methods to our cellulite investigating

Most women deal with cellulite once in a lifetime, and despite being something we often cannot control, eliminating it will depend heavily on the cellulite phase you are in.

According to a study published by the National Institute of Health, cellulite is a condition in fibrous tissue, which is also accompanied by problems of circulation in adipose cells.

Those dimples that form, can be unpleasant to the naked eye, and the areas of the body where most is experienced are: the legs, buttocks, and abdomen.

Cellulite itself is not considered a disease, but in severe cases, it can be painful, so it would already be necessary to see a doctor.

There are four main stages of cellulite, and depending on where you are, it will be how to eliminate it.


Phase 1: microcirculation involvement

This is the stage where cellulite begins. Oedema occurs in fatty tissue and the vessels dilate at the lymphatic and vein levels.

Symptoms such as tired, heavy legs and skin feel thicker. Although at first glance it can be confused with flaccidity; for it is not very noticeable yet.

How is cellulite eliminated at this stage?

Let’s say this is the early stage, in which it can be eliminated through physical activity and feeding.

It is recommended to practice between 30 and 40 minutes of daily cardiovascular exercise. Thus, the accumulated fat that is forming it will be eliminated.

In addition, reduced fat feeding is essential. Avoiding processed, fried, or sugar-rich foods will make a difference.

Phase 2: exudation

If this phase is already advanced, vasodilatation is more intense. So you segregate an extracellular fluid and the oedema increases. The pressure it exerts affects nerve endings and can cause pain.

How is cellulite eliminated at this stage?

It is important to continue with reduced fat feeding and exercise. For this stage, the use of tight clothing should preferably be avoided, as this prevents blood circulation.

Also, avoid the consumption of alcohol, Tobacco and toxic substances, as this favours fat deposits.

During this phase, dry brushing can help, as this stimulates circulation.

How is cellulite eliminated at this stage?

Third phase: Fibrosing

Collagen fibers are wrapped around the periphery of the blood vessels, making the situation worse. The fatty lobes Harden and increase the amount of fat in the area.

When the skin loses elasticity, it becomes more rigid and cellulite becomes more visible and can hurt more.

How is cellulite eliminated at this stage?

Being a more advanced stage, it is necessary to use massages with specialists and stimulate circulation.

Salt intake should also be moderated, as sodium tends to inflame and this causes more pain.

Anti-cellulite creams and dry brushing are an excellent option to complement massages.