Experimenting with the NutriBullet and Green Smoothies

I finally got over my smoothie-maker paralysis and bought a NutriBullet.  I still don’t know if it’s the best one for me, but at least I am able to make smoothies now!

Why I Chose the NutriBullet

My fellow cellulite investigators offered great advice on which blender to purchase.  The Vitamix received strong endorsements (as I expected it would), but I was surprised to hear that several of you were perfectly happy with smoothies from much less expensive machines.  It made me think there wasn’t much risk of buying the “wrong” one.

I purchased the NutriBullet because it seems like a good starter machine.  It’s small and only makes individual smoothies, but you can blend them right in the cup which means less cleanup.  I figure if I like making smoothies and decide to upgrade to a bigger machine in the future, I can always use the NutriBullet for travel.

My First Week with Green Smoothies

I have to admit, I have no idea how to make a good smoothie yet!  I picked up a bunch of veggies that seem like they would be good for smoothies, and throw in whatever sounds appealing.  My first smoothie included kale, a carrot, and a quarter of a green apple.  I used water for the liquid.  It wasn’t the most appealing color but the taste wasn’t bad.

I liked the second one better.  Again I started with kale, and then threw in a stalk of celery, a red beet with the greens attached, and covered with coconut water.  The smoothie turned out a beautiful red color.  It was tasty, but I don’t have the consistency down yet.  I either blended it for too long or not long enough, I can’t tell.  One of these days I’ll actually look up a recipe.  The ones that came with the NutriBullet seem to include a lot of fruit.  I’m trying to focus more on veggies for now.

Do you have a favorite book or recipe for smoothies?  I’m always eager to hear your book recommendations.  We already had a vote for Green for Life by Victor Boutenko.   Please tell us about your favorites in the comments below.

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Angela says:

I love my smoothies… Frozen spinach, kale, flaxseed oil, ground flaxseeds, chia seeds, berries, psyullium husks, plant protein powder, cinnamon, spirulina, canned organic pumpkin …. The options are endless.
If yours arent thick enough, add husks for fiber, or ground flaxseeds. Or a tblspn of nut butter.

camera says:

I have been juicing for years and thought I’d try the Nutri Bullet to add more types of fruit to my drinks. I love this product! juicing clean up ten minutes, nutri bullet clean up two minutes. A BIG plus to have an enhanced variety of fruits & veggies, ability to add protein powder or other things like seeds and nuts, and enjoy some really colorful drinks!

Jeanne says:

Pineapples will disguise the taste of the greens. Sometimes I get them frozen, since they are all ready cut up and act as ice cubes, along with frozen berries.
For liquids, I sometimes use tea, sometimes almond milk. I make my own kefir, sometimes I throw that in there. I put msm, lecithin, maca, all kinds of supplements.

I also make raw chocolate shakes with coffee..coconut or mct oil. Watch David Wolfe on youtube for those..There is a book that HSN sold with the nutribullet for beginners, its on Amazon too.

Leslie says:

I make smoothies with spanish, romaine lettuce, kale or romaine lettuce and apples and celery. Honestly, I first found them disgusting but I’m drinking them because they’re good for me, not for fun. After a month or so you get use to it.. I’ve actually learned to really enjoy the taste of straight up dandelion. Like most things in life, its an acquired taste so just stick with it and don’t worry too much about the taste I say.

I also add a bunch of cayenne powder to my smoothies and lemon juice for an extra boost of detox and metabolism. Again, the first few times drinking a green smoothie with hot pepper with really gross.. I kind of like the kick in my mouth (and pants.. literally) now 🙂

Shannon says:

I found that over-ripe banana make a world of difference in my smoothies. Buy a few extra bunches one week, let them sit until they are mostly brown. Then peel them, cut them up into 1 inch pieces and freeze on a baking sheet. Once they are frozen you can throw them into a ziploc bag. You really only need 2 little chunks to improve the taste.

Before I was adding about 1cup of frozen berries, too much sugar and it didn’t change the taste much.

Now I’m on to a big handful of spinach or kale, a big heaping tablespoon of cottage cheese(protein), a few almonds(7-10), some frozen berries, 2 banana pieces, and actually just the smallest amount of cocoa. The cocoa adds a richness to it , you can’t really taste chocolate.

Jackie says:

It’s Victoria, not Victor Bortenko

Kim says:

You should read/try Kimberly Snyder’s growing green smoothie at http://www.kimberlysnyder.net/. She has a great book too entitled: The Beauty Detox Foods. I highly recommended this book and her smoothies. I drank them for one week and one of my friends commented that my skin had never looked so young and vibrant…and glowing! Really great read.

Kim says:

It’s a “Glowing Green Smoothie” (not growing) and I love my Nutribullet!

Sessie says:

Hi, I have made probably 100 green smoothies since I first read Victoria Boutenko’s book.

I really like this video made by her son that shows him making 15 green smoothies in 3 minutes.
The video just shows how simple they are (and should be). Water, fruit (one fruit that makes it creamy always helps like banana or mango) & leafy greens.
The trick is to blend the greens thoroughly & also remember to rotate your greens.
Here’s a link to his video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sR3_wK92K9U

My favorite greens to use in smoothies are
cilantro, kale, parsley & spinach.
I usually use banana & apple as my fruit & water as the base. Good luck! I can give you a list of combinations I have made in the past (I kept track) or you can just look for recipes in the Boutenko books.


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