acne connection cellulite cystic acne

Those who, even over 30, are” blessed ” with Impure skin often try to cope with a variety of skin care products. However, this approach can be fatal to sensitive skin and ultimately only irritates you more. So does the Australian dermatologist, Dr. Natasha Cook.

acne connection cellulite cystic acne

The dermatologist explains that washing and peeling are often dried from Impure skin.

“The biggest mistake is to wipe your face too often or with cleaning foam and/or peelings.”But not only the quantity, but also the quality of the ingredients plays an important role in the fight against adult acne. Instead, dirt and bacteria that cause inflammation could be removed in a softer way.

“Washing too often dries the skin,” Cook told the British Daily Mail some time ago. “However, our skin needs moisture so that the enzymes that regenerate the skin can work and avoid blocking the pores,” the dermatologist continues.

However, if too much moisture is removed from the skin, the exact opposite would occur: the oils would recover more quickly. “The skin only produces more tallow to replace what is extracted from it. This, in turn, only causes more problems,” says Cook.

Also interesting: a young woman cures her acne with two simple ingredients that everyone has at home.

No alcohol, no perfume: soft purification, vitamin A and salicylic acid are attached to the neck grains.

Therefore, acne sufferers should be kept especially away from products containing benzoyl peroxide. These would further alter the skin barrier and encourage irritation and dryness. Instead, Dr. Cook recommends using non-sparkling and soft cleaning products. They should not contain alcohol or perfume, as they are considered particularly irritating.

In addition, in addition to the products Aj√° and BHA, he advises that the skin be gently released. The first is a group of fruit acids (including glycolic acid, citric acid, malic acid, tartaric acid and lactic acid), the second is salicylic acid. “This helps to remove and prevent clots and clots,” the skin doctor explains.

The dermatologist explains that washing and peeling are often dried from Impure skin.

Careful, this indicates the place of a grain about your health.

“My favorite aja acid is lactic acid because it is softer than glycolic acid. Vitamin B3, also known as Niacinamides, is great for controlling the production of tallow and an anti-inflammatory antioxidant that calms the skin and accelerates the healing of the grain.”

The dermatologist also has another tip: she swears by Vitamin A, which can help remove dead cells from the skin. Finally, it recommends a light day cream that does not leave any oily film or residue on the skin to keep the skin moist.

For these five warning signs, consult your doctor immediately if you have acne.

However, if all this doesn’t help, it’s best to call a dermatologist. Especially when the following claims are filed::

  • acne is getting worse, although you are already using soft cleaning and skin care products.
  • he has cystic acne. These are very deep deposits in the skin. It can even lead to scars.
  • for women: acne associated with irregular periods. The cause could be a hormonal imbalance.
  • acne that leaves spots on the skin.
  • pores become resistant and jam.