Fluoroderma Success Stories! Healing Acne Caused by Fluoride Exposure

This is the most important resource in my fluoroderma project: the acne success stories page.

I’ve heard from many of you already who learned about fluoride and acne by reading about my experience at The Cellulite Investigation.  Your feedback is what makes it worthwhile to post my horrible acne pictures on the Internet for all to see!

Thank you to everyone who has shared their fluoroderma story with me.  Instead of hiding these stories in personal email conversations and random blog post comments, I would like to start collecting them on one page.  I know it won’t happen overnight, but my hope is that someday this page will become a powerful testament to the reality of what fluoride does to those of us who suffer from this frustrating condition.

If you are willing to share photographic evidence of your fluoroderma success story, I would be honored to post them here on our success stories page!  Please email them to me at Melissa (at) CelluliteInvestigation (dot) com. Words can be convincing, but photos are more likely to cause powerful mental images that provoke people to action.


My Fluoroderma Success Story

I will kick things off with pictures of my own fluoroderma success story.

This is what my skin looked like in mid-2008.  I was living in south Florida where the water was fluoridated to 1 ppm.  At that time, I had no idea what was causing my chronic acne.

Here is a photo from November 2009, almost a full year after the idea first entered my mind that my cystic acne could be caused by fluoride ingestion.  This was at the end of my “trial and error” phase when I was learning what foods and beverages I need to avoid to limit my fluoride intake.  This was taken just before I moved out of my fluoridated condo.

And here is a photo from March 2011.  I even took this picture with the same camera I used for the others—the webcam on my Mac.  The mark on the left is a beauty mark I’ve had since I was little.  You can also see a few red marks from my latest beef stock reaction (my ongoing experiment to detox fluoride).

Here is another angle of the fluoroderma from 2008.

The same angle from 2009.

And finally, another picture from March 2011. Again, you can make out a few red marks next to my ear from the beef stock experiment.  The mark at the top of my cheek is another beauty mark.

And now I give the floor to you. Please share your fluoroderma success story in the comments section below!

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Lauren kovar says:

I’m speechless. It all makes sense now. Your face is my face. The ONLY things that control my acne are a meticulous organic diet, a water filter and yoga. Wine makes my face itch and flare within minutes. I made chicken stock from a pastured organic chicken and I had alot of wine recently and I broke out a bunch and even had one of those awful ones in my ear. I guess I’m going to see which one made it worse by elimination. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this before. Just one more reason, added to a long list, for my growing mistrust of the medical community.


Yay, Lauren! It makes me so happy to be able to help other people understand what is causing their acne. I’m curious to know the results of your elimination experiment. Chicken that is truly organic should not contain fluoride, but I still have a reaction from some organic chicken (though not nearly as bad as non-organic chicken. That was really painful!).

I’m also curious about the wine. I didn’t drink much wine when I was figuring out which foods to avoid, so I don’t have a good feel for how strong of a reaction it would have caused. Now I drink either organic wine or wine from overseas and it doesn’t seem to cause a problem. From what I’ve read, the fluoride-based pesticide used on grape crops is not as prevalent in other countries as it is here in the States. Please let me know if you are able to figure out any more info on this. Thanks so much!

thinx2damnmuch says:

My dr now, and nearly every dr I can think of that I’ve had, is a frump and an idiot. Is it just me here or do you all go see the dr and find out that you know more about different topics than they do?? When I see the guy bust out google on his little laptop during our discussion, I get mad. I DID that part already! Anyway…I can’t get these guys to take me seriously on this, even though I print this out and bring it, and show them my skin, and tell them which foods make me break out exactly like this. I want to get some special testing or whatever you got medically. How do I get officially tested for Fluoroderma, and officially diagnosed so I have something to prove it? Thank you for the amazing amazing work here. THIS SITE HELPED ME!


It struck me as hilarious when I read the word “frump” in your description. Thanks for that!

My free guide to fluoroderma includes a chapter on diagnosing fluoroderma. Basically, it is extremely difficult to get a doctor here in the U.S. to perform a test that will help diagnose fluoroderma. One CI reader told me her “detox” spa diagnosed her husband’s fluoroderma with a blood test, but that is the only account I’ve heard of it. There is a blood test they’ve used in India where fluoride poisoning is rampant, but from what I’ve read it is very expensive and uncommon in the U.S.

