Is It Possible To Get Rid Of Cellulite?


Closeup of a happy young woman smiling isolated on white backgroThe conventional wisdom on cellulite allows for limited treatment options, if any.  How often have you heard the following arguments?

Trying to cure cellulite is a losing battle because:

The good thing about these claims is that they are falsifiable.  It’s common to think that science advances when scientists are able to prove a certain theory is true.  But “proving” a theory true is rare.  As theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking explains, “No matter how many times the results of experiments agree with some theory, you can never be sure that the next time the result will not contradict the theory.”  Even a large body of evidence can equally support conflicting theories.

But a theory can be disproved if a single piece of evidence is incompatible with it.  As a result, scientific progress is more likely to occur when a theory is proven false, not when it is proven true.  This is why analysts are trained to look for disconfirming evidence when evaluating a hypothesis.


The Dry Brushing Experience That Changed Everything

Before I started The Cellulite Investigation, I assumed the experts like Dr. Oz were right about cellulite.  Maybe I could improve its appearance temporarily with a certain cream or spa treatment, but real healing probably wasn’t possible unless I worked off every spare ounce of fat from my body.  This didn’t seem likely since I was already thin (did you know thin women often have the worst cellulite?).

That’s when I discovered dry skin brushingDry skin brushing is the simple act of brushing the body with a stiff, natural-bristle brush in the direction of lymphatic flow. It is supposed to increase lymphatic circulation by stimulating superficial lymph vessels, the ones located just under the skin.  About seventy percent of lymph vessels are superficial, so the idea seemed plausible.  And since dry brushing is cheap and painless, I decided to give it a try.

I started dry brushing in the thick of winter.  I was living in Scotland at the time.  As I firmly brushed my legs and thighs, I could see visible puffs of dead cells released from my poor, pallid skin.  Within days, I developed an itchy rash that happened to coincide with my cellulite-prone areas.  I also developed the biggest canker sore I ever had.  I usually only get canker sores if my body is under extreme stress and fatigue.  For me, it was a sign that the dry brushing was indeed doing something.

Because of the dry brushing, I started paying close attention to how my legs were feeling.  I soon noticed certain areas were more tender than others.  For the first time, I realized that my cellulite actually hurt.  How could I not have noticed it before?  All those years of dealing with cellulite and I still wasn’t listening closely enough to what my body was trying to tell me.

Within weeks, I noticed a visible improvement in my cellulite, which my significant other confirmed. 

The experience forced me to rethink my preconceptions about cellulite.  If cellulite is genetic or normal or just plain fat, how could a few weeks of dry brushing have such a dramatic effect on my own skin?


Other Cellulite Success Stories

flyingMy experience with dry brushing caused me to start questioning the conventional view of cellulite.  I continued researching alternative approaches to healing cellulite and officially launched The Cellulite Investigation website several months later.

That was September 2009 and I’ve been seriously investigating cellulite ever since —a testament, I hope, to how passionately I believe in a holistic cure for the dreaded blight.

Since then, the CI community has worked together to uncover more evidence that healing cellulite is possible.  Our collection of cellulite success stories is an empowering indicator that full cellulite recovery is not as unrealistic as some so-called experts would have us believe.  These women got rid of their cellulite in various ways —some through diet, some through exercise —but each of their experiences is consistent with our overarching cellulite philosophy.

Now that we know cellulite recovery is possible, let’s talk about how to get rid of it.


photo credit: patriziasoliani