home remedies for cellulite

Almost all women suffer from cellulite. Although medically harmless, it is a cosmetic problem for many of the people affected, so it is always tried to fight with all its strength the dents in the legs, abdomen and buttocks. However, the so-called “orange skin” is often very persistent and difficult to remove, so it also affects extremely athletic and slender people. However, it is possible to influence the shape of dents and thus improve personal well-being. We will show you the domestic remedies against cellulite that can be used in a simple and effective way to do something good to your body, both from the outside and from the inside.

home remedies for cellulite

What causes cellulite?

At least 80% of women have, in different ways, the “dents of orange-peel skin” typical on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen or upper arm. Cellulite is not a medical problem, but a natural phenomenon of the female body, so men are not usually affected. This is due to certain anatomical circumstances, as women have much thinner skin than men. In addition, your connective tissue is weaker, as you must be more flexible to avoid damage from pregnancy.

To this is added a different distribution of fat: while men put fat mainly in the abdomen (“beer belly”), women usually accumulate extra wounds on the hips, buttocks and thighs. Flexible connective tissue causes fat cells, often augmented, to rise faster in women, and eventually appear in the form of dents on the surface of the skin. Even women who have always been very thin are not protected from cellulite when they have weak connective tissue. In most cases, this is genetic, so a mother with strong orange skin greatly increases her risk.

Avoid risk factors

Although almost all women are more or less affected, there are some factors that may encourage the formation of orange skin. These include, for example, genetic Preactivity, excess weight, lack of exercise, low blood pressure, venous diseases, bleeding disorders, or hormonal disorders. Water retention in the legs also contributes to the optical aspect of cellulite. As a result, for example, with regard to the hereditary aspects of one’s well-being, it is useful to accept in some way the typical “female problem”. On the other hand, in other areas, the way in which the dents are manifested is very much affected by itself. A combination of exercise, healthy diet and external applications, with different household products that can be helpful and effective against cellulite, is generally considered particularly effective.

Avoid risk factors

The right diet

A balanced and healthy diet with many fruits and vegetables is essential to minimize the Annoying Orange skin. On the contrary, it is important to avoid rapid weight loss, since, according to experience, the fat gets stored more quickly after a “diet crisis” of this kind. Given that Cellulite is also as a result of an Acidification of the Body is born, care should be taken to minimize the acidifying Foods, such as, for Example, Alcohol, Coffee, strong, sugar-sweetened Drinks (soft Drinks, soft Drinks), animal Proteins, fats, like French fries or Chips, as well as white Flour, Rice, Pasta, and Sugar to consume. Sugar destabilizes the cellular walls of connective tissue. Therefore, if you really want to eliminate cellulite, sugar intake should be kept to a minimum.

A diet rich in bases with many vegetables helps stimulate metabolism and thus prevent cellulite. (Photo: minoandriani / fotolia. com)

Instead, it is recommended that food be transformed, as far as possible, into basic foods that strengthen the structure and functioning of the connective tissue. Foods containing high silicon content are especially valuable. More information on the effect of silicon can be found here. This trace element, on the one hand, supports the consolidation and flexibility of the connective tissue and, on the other hand, has a great capacity for water retention. This increases the tension of the skin and metabolites. Potatoes, maize, millet, carrots and beans, apricots and cherries are therefore particularly suitable.

In general, many fresh and mature fruits and vegetables with a high vitamin C content (ascorbic acid) should be eaten. Because it is indispensable for the production of collagen, an essential organic component of connective tissue and skin. Are considered especially rich in vitamin C, For example, the hips, the berries of sand, peppers, citrus fruit and soft fruit, as well as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and potatoes.

Useful Drinks

In addition to a healthy diet, drinking is especially important in the fight against dents. The fists formula is 2.5 to 3 liters of water or tea without edulcorating. You should drink so much to remove slag and toxins from your body and make your skin stronger. On the contrary, fruit juices or soft drinks as Cola, Fanta, etc, are not suitable, since cellulite is favored by the high content of sugar.

The high content of silicic acid in the well tube makes the skin and hair have a great effect, and cellulite also improves when taken regularly. (Photo: Buckszio / fotolia. com)

A basic desulfurization tea can be a good service. In this case, a teaspoon of boiling water and letting rest for ten minutes a teaspoon of change and a cardboard box with boiling water. The tea will then spread and be drunk three or four times a day. In addition, there are many other discoloration teas that can also be used for the Prevention of cellulite.