Fortunately, you don’t need to prove to your doc that you have fluoroderma in order to heal it. Still, I understand it would be satisfying to have that kind of approval, or to be able to work with your doctor to heal the condition (imagine that!). I also put together a Fluoroderma Fact Sheet designed for potential fluoroderma sufferers to present to their medical professional. It includes some key facts surrounding fluoride and it’s effect on the skin, each with a reference to a study published in a respected peer-reviewed journal. It will be our job to start educating the healthcare community on this condition. Hopefully, eventually, they will start taking it seriously.

I’m so encouraged by your comment. Makes it worth it to be spending all my free time on this book. I suspect there are many people like us who have fluoroderma and don’t even know it.

E. says:

Hello! I came across your website from a Google search on how to make home-made kefir. I was completely stunned, and thought that I had to share my story.

I’m 24 – my fiance and I recently came across a report about fluoridated water and its effect on all body systems. (Long story short: It’s poison.) Consequently, we’ve sworn off tap water, fluoridated toothpaste, and anything else that might contain fluoride. (We live in North Central Florida – all tap water is, sadly, fluoridated.)

We only drink SmartWater, for the most part (little to no fluoride by comparison, as it’s vapor-distilled) – and sometimes, we drink Fiji water for a change of pace (which has a negligible amount of natural fluoride, from what we’ve read). I know that this reads like an endorsement, but these are really the only two brands that we’ve been able to find in our area that even address the fluoride question.

Since this change, we’ve both been markedly more alert and my acne has completely disappeared. My husband (who is from Spain, and never experienced these problems before) had begun to get marks on his teeth – which also disappeared a few weeks after we started drinking ‘clean’ water. We later found out that the marks were the beginning of dental fluorosis.

I grew up in Florida in a poor rural area, and I remember getting fluoride treatments as a child and our teachers telling us that the fluoride in the water would strengthen our bones. What is more disturbing is that people still seem to believe this today – we live on a major campus, and any mention of the toxicity of fluoride gets us panned as ‘conspiracy theorists’.

The research is there. It is not a conspiracy. Thank you for maintaining this website!


It makes my day when I hear about another cured case of fluoroderma! Thanks so much for sharing your story, E.

The bottled water issue is tricky. Being in Central Florida, you probably don’t have a Whole Foods nearby. I drink their brand of spring water without any problem. Poland Spring, Deer Park, Evian, and Smart Water are all fine, too.

Central Florida has a sad history with fluoride, particularly in Polk County where pollution from a local factory killed off thousands of cattle back in the 1950′s. Thanks for helping to spread the word in your community about the dangers of fluoride. I will continue to do the same!

Melissa B. says:

Wow, this just confirms what I have been suspecting! I moved to a house with fluoridated water about 4 years ago. My acne has been at it’s worse during this time. I noticed it gets better when I use bottled water or travel. It does get much better when I keep the sugar low in my diet, and stick to mainly organic, whole foods. I had never put the two together! I also feel that the fluoride may be affecting my thyroid. I need to get away from it!


Explains a lot, doesn’t it? Thanks for your comment, Melissa! It’s nice to know that my experience with acne can have a positive effect for a change by helping someone else figure out the source of this frustrating problem. The fluoroderma e-book is SO close to being finished now. A few more weeks should be all it takes. I hope you will find it helpful.

Mandy Jones says:

I recently realized that fluoroderma was my problem thanks to your site! I eat a pure, plant-based diet (as much organic as possible in my town), exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep, water, etc. and I could NOT figure out why my lymph acne was still flaring so badly. So depressing.

Thanks so much for sharing this information. I went out and bought a bunch of distilled and smart water immediately (I get all of my minerals from food, so no need to worry about distilled).

My question is: How do you go about finding a place to live that is not fluoridated? I have no idea how to do this, as any place I’ve asked seems to have no clue what I’m talking about. 🙁

Also, if you cannot avoid fluoridated water systems, is there a recommended filter for showers, sinks AND drinking water? What a hassle! Shame on those responsible for forcing the general public to ingest fluoride…


Thanks for your comment, Mandy! It always makes my day when I hear from someone who has found relief from acne based on the info here. It’s such a frustrating condition, and virtually impossible to hide! How did you figure out that fluoride was causing your outbreaks? Was there any particular food or beverage that gave you problems (besides the water)? Your question about finding a non-fluoridated place to live is a good one. I responded to it in a separate blog post. See How to Find a Non Fluoridated Home.

