does rumble roller work on cellulite

Eliminating cellulite is a constant struggle. To get rid of those annoying dimples of fat on the skin, many women-and some men – invest every year in creams, girdles, medicines and spas massages.

Most of these treatments to get rid of cellulite are relatively useful, but they have two problems: they are expensive and require a lot of consistency to transform into long-term results. That is why other measures need to be taken.

Although not many people talk about this, the truth is that Rumble Roller exercises for cellulite are an effective and inexpensive method.

The automasages made with these rollers treat the problem of cellulite from the inside out. Discover how effective it is.


Why does cellulite originate?

Imagine that your connective tissue is like a bag that covers the muscles of your body. When you exercise and maintain a healthy diet, that tissue is strong and the fat around the muscle is low, so that bag will have very little to support. His appearance, then, will be uniform and resistant. The problem begins when that balance is broken.

Cellulite originates when the connective tissue is weakened by lack of exercise and by having to bear more fat than the count. Just as it would happen with a fairly full plastic bag, the extra charge makes the tissue become weak, letting out spotlights of irregular fat under it. Are the dimpled unsightly that we call cellulite.

How to eliminate cellulite in the legs and buttocks?

The accumulation of fat from cellulite in the legs and buttocks can be caused by many factors. Hormonal imbalances, lymphatic problems, or more severe medical conditions such as circulation problems are causes that we can hardly deal with, but there are others that we can control.

The causes of cellulite that we can control are those that relate to the strength of connective tissue, also known as fascia. It is weakened by dehydration, lack of vegetables and excess fat in the diet, lack of movement and poor posture. Especially in problem areas such as women’s legs and buttocks, these are factors that can be worked with.

How to eliminate cellulite in the legs and buttocks?

Rumble Roller exercises to remove cellulite

Weakness of the connective tissue that causes cellulite can be treated with Rumble Roller. By massaging this roller we improve the circulation and lymphatic drainage capacity of our fascia, resulting in stronger, more elastic and less fat tissue to support.

Try this 21-day routine with Rumble Roller to eliminate cellulite. It only takes 15 minutes a day and it’s easy to do.

Automatic ischiotibials

Sit down on the floor on a mat, with your legs stretched out in front of you, and your hands supporting the ground, next to the buttocks. The bottom of your thighs must be leaning against the Rumble Roller.

Separating the buttocks from the ground, lean the weight of the legs on the roller and roll forward until the roller reaches almost the top of your thighs, where the buttock begins.

It rolls about 10 times going from front to back, slowly and holding the posture.

Rest 1 minute and repeat everything 3 times.