fluoride acne

Is there anything worse than an annoying pimple?

Well, yes there is something worse, and also you have run out of your cream removes pimples.  And you’ve heard a thousand times that you shouldn’t pinch them… so is there anything you can do to get rid of that grain immediately?

You probably know the trick of putting a little toothpaste on your shin when you’re in trouble, and it honestly sounds like a wonderful idea: you don’t spend a penny because you always have it at home, and it’s easy to apply.


But does this home remedy really work? We tell you the truth.

The advice of using dental cream to treat acne is completely groundless.  Some of the ingredients it contains, such as bicarbonate, peroxide, and alcohol, can help dry a grain.  Some brands also include triclosan, a component that fights bacteria. Then, yes, it is true that the toothpaste has ingredients that fight pimples, but the myth falls out when we discovered that the pasta is not made for the skin.

It is not a reason not to consider it a home-made solution, in fact many beauty products have dual function.  But your skin is much more delicate than your teeth, and some pasta ingredients, such as fluoride and metolol, can irritate your complexion, and even cause dermatitis, especially if you have sensitive skin.

But does this home remedy really work? We tell you the truth.


Yes, you can find a paste that is free of the irritants it contains, but dermatologists recommend using a specialized cream for the beans and not the makeshift remedy.

Try to find a treatment that contains benzoyl peroxide, an antibacterial ingredient that will help dry the shin and uncover blocked pores. (In a severe grain emergency, for example, the day before taking your graduation photo, your dermatologist can inject the grain with an anti-inflammatory steroid to reduce it, says Dr. Ploch, an expert dermatologist.

Until then, you better stay with a regular cleaner and rub the grain with a bucket of ice to relieve any painful inflammation.

In short, there are some ingredients in toothpaste that can be effective in fighting acne on their own, but they also contain aggressive ingredients that can irritate the skin and make the Shin even redder and angry. Your best option is to continue with skin care products specifically designed to work in these areas.