Shower filters do not remove fluoride. One fluoride expert I talked to recently suggested you could have a plumber install an active alumina filter in the shower plumbing line, but I don’t know much more about that option. For drinking water, a reverse osmosis system will remove 95 percent of fluoride. They can easily be installed under the sink. They waste a lot of water, which is why they’re not recommended for the whole house.

Aimee says:

I hope your message will spread! I stopped drinking tap water years ago (have a Waterwise distiller), stopped getting the fluoride treatments from my dentist in my teens, have a shower filter to remove it, use toothpowder (ecodent), and buy almost everything organic. Once you look into the reasons that they put fluoride in the water supply you will find that it has nothing to do with our teeth or health. If people start correlating health issues with fluoride, maybe eventually we will get them to stop.


You are a smart lady, Aimee!! I think one reason it’s difficult for people (including doctors) to tie fluoride back to health problems is because the sources of fluoride are so disparate. Who would notice the common thread in tea, California grapes, chicken soup, and tap water, among other things? It was a little easier for me to figure out because the reaction on my skin is so immediate. It develops within hours. Still took me years to figure out, but still!

tracey says:

i find this very interesting as i was doing a search for something entirely dif. i am diligently working on causes and cures of acne! currently trying blue light and lasers.
I am excited to explore this flouroderma hypothesis further and would like to add a few things you may be interested in. Iodine is strongly linked to acne so some were mentioning adding it and another was mentioning kombucha (hi iodide) and both of those according to some CAUSE/TRIGGER acne. Also milk as cows lick saltlicks of iodized salt! so it may not be the dairy per se but the salt, and it may not be greasy foods but the salt that almost always accompanies..Just something to keep in mind. I too have researched a strong good correlation between zinc and helping decrease acne. It’s a special form of zinc that starts with m- like, zinc m_______. I use a reverse osmosis water filter so no flouride and no polluting with plastic and/or drinking from terrible plastic.
Thanks again for sharing and hope my contributions may help some.


Thanks for sharing this info, Tracey! Iodine has been a hot topic here at The Cellulite Investigation (see http://www.celluliteinvestigation.com/category/hormonal-balance-2/iodine). I believe the reason iodine causes acne is because it displaces fluoride from the body. Iodine and fluoride have a very similar chemical structure. I don’t eat iodized salt, but I get a fluoroderma flare up if I eat foods that are naturally high in iodine, such as fish roe. I did an iodine loading test last year and the pill caused by face to break out for two weeks.

You can read more about my theories on that in my free ebook on fluoroderma. I installed a reverse osmosis filter for drinking water when I lived in a fluoridated house. They remove 95 percent of fluoride, but my skin never cleared completely until I moved to a nonfluoridated home. I don’t know if it was because of that last 5 percent or because my body just needed the extra time to heal. I even tried to limit my shower exposure by bathing in filtered water (bucket style!).

Please let us know how it goes with your experiments on the fluoride hypothesis!

khush says:

hi i live in missisauga ontario canada and since i came to canada, i start getting big pimples on my cheeks and sometimes on my head,, first year i did not get as many pimples but now it is coming like rain,, i am not able to go anywhere outside my house,, i am too afraid,,, one thing i found out that some of my friend to neighbourhood region brampton and their skin improved.. please what should i do ,, i am dieing here please help somebody?


I know how frustrating that is, khush! You could try drinking bottled water for two weeks to see if it makes a difference. If you have fluoroderma, switching to bottled water might not cure it completely, but it should help you figure out if fluoride is the cause. Let me know if that helps or if you have other questions!

Karen says:

I found your blog last year and shared the information with my almost daughter-in-law. She’s seen some really good results, because of your efforts, so I just wanted to say thanks and I’m so happy your were able to find and cure your fluoroderma. Your skin looks great! Thanks for getting the information out there!


Thanks, Karen. Is your DIL Emily by any chance? If so, she is a real sweetheart. I’m so glad she found the info helpful. And thank you for sharing the site with her!

Karen says:

Hi, Melissa. Yes, it’s Emily! She is a sweetheart! I’m so thankful for her. We share a love of real food and all things natural. I think more people are waking up to the truth about fluoride. Keep up the good work!


I think so too, Karen! Isn’t it exciting?!

John says:

I’m glad I stumbled upon this site. I’m 36 and acne has plagued me my entire life. After reading this site a few weeks ago, I think I’ve finally solved my problem with acne.

