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This article examines the emerging evidence between fluoride and acne and whether this widespread Brazilian could be the cause of his cystic eruptions. * SPOILER alert * if you live in Australia, the united States, New Revelation, Hong Kong or Singapore, then the answer is probably yes!


Fluoride and acne: what is the FLUORODERMA the cause of their eruptions cystic?

About a year ago, I was updating online for research and evidence that certain toothpastes could trigger, or at least worsen, outbreaks of perioral dermatitis. I didn’t know this research session was going to change my mind about some of the key causes of acne!

During this search session, I came across a website called cellulitis Investigation, a blog written by the author and former FBI investigator (you know the search on this site is going to be incredibly detailed and evidence-based if an FBI investigator is behind), by Melissa Gallico. What began as an investigation into why Melissa has struggled with cellulite has led to the pioneering discovery that excessive exposure to fluoride blocks the lymphatic system and causes hormonal imbalances that can trigger cystic acne. Melissa discovered so much information on the subject that it was not very accessible that she decided to write a book on the fluoride/acne connection called “the hidden cause of acne”.

Fluoride and acne: what is the FLUORODERMA the cause of their eruptions cystic?

Fluoride and acne: what is fluoride?

Fluoride is one of five halogens in the periodic table that include chlorine, bromine, fluoride, iodine and astatin. The only two halogens essential to the human body are chlorine (for gastric acid) and iodine (for thyroid health).

But isn’t fluoride vital to teeth health?! Well, that’s what they lead us to believe…but there’s still a big debate about whether fluoride really prevents tooth decay… however, there is a ton of evidence that even small amounts of fluoride can be harmful to our health. Therefore, if tooth decay is a concern for you, I would focus on reducing the sugar that causes tooth decay instead of relying on fluoride to keep your teeth healthy!

Fluoride is extremelyλ for the body, even in small amounts, although it is widely used in the supply of water, dental care and pesticides. What makes all this even more problematic is that fluoride competes with the iodine in the thyroid gland, and because it is lighter and more reactive, fluoride increases and displaces iodine, causing deficiency, and possibly the suppression of the function of the thyroid.

I mentioned very briefly how important iodine is to thyroid health, but I must emphasise how essential it is in the fluoride/acne connection. It is well known that a thyroid malfunction can cause acne – it is because it destroys progesterone that can have an impact on cortisol and androgens – all this can lead to eruptions! But why are so many of us fighting with our thyroid? The likely answer is that we are slowly being poisoned by fluoride! Did you know that between 1920 and 1950, doctors in Europe fortunate fluoride to reduce thyroid activity in patients with an overactive thyroid? Without enough iodine, thyroid secretion can’t work. Your thyroid is performing the king of your hormonal system and if your thyroid does not work properly then your entire endocrine system will be out of control!