how celebs really feel about cellulite

Orange skin is not an isolated incident. About 80% of women suffer from cellulite. The weakness of connective tissue that affects the back and thigh is not a disease. Orange skin is more of a beauty problem that is due to the perception of many women. These are small dents on the skin, but often leave large marks of confidence. It is a pity, because, on the one hand, the connective tissue provides us with services of incalculable value and, on the other hand, we do not want our body to become a landscape of hills. But how does cellulite occur and what helps? aclaradlo.

how celebs really feel about cellulite

Orange Skin: Causes

Orange skin only affects women. Because men do not have. However, why and what are the causes of cellulite?

The main cause of orange skin is the specific structure of connective tissue. The two outer layers of the skin are thinner in women than in men to stretch more easily during pregnancy. Of course, we are also grateful for that.

At the same time, the fat that is found in the lower part of the skin is thicker in women on the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen than in men – and even fetal cells for the individual are higher. If too many fat cells are stored, the cells expand, move up through the connective tissue and become visible as dents.

The fat layer is impregnated with connective tissue that binds the skin and muscle. In the case of men, they are arranged as a net parallel to the surface of the skin. In the case of women, they are shaped like columns perpendicular to the skin into the body. The predisposition to cellulite is anatomical. That’s why orange skin doesn’t stop at thin women.

Another cause of cellulite is female hormones. Under the effect of estrogen, the body stores water, so cellulite is stronger or weaker in many women, depending on the cycle.

Stress also contributes to the formation of cellulite.

And those who smoke also wear orange skin.

What help?

If the ailments are mainly due to the increase of the fat and loose skin, change in diet, massages, The sport and the care can improve the structure of the skin. If cellulite is mainly caused by connective tissues, the chances of actually changing things are reduced. However, cellulite cannot be completely eliminated. But we do know some tricks to strengthen your connective tissue.

In general, there are some rules that allow you to harden the connective tissue and reduce the orange skin.

Orange Skin: Causes

The best strategies to fight orange skin:

A Healthy Diet. Yes, in fact, it can affect our bond. Pineapple water, for example, helps to avoid cellulite, apples, apricots, raspberries, cherries, peas, fruits and vegetables, broccoli, for example. Foods that contain vitamin C, such as Kiwis, oranges, or peppers, are especially useful. But also herbs, salads, sprouts, germs and nuts. We have listed the foods that should be removed from your menu, seven foods that favor cellulite. This includes, Of course, alcohol, animal proteins, white flour, sugar and nicotine.

Of course, it is also important to drink enough: mineral water, non-sweetened tea, whey and buttermilk.

Sport is important! And it’s proven to be the best remedy against cellulite! We’ll tell you what sport you can fight cellulite with and what exercises you can help with.

Massage helps! You know the Tunia massage? We’ll tell you how cellulite massage works. Our advice: introduce a daily Ritual after shower, a brush massage. Soft bristles inspire blood flow to the thighs, butt, upper arm, and abdomen. In rotating motion, about five minutes.

If you want to act in the shower, grab a Luffah shoe and rub the skin carefully. Anyone who wants to massage an anti-cellulite oil will not dry out completely – so the oil can get better into the skin.

Lipolysis, can it have a lasting effect? Electrical stimulation through electrical growth, cold, the injection of liposoluble substances or laser irradiation is a way to dissolve fetal cells. In several studies, laser therapy showed a certain reduction in back depth, which was even measurable two years later.

A Peeling sharpens the skin and removes dead cells from the skin. After that, the legs can be better fooled with a little more tanning. This does not help cellulite itself, but makes it less visible.