I had a moderately severe case of acne when I was a kid. I was on accutane and many other medications/topical creams but nothing seems to do the trick. The only time I can remember where my face was totally clear was when I entered the military and spent time in South Carolina for 9 weeks. My face was crystal clear.

Then I moved to Hawaii. Within a few days, I had tons of breakouts. I remember even going to the military doctor and crying because I didn’t want to go to work due to a bad outbreak I was having. It was really that bad.

I thought that these breakouts were due to stress (although there wasn’t much stress), putting camouflage paint on my face, dirt, hot weather and anything else that I could think of. It was never solved. My social life suffered. I never wanted to look at anyone in the face. Simply put, this WAS my only stress.

That time in Hawaii seemed to be my worst. After I left the military, the acne would cycle frequently but at any given time I was always able to see more than one pimple at any given time. When I turned 30, I developed rosacea and had this weird thing where some of the hairs on my face would grow in the shape of a spring or curly-Q french fry. It was the strangest thing. Then some of the hairs would get embedded and just stay inside my skin. Other hairs would grow a little bit but then the root would disappear and then the hair would become an infection. I went to the dermatologist and yup, they couldn’t figure it out either. Now that I’m 36, most of the hair on my face will not grow anymore. Again, the dermatologist really couldn’t answer the question.

I know a lot of people get rosacea after 30 so I chalked that up as being “normal.” The hair issue was a little different and I just figured there was something I was eating or stressful that was going on in my life. Maybe, maybe not…..but I was going through a divorce during that time. I exercise regularly, eat very well, don’t smoke and I don’t drink that often.

Anyhow, here I am today (or just a few weeks ago) and things are changing. I don’t really get the typical teenage pimples anymore but I get these very hard and painful cysts. I checked my town’s water supply and there isn’t any fluoride so taking showers or drinking the water cannot be causing the acne. After reading about milk I decided to change that first. I went from Lactaid to almond milk. I know that if I drink 1/2 gallon of regular milk (I’ve done this before) in a day, by the next morning my face will look horrible. Changing to the almond milk definitely helped but the acne wouldn’t go away completely.

I eat a TON of chicken. I could eat it everyday for lunch and dinner. I love the stuff. I usually eat chicken lunch meat for lunch and I usually cook a large chicken for dinner for the week. After reading about the fluoride in processed chicken, I decided to give that a whirl and ate turkey instead. Besides the fluoride issue, I went to Youtube and watched videos on how they make the chicken. I wanted to vomit and will never eat mechanically deboned chicken again. It looks horrible. Anyhow, after I stopped eating the chicken lunch meat, it was amazing. The change was drastic and I really couldn’t believe it. The cystic acne I had would take weeks to heal and overnight they were healing already. I haven’t had any new breakouts in two weeks. I really can’t believe it.

I’ve tried every Clearasil product imaginable, tons of prescribed and OTC medication, Proactiv, etc….. You name it, I’ve tried it and nothing worked. I really can’t believe that fluoride is the cause of my acne. I’m still a bit skeptical but the “proof is in the pudding” so to speak. I will wait a few more weeks before I call it a true success.

I should also mention that I used to drink Special K protein shakes. The same day I read this website, I called Kellogg’s and asked if fluoride was in the water where they make the shakes. They confirmed to me that it is and so I stopped drinking them too. After a few more weeks, if I have no new breakouts, I’ll introduce them slowly and see if there are any issues.

So, thanks for posting all of this information. I’m a little premature with calling it a success but for now, my acne seems to be gone and I’m grateful for that. I’ll come back with an update in a few weeks to let anyone know who is interested.


John, this is so exciting. Thanks for sharing! Nothing makes my day more than hearing from something who is finding relief from their cystic acne due in part to info they read here on the site.

Experimenting with chicken is a great way to figure out if fluoride is the cause of your problem or not. It is the single food that caused the most severe breakouts for me. Turkey also contains fluoride, but the bones are stronger so they are not as likely to end up in mechanically de-boned meat products. If you still have lingering issues, you might want to cut out turkey for a couple weeks and see if that helps.

Smart move to call Kellogg’s! That’s really the only way to determine the fluoride content of a lot of foods. Yep, once you get your skin under control you should be able to experiment to see exactly which foods cause the reaction.

Please keep us posted on your experience. Thanks again for sharing!

