lymphatics and cardiovascular disease

The prevention of cardiovascular disease should start from early stages, the entire time that the pathologies of the heart are formed from childhood, so it is essential to changing habits towards a more healthy life.

In this regard, the director of the medical unit of high specialty (UMAE) Hospital of specialties of the IMSS in Jalisco, Ricardo Hernández García, indicated that since the child is conceived, the genetic information received from both parents plays an important role in the development of cardiac pathologies.

“But if we as children give them junk food, soft drinks, we pay for a first disease or risk factor that is obesity, which leads to hypercholesterolemia and a second disease that is prediabetes, which we are detecting from the age of 12,” he added.

The cardiologist of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) added, “coupled with sedentary lifestyle, it is possible that this child will reach the age of 30 when he is diabetic, will suffer from hypertension and all this will lead to cardiovascular disease leading to premature death by heart attack or angina.”


It considered that it is necessary to emphasize the Prevention of risk factors so that health institutions seek to reduce cardiovascular diseases by up to 14 percent by 2025.

“Regardless of age, we all have a heart and we have to take care of it, improving our quality of life and habits, performing physical exercise, moderating the consumption of salt and fats, totally avoiding tobacco use, losing weight and often measuring the circumference of our waist,” said the specialist.

He said that in the Specialty Hospital of the IMSS, between 100 and 120 new cases of ischemic heart disease are treated monthly

He recalled that the heart attack may or may not manifest itself with symptoms such as chest pain, arm pain, back pain, tiredness, shortness of breath or a feeling of lack of air, and in fact, up to 30 percent of patients may get to die in the first hour or 24 hours later, following the start of the heart attack.

Given to know that the Specialty Hospital was added to the national strategy Code Infarction, where attends promptly to medical emergencies arising from cardiovascular diseases, for which the hospital service of Hemodynamics of the seven days of the week.

On the occasion of World Heart Day, the popular insurance in Hidalgo reported that the different interventions related to cardiovascular diseases, receive coverage through the Universal catalogue of Health Services (CAUSES) and the Fund for protection against catastrophic expenses (FFGC), because this disease affects the population between 38 and 59 years of age.

It considered that it is necessary to emphasize the Prevention of risk factors so that health institutions seek to reduce cardiovascular diseases by up to 14 percent by 2025.

He noted that through the catastrophic cost Protection Fund, there is coverage for congenital heart defects and acute myocardial infarction in persons under 60 years of age.

As for the Universal catalogue of Health Services, members are provided with diagnosis and treatment for heart failure, as well as for cardiac arrhythmias, including pacemaker placement.

The director general of the State system of Social Protection in Health of Hidalgo, Abraham Rublúo Parra mentioned that in the last year, through the Fund against Catastrophic Expenditures, were awarded 134 attentions to 38 beneficiaries.

While for the Universal catalogue, 8,703 attentions were provided for reasons of heart failure and 4,18 attentions related to cardiac arrhythmias.

The popular insurance policy noted that the age range of the members served is between 38 and 59 years, and this condition is more common among men.

Popular insurance provides treatments that consist specifically of 2 types: mechanical reperfusion, which is most frequently given at Pachuca General Hospital and consists of a cardiac catheterization procedure to improve the flow of blocked coronary arteries.

The other type is pharmacological reperfusion, which is used less frequently and consists of applying a medicine called technecteplase, which is a fibrinolytic that is responsible for undoing the thrombus that block the flow of the coronary arteries.

According to data of the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction and stroke, are the world’s most deadly, as they charge millions of lives a year.

For this reason, the popular insurance in Hidalgo recommended that the population have constant medical checkups for any symptoms, in addition to being treated and following the treatment indicated for better health.