Everything You Need to Know About Fluoride and Acne

Welcome to the fluoroderma corner of The Cellulite Investigation!

What started as an investigation into why I have more than my fair share of cellulite, led to the discovery that chronic fluoride exposure was clogging my lymphatic system and causing my painful cystic acne.

It might seem strange to focus on acne in an investigation on cellulite, but in a sense, cellulite and acne are fraternal twins.  They are both caused by lymphatic congestion but they manifest in different forms.  With cellulite, the body responds by storing the waste it can’t eliminate in subcutaneous fat cells.  With acne, the body tries to push it out through the skin.

When I started this blog in 2009, I had no idea what was causing my chronic acne.  I tried all kinds of skincare products, facials, even medication but none of these treatments addressed my acne at its root cause.

Despite my best efforts, my skin looked like this:

It took a lot of persistent investigative work, but I finally figured out that fluoride was the cause of my acne, a little-known condition called fluoroderma.  Toothpaste and tap water aren’t the only sources of fluoride exposure—it’s found throughout our industrial food supply, too.  Once I learned how to limit my fluoride intake, my acne disappeared completely.

Now I have the effortlessly clear skin I always wanted.  Here is what my skin looked like by 2011 when I figured out how to avoid fluoride in my diet.  There’s still some scarring, but no acne.  I’ll take it!


True healing from chronic cystic acne is possible! And it doesn’t involve medication, skincare products, or salon treatments.  All you need to heal from fluoroderma is knowledge—and I am offering that to you right here for free.

The resources below are designed to help you through every stage of your experience with fluoroderma.  There is a questionnaire to help you figure out if you have fluoroderma or not, a handy 1-page guide to common sources of fluoride, and even a fluoroderma fact sheet you can provide to your healthcare provider if you decide to work with a professional on healing your acne and suspect fluoride might be the cause.  The cornerstone of the resource list below is my free 70-page e-book on fluoroderma.

I hope this information will help you avoid years of painful acne and frustration.  You deserve better.

Free e-Book: Healing Acne from Within

This free 70-page e-book will, I hope, be the foundation for your fluoroderma victory.  It provides chapters on diagnosing fluoroderma, avoiding sources of fluoride exposure, and how to treat fluoroderma breakouts.

The book also includes sections on my personal fluoroderma story and my experience with fluoride detox.  The 11-page bibliography includes active hyperlinks to all the journal articles referenced in the book.

Healing Acne from Within: How to Diagnose and Cure Acne Caused by Fluoride Exposure (.pdf)

It is satisfying to finally have it figured out, and even more satisfying to be able to share this information with other people dealing with the same condition.

Fluoroderma Questionnaire

My fluoroderma questionnaire is designed to help readers gauge the likelihood that their acne is caused by fluoride exposure.  It it not an official diagnosis, but it will bring your attention to some of the indicators and symptoms that might accompany fluoroderma.

Is Your Acne Caused by Fluoride? A Fluoroderma Questionnaire

Pocket Guide to Common Sources of Fluoride Exposure

This next resource is my Pocket Guide to Common Sources of Fluoride Exposure.  You can print this 1-page file and post it on your refrigerator or keep a copy in your purse.  Details of each fluoride source are covered in the e-book, but my Pocket Guide will come in handy when you’re grocery shopping or trying to select a low-fluoride meal at a restaurant.

Pocket Guide to Common Sources of Fluoride Exposure (.pdf)

Fluoroderma Success Stories

Is avoiding fluoride making a difference in the health of your skin?  Please add your story to our collection of fluoroderma success stories.

Fluoroderma Success Stories: Real People Cure Their Chronic Acne

I would love to post your before-and-after photos along with mine if you are brave enough to share them!  Please email them to me at Research (at) CelluliteInvestigation (dot) com.

Fluoroderma Fact Sheet for Healthcare Providers

Most healthcare providers are unfamiliar with fluoroderma.  Since I started blogging about fluoroderma a few years ago, I’ve only heard from two people who learned about the condition from a medical professional.  This 1-page fact sheet is designed to inform healthcare practitioners of the most pertinent facts regarding fluoroderma.  I recommend printing it on one sheet of paper, with the Fact Sheet on the front and the references on the back.

Fluoroderma Fact Sheet for Healthcare Providers (.pdf)

Template Letter for Writing to Government Officials About Fluoroderma

Once you realize the harmful effect fluoride is having on your body, you might decide to be more vocal about the need to end the outdated practice of public water fluoridation.  Here is a template for writing to authorities about water fluoridation, written from the perspective of someone who suffers from fluoroderma.

Personalized letters to government officials can be more powerful than lobbyists, especially when they come from constituents.  The template opens in Microsoft Word so you can edit it.

Template Letter for Writing to Government Officials About Fluoroderma (.doc)

For ease of personalization, I wrote this template in mad-lib style.  To fill it in, double-click on each blank and fill the space with your information.  The comment explains what information should go in each blank in case it’s not obvious.  The comment will automatically disappear when you start typing.

(Be sure to go back and look for any formatting issues when the letter is complete.  Some of the punctuation might need adjusting after the blanks are filled in.)