Start Healing Your Cellulite At Home



As we discussed in our Cellulite 101 series, cellulite is the result of impaired lymphatic circulation.  Therefore, healing cellulite means caring for your lymphatic system.

Leading Ayurveda specialist Dr. John Douillard explains that the lymphatic system, the body’s largest circulatory system, is always the first system evaluated in Ayurveda, the ancient healthcare practice of India, and yet in western medicine it is the most forgotten, under-studied, and least understood system in the human body.  This explains why there is so much confusion surrounding the treatment of cellulite.

We don’t have to wait for western medicine to start taking cellulite seriously before we can figure out how to heal it by improving lymphatic health.  Traditional societies have been studying lymphatics for millennia.  Is it any surprise that women in these societies did not have cellulite?  The most effective cellulite treatments we’ve uncovered have their roots in this traditional wisdom.

Ultimately the Kitchen is the most important room for healing cellulite, but it doesn’t matter where you start with your anti-cellulite strategy.  Choose the room that is most appealing to you right now.  When you make progress in one area, you will feel increasing motivation to explore the others.

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