cellulite investigations most wanted 9

The first question that every woman asks herself, if she does not like her legs, and which, incidentally, is quite common, is: how do you solve one of the cellulite in a natural and safe way?

Ironically, cellulite was once regarded as an attractive Symbol of prosperity. It meant that you could eat rich food and did not have to work physically.

Nowadays, almost all women have cellulite to some extent and are generally regarded as a plague, a sign of a rotten and unhealthy lifestyle.

Thousands of women spend tens of millions of euros each year on all kinds of techniques to effectively eliminate cellulite, looking for a remedy. but is there something you can do and that really works? Fortunately, there is.

cellulite investigations most wanted 9

Well, the summer is just around the corner, it seems that is a good time to dive into the subject and start commenting on some practical tips and effective as well as trying to reach out that the legs, hips and buttocks are sexy and well-trained.

We all know what cellulite looks like: it is the fat deposits that often occur in the legs and buttocks, but also in the hips, stomach and arms. Sometimes it is heavy, sometimes light and sometimes only visible when the skin is bent.

But what you see are swollen fat cells that exert pressure on the surrounding fibrous tissue. This draws the skin down and creates the dreaded dimple that so many women make.

For three main reasons, women tend to develop cellulite more than men.:

Hormonal changes that weaken fibrous tissue around fat cells and have a negative effect on the carrier structures of the skin. These effects usually occur between 25 and 35 years when the estrogen level of women naturally decreases. This leads to a loss of blood vessel receptors in the thigh and hip regions, and a lower circulation means less nutrition in the area, which reduces the formation of collagen (which leads to weaker skin and weaker connective tissues). Menstrual cycles also play an important role, as women’s bodies release an enzyme before collagen disintegrates.

Of course, they contain more fat than men, especially in the “thick” regions most affected by cellulite. Studies have shown that women are not as good as men in oxidizing fat, and estrogen levels may also play a role.

Their fat cells are distributed in vertical columns that are more susceptible to swelling, while the cells of men are arranged in a denser, a net-like pattern that is resistant to inflammation of the adipose tissue.

Cellulite also gets worse with age. Fibrous connective tissue (septiae, as they are known) become rigid and the skin becomes looser, making the “appearance of the mattress” even more pronounced.

For three main reasons, women tend to develop cellulite more than men.:

How to check your cellulite?

The proportion of cellulite women is surprisingly high-according to studies 85-98%, and it is medically divided into four phases .:

Level 0: there are no noticeable dimples standing or lying, and the tweak test shows wrinkles and grooves, but no appearance like a mattress.

Stage 1: no dimpling while Standing or lying, but the pressure test shows a similar appearance, such as a mattress.

Stage 2: spontaneous dimpling when standing, but not before bedtime.

Stage 3: spontaneous dimpling while Standing and lying.

What kind of tweaks is that, you wonder? It’s very simple.

Use your forefinger and thumb to push the skin into the thighs, buttocks or abdomen and look for a dimple.

If you can only see a few dimples when you pinch, but you want to make sure it doesn’t get any worse over time, then the best thing you can do is take a few steps today to prevent it from happening as quickly as possible.

It is possible that you cannot “heal” yourself completely from all the side effects that this skin inflammation causes, but there are certainly things you can do to make the cellulite less noticeable.