cellulite secrets declassified codename

The solution is to change the chip into healthier living habits. The good news? Results can be obtained in five weeks.

“You are the type of the Thrush: the fine face and the fat ass,” my grandmother has told me all her life with whom, however, I differ in the interpretation of the drama. She would rather have her face as wide as her hips, which is already known to “the beauty enters through her mouth”, but I (sorry, grandma) would get rid of the cartouches without thinking about it… and cellulite! this is a dramatic problem which affects both fat and thin women, in particular 90% of women.

The orange peel is not a simple accumulation of fat, but produced by “changes in the fibrous tissue along with circulatory disorders and hipertrofismo of fat cells,” explains dr. Patricia Ricarte, Director of Technical Consulting at Germaine de Capuccini. Alterations in adipocytes that “increase in size and push the skin creating on the outside the so-called orange skin”. Fat, water and toxins from which the body has not been able to dispose and which will make circulation difficult, causing fluid retention.


A vicious circle with multiple fronts that cannot be attacked with a single weapon; hence a cream alone can do little good (regardless of the zeros on its label).

” Since cellulite has a multi-factorial origin, it has to be addressed from different fronts: professional treatment in the cabin, micro-nutrition that favors the elimination of liquids, daily application of an anti-cellulite, as well as good habits (eating well and practicing exercise), ” Ricarte adds. Five pillars that underpin the latest treatments on the market, such as Change Begings Today, the proposal of 360 ° that have been developed by the experts of Germaine de Capuccini for face-planting to the appearance of cellulite.

“The results are impressive,” they tell me as I become convinced to sign up for the challenge designed to change habits towards healthier ones. The time, only five weeks, ends persuading me.

“There are no miracle diets, there is an orderly and balanced way of eating and habits that should be part of your day to day.”

Just a month in which I give myself to this new healthy life that turns out to be far more attainable than I imagined. The price of treatment – 300 euros in habit 66 Goya (910 102 171) – includes two weekly massages in the center, the envelopes of nutricosmetica, the oil to apply daily at home and (my favorite) a notebook with guidelines to follow each week, nutrition and healthy living tips, as well as a diary that they review on my visits to the beauty center in which I write down what I eat, and how well I have followed the plan.

Since I am an applied student, I immediately learn how to apply the oil as it is intended to improve circulation, tone or reaffirm; also the importance of the five meals that we have heard so many times; or that by combining walking at a light pace half an hour a day with some exercises at home (squats, abodominals) we can keep in shape.

A vicious circle with multiple fronts that cannot be attacked with a single weapon; hence a cream alone can do little good (regardless of the zeros on its label).

It is also essential to combine everything with professional massages that speed up the process.

The ten of the treatment repeat the same protocol during the five weeks: “they begin with a lipo-active wrap, then follow a lymphatic drainage [fundamental to ending fluid retention] to, after removing the product, apply the reaffirming-reducing oil with a new massage with different techniques,” explains Amparo García Marco, habit manager 66 Goya.

I will not deceive you, this is the part I have enjoyed most of the whole process, but I have not been displeased to incorporate new routines into my day-to-day. Small changes that, in the long run, make a difference. In my case, I actually observe results in a month (nothing more and nothing less than five centimeters less on each thigh I feel grandma and a smoother skin!).