cellulite success stories

Nobody wants it, but most women have it: orange skin. To know what can be done about it, it helps to know where cellulite comes from.

Nobody wants them – but most women have them: dents in the ass and thighs, also known as orange skin. Studies on this subject show that almost 90% of women over 20 years of age have cellulite. To know what can be done about it, it helps to know where cellulite comes from. Well?

It’s not fair, but the truth is, men don’t have to deal with cellulite. She is, this is how Mother Nature invented it, a purely feminine phenomenon. Why? There are two reasons. The first is a fundamental difference in fat storage. This means very simple: in the case of men, the problem area number one is the abdomen, while women tend to keep their fat reserves under the skin of the back and thigh. Apart from the fact that men, by nature, have less fat in the ass and thighs than women, they have a different connective tissue structure.

cellulite success stories

Connective tissue is the cause.

Connective tissue varies between men and women. Not only is it much more flexible in the case of women, but it also has a very different pattern to that of men: collagen fibers are parallel and perpendicular to the skin. In the case of men, on the contrary, they are intertwined and inclined towards the skin.

Agree. But what does that have to do with the dents? The network of connective tissue, more flexible in women, allows for greater visibility of the fat cell chambers below. At these points, tissue and lymphoid water accumulates, and see the typical image of cellulite skin.

The degree of cellulite is also genetic. The weaker the connective tissue, i.e. the collagen fibre network, the more likely the dents on the surface will form.

Just put cream or gel – does that help?

Sure, it sounds tempting: no sports, no healthy nutrition, just a cream, and the dents disappear. But in the end, only the Euros disappear from your account. The product testing Foundation has tested the efficacy of Anti-cellulite agents, which have been cut off with the result of “defective”. However, the cosmetic industry is increasingly attracting the creams and Gels to remove cellulite.

The fact is that Peelings, creams and Gels improve the image of the skin and soften the surface of the skin. However, it is evident that the treatment of the cellulite is not effective, creams, Gels and oils do not penetrate enough into the skin to exert an action deep in the connective tissue that causes cellulite.

Make the dents disappear with cream? So it doesn’t work. Products that are applied superficially to the skin have no effect on connective tissue, blood circulation, hormones, or water deposits that cause cellulite. So no more miracle creams!

Just put cream or gel - does that help?

Expensive treatments for doctors and cosmetics?

Ultrasound, massage, laser therapy… even cosmetic or medical treatments don’t help. According to current studies, none of the current treatments can guarantee success. Even liposuction in affected areas tends to worsen the skin image rather than improve. So no, if you think it makes sense to undergo such expensive treatment.

Now you’re wondering,what help? What can you do with cellulite?

You probably already guess: a healthy diet with lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, and sufficient liquid, along with a sport regularly, are the most effective measures against cellulite: improves the hemorrhage of the tissues, are stored less slag, reduce the fat cells and the sport reduces the muscular structure of the underground. So … …

Fighting cellulite with Gymondo

As I said, healthy diet and regular sport are and remain the most effective means against cellulite. If you take the weight off, you lose tissue from the skin and slide over it.

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