facial exercise videos

If you care about the health and aesthetics of your body and are already used to doing exercises to gain muscle mass, Have you stopped to think that there are more than 50 muscles in your face and neck?

In general, people resort to creams and aesthetic treatments to improve the appearance of the skin and avoid the feared expression marks, but it is quite rare for anyone to think about doing facial exercises to keep the face young.

Facial muscles also deserve attention and that is why facial gymnastics has been gaining fans around the world with the hope of improving appearance and rejuvenating.

Facial gymnastics promises to reduce or prevent lines of expression, wrinkles, increase the stress of the skin and even decrease the headaches.

Let’s find out a little more about what it is, how facial gymnastics works, what is the step by step of some of the most important facial exercises and also show the before and after some people who have achieved great results with it.


What is facial gymnastics?

When you smile, frown, or do any other facial expression, you’re moving the muscles of your face. Each person will have different movements and the forms that these movements give to our face are a sign of the lines of expression that we will have as we grow old.

Some people believe that the fewer expressions they make, the less likely they are to create wrinkles or expression marks before time, but that is not true.

Anyway, facial gymnastics tends to move muscles that are little used in our everyday life, as well as many exercises that you do at the Academy are also focused on unused muscles that will give better definition to your arms or legs, for example.

By doing facial exercises, you will give greater strength to the muscles that are responsible for giving the shape and contour of your face. Over the years, these muscles that do not move lose their strength and shape, which can generate fallen eyelids and flaccidity in general.

Facial gymnastics works to strengthen these muscles and make the skin firmer. This means that in addition to improving the appearance of the face, the blood circulation of the face will improve, helping to give more life to the skin.

What is facial gymnastics?

Does facial gymnastics really work?

There are many reports that in fact facial gymnastics works, but it is necessary to engage and maintain a routine exercise to see the results.

Despite some inconclusive scientific research on its effectiveness, experts in the area indicate that facial exercises can be very beneficial both to prevent signs of age, and to decrease some brands of expression.

The test can be done with the list of exercises that we will check the step by step next. The ideal is to perform the exercises daily to start seeing the results in at least one month.