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The majority of women have those annoying and unsightly pocitos

and, in some cases, they may have a severe condition if this condition is not treated on time. Cellulite is made up of fat deposits that form a kind of pouch under the skin, with the characteristic appearance of inflammation.

“The best results in the reduction of cellulite are seen when we combine some treatments with aparatology and/or mesotherapy, the lymphatic drainage, in conjunction with the good habits of diet and exercise by the patient,” said From Mexico and in an interview with Infobae, Dr. Ana Cecilia Arias Godínez, dermatologist. “Treatments should be done regularly and should be recommended by a skin specialist according to the type of cellulite in the patient.”

“There are many companies and products on the market to improve the ‘orange skin’ aspect, but we know that

the actual results are obtained with a?comprehensive treatment, not with 10 or 20 sessions of the same

the result is only through comprehensive treatment,” said the interviewee, who then revealed her advice.:


1) adequate Food:

A diet rich in fats, sugars and carbohydrates will be reflected in the skin. Therefore, the ideal is to eliminate them and opt for a healthier and more balanced diet. Eat vegetables and fruits, particularly papaya, which contains an enzyme called ‘papain’ that does not allow fat accumulation and fractionates proteins.

Avoid salt and reduce sugar. Salt causes the body to retain fluids and make tissues swell. Having more sodium the body needs more water, so if you stop consuming salt, the fluids will be expelled more easily and that will make the tissues non-inflamed. It is also advisable to reduce the consumption of sugar and fats. These behave like complex digestive processes, which facilitate the appearance of toxins and degenerate adipose tissue.

Drink plenty of water: it is ideal to remove liquids and for that you have to drink plenty of water. It is recommended to drink two liters of water per day to purify the body. However-in the case of women whose cellulite is due to fluid retention – it is necessary to limit their consumption, since-instead of helping to solve the problem – it will help to aggravate it.

2) Good habits:

Avoid caffeine and nicotine: these are drugs that fall within the same vasoconstrictor category and reduce the amount of blood that reaches the whole body, including tissues.

Avoid alcoholic beverages: as with salt, alcohol drinks favor fluid retention and cause tissues to swell. Besides that, they have a high caloric content that is better avoided.

3) physical Exercise:

Lack of exercise and sedentary life are responsible for an alteration of the lymphatic circulation. Exercise helps to have good circulation, burn fat, tone muscles, and thus eliminate cellulite.

Any exercise is good for burning backup power. The best are the ones that activate the blood circulation. The worst, the rough sports that require great physical effort.

If you stay long sitting or standing, your blood circulation will begin to change. It is recommended that if a person has to sit for a long time, stand up, stretch for a few minutes and then return to his or her place.

You have to sit tight. Women tend to cross their legs when they sit down. However, in doing so, the upper leg exerts pressure on the lower leg and this can lead to inconvenience. The same is true of tension over the pelvis, which hinders circulation in the groin area. The ideal is to sit with parallel legs.

3) physical Exercise:

4) avoid tight clothes and high heels

That blood can circulate well throughout the body is essential for preventing cellulite. If a woman wears high-heeled shoes, they will most likely cut off circulation a little and do not favour the goals that are desired. The same applies to all clothing that is capable of preventing blood from circulating smoothly and correctly. Avoid tight pants and try not to wear tight belts.

5) appropriate contraceptive method

Oestrogens can produce water retention-as in premenstrual syndromes for example – and some consider them to be one of the main factors triggering this picture.

Women should be very cautious about the pills they consume. If you already have cellulite, you better consider using a different birth control and consult with a gynecologist.

6) lymphatic Drainage

This technique offers excellent results in cases of fluid retention. Its purpose is to stimulate the lymphatic system and therefore to promote circulation. It is practiced all over the body – including the feet-by gentle pumping, so that the waste is dragged into the lymph channels so that it can flow. This technique requires preparation that few professionals know correctly. To begin to notice the results you need a minimum of 10 sessions per day of one hour duration and then a weekly maintenance session.

7) antifelulitis creams

Antifelulitis creams contain assets that break lipid chains by activating fat degradation. They also help tone the skin. It is recommended to apply in the morning and at night, giving a massage for a better absorption.

8) Mesotherapy

It consists of administering small doses of homeopathic products on the first layer of the dermis-just under the skin – by injections. These assets achieve a progressive decrease (in 10 to 20 sessions) of the problem areas, as by acting directly on adipose tissue they release excess fat and toxins.?

The type of products that are applied varies according to the patient’s needs, whether they are intended to improve circulation or oxygenation, or to metabolize and accelerate the walls of fat areas to accelerate fat disintegration.

9) Apparatus

Cavitation, carboxytherapy, ozonotherapy, endermology, body radiofrequency, electrolypolysis and presotherapy, among others, are currently available. Some mobilize fat cells, others favor their disintegration, improve local blood circulation and promote the drainage of fatty deposits to the lymphatic system.

10) surgical Treatments

* Liposuction:

In many cases?can you do what?cellulite looks worse than before.?La?liposuction removes the fat pad that may have been helping to provide a smoother surface to the affected cells.

* Liposculpture:

It uses a tube that emits high-frequency waves, which causes the fat cells to liquefy and then, with low-pressure suction, that fat is removed. When this probe is passed into the surface fat layer it helps to improve the frame,?just like when we passed the external ultrasound in the Cabinet.?

Dr. Arias Godinez said there are no miracle treatments or immediate results, but there are definitely effective treatments to reduce cellulite.