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How to combat cellulite is perhaps one of the most common aesthetic questions among women. And concern goes beyond the issue of beauty: the hated orange skin is a dermatological problem that affects a large percentage of the female gender. We tell you what treatments and habits change can help you improve the appearance of your skin and gain health in your legs, buttocks, and hips.

To attack the problem, the first thing we need to know is what cellulite is: it is a very common endocrine-metabolic disorder. It is a pathology that compromises skin tissue, including adipocytes, arterial, venous, and lymphatic microcirculation.

Its origin is multifaceted: genetic, racial, hormonal and circulatory factors influence, among others. And increases by eating disorders, by the consumption of substances like coffee, cigarettes and alcohol, a sedentary lifestyle, by the use of some medications, etc, There are different kinds of cellulite and each one will have a different treatment.



How to eliminate cellulite

If we want to eliminate cellulite, we have to make some changes in our routine and our nutrition. It is not necessary to renounce for ever the chocolate, the alcohol or the ice cream, but it does lessen the consumption of these products, to the pair of increase physical activity and good hydration.

The legs are usually the area of the body most affected by cellulite and, to hide the problem, some women go so far as to modify their costumes. It’s a shame: the ideal is to love each other as one is and, in the meantime, implement some changes to try to eliminate cellulite from the places where you hate to see it… but knowing that the human body is far from the Photoshop shown in the magazines!

How to eliminate cellulite

How to remove cellulite in the legs

In principle, we can take some steps such as using creams or getting massages, but it is important to know that no product solves the problem if we do not change our habits. If you want to know how to remove cellulite, you’re going to have to attack the issue integrally.

Nutrition is the starting point: good nutrition is a key factor if we want to erase the little bits of our legs. We give you three tips to adjust your diet to your new target.

It is advisable not to add salt to our food. Sodium causes fluid retention and that can make cellulite worse. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the foods you like, but you can think about implementing some changes, such as replacing salt with spices.

Water is our best ally. Taking at least two liters of water per day-outside meals-can help us remove cellulite from the legs. But water is not the same as juice or soda: water is water. In the morning we can add a little lemon juice to purify the organism.

Eating slowly and chewing is fundamental. It seems like basic advice, but slow eating is very important if we want to avoid orange skin. When you chew, your mouth segregates an enzyme that helps dissolve food. If we swallow the bites too quickly, when we reach the stomach they are not properly digested and generate toxins. The latter cause swelling and, as a result, cellulite originates.