John says:

I’m still eating chicken where I cook the whole chicken but not the lunch meat. Are you saying all chicken was a problem or was the chicken lunch meat the only issue for you? I certainly understand the lunch meat but if you were having problems with the whole chicken, what was the cause of the flare ups specifically?

Regarding the turkey, I chose that because it wasn’t listed as one of the meats that have fluoride in them. Oh well, I guess I may need to change that too but so far so good.

I was really surprised how good the almond milk was compared to Lactaid; they’re very similar. I was reading more on the lymphatic system and I read how diary products can clog it. I was doing so much damage when I thought I was doing good things! (eating cereal with skim milk) The problem was, I normally eat two huge bowls of cereal for breakfast and then sometimes another one for a snack close to bed time. I guess that put my lymphatic system into overdrive and when it couldn’t deal with all of the dairy, it showed up on my face.

I’m currently on Minocycline. Tomorrow I’m going to stop taking that too and see if my acne comes back. I’m interested to see the results on that as well.

Anyhow, keep up the great work!

p.s. No cellulite here so I’m unable to help you with that 😉


Hi, John. Great to hear from you again.

Fluoride accumulates in the bones, skin, and fat of chickens and turkeys when they eat feed laden with fluoride-based pesticides. Most grocery-store poultry is exceedingly high in fluoride. If you’re lucky enough to have access to organic, free range poultry (like Eberly’s) then I highly recommend stocking up. I have one cooking in my crock pot right now!

All mechanically de-boned chicken products are high in fluoride because small pieces of bone end up in the finished product. Chicken products contain more fluoride than turkey, but I still had a reaction from free range (non-organic) turkey soup. I’m fine eating breast meat of non-organic poultry, but I avoid ground meat (usually it’s mechanically de-boned), soups, skin, and other fatty parts.

Interesting observations about the milk. I don’t drink grocery store milk either. I’ll drink fresh milk from organic, pastured cows when I can get it, but it’s a completely different food than the industrialized milk that is highly processed and hard on the lymphatic system. I recommend realmilk.com if you’re interested in reading more about that.

Is it possible the culprit could have been the cereal rather than the milk? If it’s made with fluoridated water, cereal is one of the foods that is highest in fluoride. (I include references for all of this in my free e-book on fluoroderma if you’re interested).

John Smith says:

Hi again,

I’m still eating the same amount and kind of cereal but with almond milk. Since I made the switch a couple of weeks ago, I haven’t had one breakout since. My face hasn’t been this clear since before puberty. Also, my eczema is gone and I’m no longer taking acne/rosacea medication.

One question that I have not been able to find an answer to is, how much fluoride is in chicken lunch meat? That answer seems to be non-existent on the internet. Any ideas?


You’ll find this info in my one-page Fluoroderma Fact Sheet (pdf). It varies depending on the diet of the chicken, but there are a few studies on this. The numbers I’ve seen range from 6-8.5ppm, compared to water which is considered “optimally” fluoridated at about 1ppm. Do you have access to scholarly journals? This article from the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry is a good one: http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/jf0106300

I thought of you when I read this comment from Sonya yesterday. She wrote about her experience with dairy and fluoride, too. Interesting…

John says:

Awesome! I’ve scoured the internet for hours and the information I’ve been looking for was right here all along! I considered ordering a fluoride tester but the cheap ones don’t seem too reliable and I don’t think they test food. One question – the amount of fluoride is given in ppm. Is this per 100 grams?

You can also add another success story to your list. My son has ADHD and I’ve been giving him fluoride pills as prescribed by the doctor. We kept going up and up in his ADHD medication to the maximum amount and it really didn’t do much for his symptoms.

I removed as many fluoride sources as possible, including the fluoride pill, and now he is on half of the amount of medication and all of his ADHD symptoms have decreased significantly. The psychiatrist was dumbfounded but he wouldn’t disregard the results because he saw a much different child when my son was in his office. My son is much more verbal, loving, attentive and his teacher says that he is alert and on top of things at school now. The only thing I’ve done is remove fluoride from his diet.

I’m working on putting together a spread sheet of all the foods he has been eating. He’s eight and the maximum recommended dose of fluoride is 2.5mg per day. I took a quick glance at the food and I’m guessing he was getting at least 3.5mg of fluoride per day. The problem I’m having is, some companies won’t tell you if the product has fluoride in it (I doubt some of the people who answer the phone even know). There was one company that was nice and gave me a yes or no answer.

