cellulite estrogen and female

With the beginning of spring the temperatures start to rise and the time comes to start showing off the skin we’ve been covering all winter, something that can be a problem if you have cellulite.

The skin is a vital organ of every human being that covers the body, protects it from external aggression and is made up of three layers: the epidermis that represents the outermost layer, the dermis or intermediate layer and the hypodermis that is the deep layer and where cellulite develops.

In this layer are cells called adipocytes that store fat for, among other purposes, regulating body temperature. But when this fat is not stored at the same rate as it is worn, it can build up, increasing the size of fat cells and creating small bulges that can grow and press the blood vessels.

This process is called cellulitis and, according to Professor Alfons Del Pozo Carrascosa of the Pharmaceutical Technology Unit of the University of Barcelona, it is manifested through the orange skin, which is the external symptom of cellulitis and which usually occurs more frequently in legs, buttocks, bellies and arms. 

This condition cannot be completely eliminated because it interferes with certain factors, whether circulatory, feeding or habits to which the body has already become accustomed, as well as others such as the Hereditary that make it difficult to eradicate cellulite altogether. Yet, according to the Carrascosa well, it can be prevented in different ways.


Ways to prevent cellulite

One of the causes or risk factors that can develop cellulite is to maintain a sedentary life devoid of exercise combined with a diet that is incomplete or unbalanced in terms of the nutrients it contains.

Therefore, in order to prevent the appearance of certain conditions such as cellulite, it is necessary to maintain a diet based on good eating habits, such as minimizing alcohol, eliminating smoking or avoiding certain foods that contain excess fats and sugars.

It should be borne in mind that cellulite does not imply overweight, as it can affect anyone, although it is true that it has a higher incidence in women than in men because of its relationship to fluctuations in estrogen levels, hormones that turn out to be typically female.

Another form of prevention is to avoid any kind of situation that may cause psychological disturbances, since continued stress is an important factor in the development of cellulite.

Ways to reduce cellulite

When it cannot be prevented from appearing, either by external factors, or by hereditary factors, or because prevention methods have not proved effective, there are ways to reduce it, “provided that it has not become a pathology, in which case the patient should put himself in the hands of a specialist or eliminate the condition with surgery,” says Del Pozo Carrascosa.

There are certain measures or changes in habits that should be taken into account to treat cellulite.

Ways to reduce cellulite

Food and cosmetics 

There are two ways that, combined, can reduce cellulite: include diuretic foods in the diet such as beans, asparagus, cauliflower, melon, grape, or peach, in addition to others containing vitamin A or cereals that help eliminate toxins and use certain proven cosmetics.

In the case of the latter, some of them may act as peripheral vasodilators as they help drain excess toxins. Concrete examples are Ivy extract or cosmetics containing ruscus, due to its diuretic properties.

There are also Cosmetics which, thanks to their lipolytic properties by which they break down dietary lipids, help to reduce surface fats due to the ease with which they are absorbed by the skin, even though, in general terms, cosmetics should not be absorbed.

In short, all these aesthetic treatments have an external effect and help to reduce the orange skin that corresponds to the visible part of cellulite, so it is also recommended the use of exfoliants and external massages that help to mobilize the area and the blood circulate.

What specialists do not advise is to use drugs without knowing what their components are, because according to the Carrascosa well, “normally, cosmetic treatment is sufficient. Actually, the drugs that are promoted are usually simple dietary supplements of iodine, amino acids or vitamins.”