Is Your Chronic Acne Caused by Fluoride?
Take This Fluoroderma Questionnaire To Help Find Out

This questionnaire is designed to give you a general indication of the likelihood that your acne is caused by fluoride.

It is not intended to provide an official diagnosis or to substitute for professional medical guidance.

To complete the questionnaire, select the answer that best applies to your experience. Then calculate your total points by clicking the “Calculate Score” button. The scale at the bottom of the page will help determine the likeliness that your acne is caused by fluoride.

  1. Where are your most severe acne breakouts located?
  2. around your mouth, ears, and neck (20 pts)
    on your forehead (10 pts)
    on your nose or cheeks (0 pts)

  3. Do your acne flareups come and go when you travel?
  4. yes (20 pts)
    no (0 pts)

  5. Did you ever take fluoride pills?
  6. yes, for more than a year (10 pts)
    yes, for less than a year (5 pts)
    no (0 pts)

  7. Do you have dental fluorosis?
  8. yes, I have obvious dental fluorosis (10 pts)
    yes, I have slight dental fluorosis (5 pts)
    no (0 pts)

  9. Is your acne sometimes accompanied by tender lumps in your earlobes?
  10. yes (10 pts)
    no (0 pts)

  11. How many years did you drink fluoridated water?
  12. 10 or more years (10 pts)
    5 to 10 years (5 pts)
    1 year or less (0 pts)

  13. Do you suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), joint pain, or fibromyalgia?
  14. yes, I have one of those conditions (10 pts)
    yes, I have more than one (20 pts)
    no (0 pts)

Add your points for each question or click “Calculate Score” to have your points calculated for you (you’ll have to hit the Back button to return to this page). The following scale will help you decide if fluoride is the likely cause of your acne.

75 or more: There is an extremely high chance your acne is caused by fluoride.
50 to 75: There is a good chance your acne is caused by fluoride.
25 to 50: There is a chance your acne is caused by fluoride.
25 or less: There is a small chance your acne is caused by fluoride.

How did you score? Please tell us about your experience diagnosing fluoroderma in the comments section below.

I’d also love to hear your thoughts on the fluoroderma questionnaire. Was it helpful for you? Do you have any suggestions for how to improve it? Please take a moment to email me or leave a comment (preferred). Thanks!

photo credit: Tavallai