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For all the benefits of Skin Brushing it is convenient that we do it daily. We will start with a gentle intensity and little time and, with the days, we will increase

Many women already practice the technique of Skin Brushing on the skin. This is because they have discovered the multiple benefits they get by dedicating a few minutes each day to this simple method of beauty and health.

Discover in this article the 7 benefits you will get when brushing dry. These could be, for example, fighting cellulite, stretch marks, poor circulation, or fluid retention. Keep reading and find out!


What is Skin Brushing?

Skin Brushing is a very simple technique that consists of rubbing our skin with a brush of natural bristles to achieve stimulation of dermis and organs, while at the same time promoting movement of circulation. Some recommendations for a more effective outcome are:


This massage will be carried out in an ascending order, starting with the feet, and always in the direction of the heart.

Skin Brushing is done with an average intensity, but without becoming annoying or painful.

We can do it for 5 to 30 minutes, several times a week. However, it is recommended to start for a few minutes and gradually increase.

People with delicate or sensitive skin should do so with great caution, always starting with a few minutes and low pressure.

7 benefits of Skin Brushing skin

Below we detail 7 benefits provided by the Skin Brushing system, both to improve the health and beauty of our body.

7 benefits of Skin Brushing skin

1. Acts as lymphatic drainage

Skin Brushing allows us to have a lymphatic drainage, that is, a cleansing of the lymphatic system of our body. It is responsible for eliminating accumulated toxins and ensuring the proper functioning of the immune system.

This could improve the appearance of our skin and strengthen our body’s natural defenses.

2. Removes liquids

By doing the brushing technique we could also facilitate the removal of liquids. According to studies, this will reduce the swelling that occurs in certain parts of our body, such as the legs or belly, as well as relieve joint inflammation.

3. Promotes skin regeneration

This technique is an alternative to exfoliation. In fact, we can combine different peeling methods to remove dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface. In addition, according to dermatologist Ruiz Rodríguez, it also promotes skin regeneration and, therefore, the elimination of wrinkles.

4. Fight cellulite

This technique could also combat cellulite, as brushing works on the skin but with deep results.

5. Prevents stretch marks

Striations are related to a lack of hydration, elasticity and skin regeneration. According to studies, with a good daily Skin Brushing we will facilitate the renewal of skin cells and therefore prevent stretch marks.

6. Improving circulation

Another of the results of this brush massage is to improve circulation, especially by following the proper route that we have detailed at the beginning. I mean, we’ll start with the feet and always ascend in the direction of the heart. Therefore, it would also be a good remedy against varicose veins.

7. Softens the skin

On the other hand, Skin Brushing of the skin would also help improve skin cell renewal. The skin would then feel more delicate, homogeneous and even firm, avoiding the flaccidity of the tissues.