thigh dancing for cellulite

First of all, cellulitis or orange skin is not a disease. However, many women, especially, suffer from the abdomen, hip, buttocks and thighs under the wavy layers of fat. “Cellulite is nothing more than a change is not dangerous in the structure of the skin, which is much more common in women than in men,” says Dr. Christian Feinbock of the austrian Red Cross. “However, many people suffer from unpleasant dents.”How cellulite occurs and how to get rid of it, read here.

“Cellulite occurs mainly in women, as their skin has a different structure than that of men. The layers of the skin in which the connective tissue is found are thinner and the fibers that make up the connective tissue are not crossed, but parallel. This causes women to acquire more fat,” Finnerbeck says. When these chambers are enlarged or no longer able to maintain connective tissue, cellulite or orange skin is spoken of. Obesity and lack of movement may favor this development, but cellulite has nothing to do with weight. High-performance athletes or the Size Zero models can also suffer – and some men too.

thigh dancing for cellulite

Weak connective tissue causes

Our connective tissue is the water tank and the supporting corset of our skin. To keep it firm, it needs intact collagen and elastin fibers. However, as we age, connective tissue decreases and dents develop between mild and strong, i.e. cellulite. Given that the subcutaneous fat of women is divided in part in a network of rods of connective tissue, vertical, women will be affected by the structure of the tissue much more frequently than men.

Good to know: the nature of our connective tissue is largely genetic, so no one is safe from cellulite.

Research at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA, has, by the way, shown that dents are simply fat and not, as was often thought in the past, water deposits and dross. The very unpopular orange skin is made of fat and nothing else.

What to do to strengthen connective tissue?

The lymph glands for the transport of foreign tissue materials, exercise therapy with special exercises to strengthen the muscles of the legs, abdomen and buttocks, as well as connective tissue, or hydraulic physiotherapy can counteract the development of cellulite. Feinbock: “consult your doctor about these measures. In addition, for reasons of motivation, it is often useful to train in a group. Together it’s easier to endure the exercises. And regularity is especially important here.“

In addition, every woman can do a lot for herself against cellulite. “In essence, there are two effective countermeasures: regular exercise and adequate nutrition.”This is how cycling, running, swimming, hiking and gymnastics exercises seem especially useful for connective tissue. Massage gloves, “skaters” or other similar mechanical tools are also useful. So to speak, the balanced, fiber-rich diet has a positive effect on the skin image.

“Anyone with weak connective tissue should be careful with the proper supply of vitamins. I recommend many fresh fruits and vegetables as fixed ingredients on the daily menu and, to stimulate metabolism, enough liquid. Two liters is the minimum daily. Alcohol consumption helps fat and waste from the tissue, ” says Mr Finnick.

The 5-Point Cellulite Program

There is no miracle remedy for orange skin, but it is possible to act actively against dents. We know how:

1. movement

Movement is the cornerstone of the Anti-cellulite program. Everything that makes The Problem Areas of Po and femur more difficult helps: online Skates, directed gymnastics, cycling. In this case, the condition is that of slowly building and not of excellence, but of practicing resistance. Only after 20 minutes of exposure, the body begins to burn fat.

Tip: Forget the elevator!

2. Healthy Eating

A healthy, varied, discolored and beautiful meal plan. Waive chubs typical as Obers, sausages, sugar or chips. Instead, eat whole-wheat bread, boiled potatoes, vegetables and fish. Use citrus-not only strengthens the immune system, but also connective tissue. Drink plenty of tea or water, at least two liters a day. It is healthy and also full at the same time. If it cannot be made without chocolate, in any case, bitter varieties with a high cocoa content are reached. They contain not only less sugar, but also more cocoa. And pure cocoa contains anti-Western, which in turn harden the connective tissue.

Tip: drink at least 2 litres of water, fruit or non-sweetened infusions or diluted fruit juices.

The 5-Point Cellulite Program

3. change showers

To strengthen the connective tissue, it is necessary to promote the blood flow of the skin. Cold purses train the capillary vessels to favor the circulation of connective tissue and the removal of lymphatic fluid. For this purpose, when showering, the jet of water is maintained in the affected areas. It always starts with hot water and closes the shower with cold water so that the glasses contract again, four to five times in the change, which really helps the orange skin.

4. creams and massages

You should regularly use and massage the skin with health care products that penetrate the skin. A beating with a massage brush or a massage glove is also advisable and benevolent.

5. quit smoking

There are many good reasons to quit smoking, but most people know that with this sensible measure, they can also have orange skin. Nicotine reduces blood vessels, blocks blood flow, and slows down metabolism. That weakens the connective tissue!