chocolate, you do not need for happiness. Instead, you better pick some fruit.

14. The afternoon tea

With the addition of cinnamon and ginger or fresh mint to help eliminate the sensation of flatulence and calm the gastrointestinal tract. Such tea before bed is a relief to your stomach.

15. Sleep well (and consequently time)

We know that you have many things in your mind, and time is still short, but sleep is very important to you and your metabolism. A minimum of seven hours is the basis of your appearance will also win!