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The Difference Between Bone Broth and Meat Broth

One of the cellulite treatments I’ve been focusing on even during my semi-furlough from the investigation is bone broth.  (Don’t worry, I’ll be back full time after the wedding at the latest!) I’ve been consuming bone broth off and on for a few years now, but since I returned to Florida I’m able to order it from a great local

Experimenting with the NutriBullet and Green Smoothies

I finally got over my smoothie-maker paralysis and bought a NutriBullet.  I still don’t know if it’s the best one for me, but at least I am able to make smoothies now! Why I Chose the NutriBullet My fellow cellulite investigators offered great advice on which blender to purchase.  The Vitamix received strong endorsements (as I expected it would), but

Clearing Out the Junk In The Trunk

As I previously confessed, my bride-brain is in full gear right now and more than a little distracting me from my normal cellulite investigating.  Then there was the car accident and the chiropractor appointments and car shopping that went along with it. But there’s yet another distraction from my regular routine.  It took me a while to pinpoint it and

Organic Couches and Coping with Toxic Furniture

Earlier in the month, I came to the unsettling conclusion that there are indeed “mystery toxins” emitting from my living room couch. I would probably still be ignoring the reality of furniture toxins if the nasty rash on my right forearm hadn’t forced me to face the facts. The realization was depressing at first.  Why does it have to be

Choosing Beans for Sprouting

I recently told you about my new EasySprouter. I was hoping some of you would jump in with suggestions for how to use it, but it seems like I might be venturing into uncharted territory amongst most of my fellow investigators.  (I even received an email to the effect of “…sprouts?!  I want to know how to get rid of

Overcoming Vitamix Paralysis

I’ve been interested in buying a Vitamix since I read about it in Kat James’ book, The Truth About Beauty.  People who own them seem to be a bit obsessed with them.  There must be a reason, right? Why I Want to Try the Vitamix I like the idea of starting a day with a green smoothie.  I also like

A New Use for My Castor Oil Pack

I’m sorry to report I found a new use for my castor oil pack. Lately I’ve used it more for my aching back than anything related to cellulite. I was in my first car accident while commuting to work on I-95 in South Florida.  Apparently it’s the deadliest stretch of highway in the country.  Thankfully, no one was seriously injured. 

Do You Believe in Furniture Toxins?

I didn’t want to bother thinking about furniture toxins, but unfortunately evidence has presented itself to me that I can no longer avoid.  Furniture toxins are a real thing.  Darn. The Mattress Theory I’ve mentioned a few times the mysterious rash I get on my right forearm from time to time.  I thought it was from something endemic to Jacksonville

The Best Home Sprouter: Do You Sprout?

If there’s one thing I don’t cut corners on, even when I’m busy, it’s my puppy’s health.  If you’re a dog person, I’m sure you understand. A few years ago, I discovered that homemade sprouts were the best treatment for my dog’s recurring yeast infections in her ears and paws.  I make sprouts for her on a regular basis so

Closer to Finding An Effective Herbal Treatment for Cellulite

Over on the CI forum, a fellow cellulite investigator shared a link to this article about herbal remedies for cellulite.  It’s on the Life Extension website, which our fellow investigator endorsed as a reputable source for health information. The Life Extension article is about more than just herbal remedies, but that’s the part that interested me the most. Recommended Herbs