cupping massage cellulite

No woman is completely safe from the risk of cellulite. In fact, between 80 and 90% of women have (or have had) cellulite. The uneven appearance of cellulite on the skin can make women feel self-conscious and lose confidence in themselves. So it is certain that most of them are looking for some way to treat or disguise it.

Every day new treatments appear that claim to eradicate cellulite almost magically, but it is important to know the difference between what works, and what is just a fashion or a marketing strategy.

Cupping (also called Anti-cellulite suction cups or ventosatherapy) has recently become very popular, as it is known that many celebrities and athletes resort to this treatment to lessen their problems. But aside from attracting media attention, what are these suckers really doing?

Here we will explain what cupping is, what its benefits are, and whether it really works to eliminate cellulite.


What is the cupping?

Suction cup therapy uses glass or plastic cups or bottles that create a vacuum, resulting in a suction, when applied to the skin. The vacuum is created by introducing heat; usually, a swab or cotton ball immersed in alcohol and lit, to create a negative pressure inside the cup.

This technique is not new; thousands of years ago it was used by the Chinese, using horns or bamboo cups, to make the Qi and blood flow in the meridians, as a method to eliminate pain. In Western terms, it also breaks muscle fibers and increases blood circulation in areas of contraction and stiffness.

This suction cup massage was initially used by physiotherapists and masseuses to relieve muscle aches, sports injuries and remove muscle tension. Over time, the method was used in the cosmetic treatment of cellulite, a recent trend that has just begun to gain national recognition.

The cups can be used of different sizes to treat different areas of the body; and their placement can be done both static and dynamically (sliding). In order for the suction cup to slip, oil must be applied previously to the dry skin, which also helps to relieve muscle tension and knots.

This treatment leaves some characteristic circular marks that you’ve probably already seen on the skin of celebrities like Jennifer Aniston or Gwyneth Paltrow, which makes everyone rush to test their effects.

An interesting fact is that now all modern machines for treating cellulite are working with the same concept of vacuum. Chance?

What is the cupping?

Benefits of cupping for cellulite

Cellulite has nothing to do with overweight, as even the thinnest and fit woman may be affected by dimples on the skin (also known as orange skin).

Rather, it is caused by weakened connective tissue, enlarged fat cells (adipocytes), fluid retention, and poor blood circulation. When the blood does not circulate well, it does not help break down these fat deposits and does not remove them through the body’s natural lymphatic drainage system.

So suction cup massage helps fight cellulite and also acts preventively (also on stretch marks).