is skin brushing as effective on wet

Okay, let’s be honest. You do everything you can to moisturize your skin and play sports, but when the weather starts to get good and the afternoons are full of plans, do you remember exfoliating or going to the gym? Or do you prefer to go straight to the terrace of a bar when you leave work and justify yourself thinking that’you have to take advantage of the warmth’?

If you’ve answered yes to the latter… don’t worry, you’re a normal person: it’s something that happens to all of us. However, there is a habit that should be present throughout the year, regardless of the temperature. This is ‘SKIN BRUSHING’. It’s fast, cheap and you’ll have a glowing skin to look proud under the summer minivest.



SKIN BRUSHING will make you have more energy, improve your circulation, reduce cellulite, soften your skin and stimulate the lymphatic system that helps your body eliminate toxins and maintains the proper functioning of your immune system.


1. Find your brush: choose a firm vegetable fiber brush with a handle long enough to reach the most complicated areas, such as your back. If you’re very flexible and feel more comfortable with a hand brush, use it.

ONE MORE TIP: If you are a novice in SKIN BRUSHING, choose a brush with bristles of medium to soft hardness, and do not use it on your face.

2. Learn the technique: strokes and their direction depend on the body area, so take a look at these images to get to know them.

3. Do it gently: when you brush your body, apply some pressure, but do not overdo it; remember that your skin is very sensitive. It’s normal that, when you finish brushing, your skin is a little red, but if it’s bright red or irritated, you’ve made it too strong.

ONE MORE TIP: Do not pass the brush over open cuts or wounds or on newly waxed skin because you might irritate it.

4. Brush in the shower or in the bathtub: before taking a shower, brush your skin dry. Remember, you’re killing Dead Cells, so you better do it in the bathtub. Shower later and end up applying your body cream.

5. Clean your brush once a week: just as you wash your towels, it’s important to clean your body brush often with mild soap and hot water. Let it dry completely before using it again, preferably in a sunny area of your home or outside if you have space.


SKIN BRUSHING will bring brightness and smoothness to your skin, and health to your whole body.