The Best Cellulite Treatment According to Women in Italy


During my recent vacation in Italy, of course I had to pop into a health store and ask what they recommend to treat the blight.

On this particular day, we were visiting Perugia, a larger city in the Umbria region of the Italian countryside.  I intended to stop in one of the ubiquitous farmacias to ask a proper Italian pharmacist what she recommends for cellulite.  But then I passed by a lovely little shop called l’Erbolario.


What is l’Erbolario?

The name drew me in, in addition to the sale sign in the window.  It seemed to be similar to a pharmacy, but the name made me think perhaps it had more of an emphasis on herbs and other natural remedies.  Now that I’m back home and had a chance to look at their website, I can see that is exactly the case.

The name L’Erbolario brings to mind the ancient term “erborare”, meaning to gather herbs in the fields, in order to study their beneficial properties. This is what the family of Franco Bergamaschi, the founder of L’Erbolario, did together with his wife, Daniela Villa, who is a biologist and cosmetologist. The starting point for their activities were family recipes, tested and improved by experiments, research and distillation.

The first shop opened in Lodi, Italy in 1978.  L’Erbolario now has shops all over the world.  Looking through their product catalog makes me wish I had spent more time browsing through some of the 400 creams, washes, lotions, and potions created at their production facility.  But I was focused solely on one product: the one they recommend for treating cellulite.


The Best Body Wrap from Italy

My fiance and I had rehearsed how to ask the woman behind the counter what Italian women use for treating cellulite.  “The body wrap is the best thing for cellulite,” she said confidently.  I asked if there is a cream or mud they apply during the wrap.  She held up her finger, as if she was excited to show me, and then disappeared into the back room.

Out she came with… GUAM Beauty Mud!  There was a line of pineapple-based cellulite creams in the shop, as well, but she brushed them off as a distant alternative to the efficacy of GUAM.

We first discovered GUAM last year.  The woman responsible for making GUAM available in the United States contacted us to tell us about this amazing product she found during a trip to Italy (she used to be a shoe designer).  She gave me several samples to try and a full jar for one of my fellow investigators.

I felt like the Mud had potential, but I didn’t feel like my body was ready to respond.  It was overburdened with reactions from my fluoride detox.  I picked up a giant tub of GUAM to incorporate into my anti-cellulite plan.  I’m trying something new tomorrow that I hope will help get my body to the point where I’ll see more results from treatments like GUAM.

Do you know of any cellulite secrets from other countries?  Please share them in the comments below!



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Amanda says:

Hi Melissa! Welcome back! I lived in Italy once and you mentioning Perugia brought me wonderful memories! I’m from Brazil and last time I visited (July 2012) I saw a lot of the emana fabrics.. I think these are the bio-ceramic shorts. Has anyone tried that?

Aimee says:

I am the one that won the Guam mud and while it makes sense – it was very messy and labor intensive. I think it would be worth it if you were going to be, I don’t know, getting married ;-), but for everyday cellulite I feel like there needs to be another way. you have to slather all this mud on you, wrap yourself in saran wrap, then not sit for a half hour. I did manage find a way to wrap myself that I could fall over on my bed (timber!) and wait. Then you have to cut away/unroll the wrap and wash it off (it’s muddy). While cutting it off bits are falling. You have to do this 3x a week. So, if I had a really great reason and I was guaranteed it would work, I woudl do it, but I can’t see that being a part of normal life forever.

singanddancethrulife says:

Aimee it sounds like you tried it…did it work for you? thx! i thought the giveaway was going on now…i didn’t realize it was last year!! oops!

Danae says:

I am intrigued and actually will definitely buy it next summer. I love the idea that it is natural and detoxes at the same time! Since living a detox lifestyle I am aware how much we can possibly detox through the skin! However, it really does sound like a mini ordeal and I would probably incorporate in a total detox before summer holidays… and do it as directed in this interview use these shorts and start cleaning the flat!!!
However they produced as well a ‘crema’ – some kind of maintenance crème – perhaps this should be tested as well ~ So Mellissa, I for one are all ‘ears’ to hear if that will work for you in your 6 months plan!

sam says:

i agree guam beauty mud it a total pain in the butt. hehe.

that’s why i just slather it on, wrap myself up, and sleep in it. not practical for most, but i’m single so there is no one to judge me. 🙂


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