Here’s something funny. One company I called said they couldn’t tell me the amount of fluoride in their product (cereal) because it’s proprietary information (I laughed when she said that to me). I tried to explain to the woman on the phone that her company doesn’t put fluoride in the cereal to enhance the taste, quality or texture. I told her it’s a byproduct of the water they use, if they have fluorided water. She insisted this was proprietary information and could not tell me. I doubt she even knows how much fluoride is in the cereal…..


Oh my goodness. You’re comment had my laughing AND crying. SO funny about the phone call to the cereal company. I can just imagine the type of person that answered the phone. Usually people are pretty understanding if I tell them I have a fluoride “allergy” and I would like to be able to consume their product (a little flattery never hurts) but didn’t want to risk a reaction. If you really want to know the fluoride content of the product, you could ask them where the manufacturing plant is located and then call the local water utility company and ask for the fluoride content of the water. They are obligated by law to provide this information in their annual water quality report, many of which are available online.

I found the full journal article online somewhere for free, but I can’t remember where. It was probably either through my local library (some of them have subscription services) or my college library (they provide alumni access to certain databases). That article is where I learned that mechanically deboned turkey doesn’t contain as much fluoride as chicken products because the bones are stronger, not necessarily because they contain less fluoride.

The ppm measurement can be confusing. Generally, it’s the same as 1 mg/liter for a liquid or 1 mg/kg if it’s a solid. Of course, you need to take the actual serving size into account when calculating how much fluoride is consumed in a certain product. I hope that makes sense.

The story about your son… wow. That is the part that triggered the water works. How wonderful! It’s also wonderful that your doc is not disregarding the results. We need more doctors to start taking natural treatment like this seriously.

Conditions like ADHD are rooted in the digestive system. I was trying to find a link for you to studies done by A.K. Susheela, a famous fluoride researcher in India where fluoride toxicity is rampant. She used microscopic photography to show how the stomach reacts to fluoride. It was really interesting. We know the first indicator of acute fluoride poisoning is gastric distress. Chronic fluoride poisoning upsets the digestive system in more insidious ways.

There’s a book that I recommend to anyone dealing with ADHD-type conditions. It’s called Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride. It is a brilliant book. I can’t recommend it enough.

In case you haven’t seen this yet, here is the link to our Pocket Guide to Fluoride Sources (pdf). It might come in handy. Let me know if you discover anything to add. I found one that I haven’t added yet: keyboard spray cleaners. They’re dangerous stuff.

Good luck and please keep us updated!

John says:

Great information. I have so many more questions. I would like to find a doctor or nutritionist who understand fluoride and can help me out. Here is a quick one maybe you can answer regarding the chicken.

As I said, I ate tons of chicken lunch meat. I would eat about 2 pounds (.907 kg) of chicken lunch meat per week. If the rate is 8ppm, that means I would be getting about .875mg of fluoride per sandwich? Does that sound about right?

Here are two more things that have changed in my kids’ lives, which could be attributed to fluoride. Not sure if I’ll ever know.

My kids used to live in a highly fluorided state. Now they live in one of the lowest fluorided state and my town does not have fluoride in the water. At their previous home, my daughter would have constant stomach problems and all of the tests the gastroenterologist would run, they all came back normal. Nothing was ever found. My son was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat. Both are well documented in their medical records. Since they now live in a different state and in a town without fluorided water, both of those issues are non-existent. Coincidence?


Amazing! Many children are very sensitive to fluoride. I would not be surprised if these conditions were caused by the fluoride. When I was little, my dentist put me on fluoride pills. No one tied it to the chronic nose bleeds that ensued. They didn’t even tell my parents it’s what caused my teeth to be discolored. They asked my pediatrician about it and he said he didn’t know.

Uh oh, you want me to break out the math? You asked for it. I cannot be responsible for the numbers to follow. 🙂

Let’s see. 8ppm is .8mg per 100 grams. If you consume 907 grams of chicken per week, that’s 7.256 mg of fluoride per week. Right? Assuming you eat one chicken sandwich per day, that’s 1.036mg of fluoride per sandwich. That could be completely wrong, so please double check my math. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a chicken sandwich fluoride calculator on the Internet.

I learn a lot from these discussions, so feel free to shoot over any additional fluoride questions/comments you have. It would be great to get another thread going about this in our new discussion forum. It takes a minute to register the first time you comment, but it’s a great venue for these conversations. We could add a new topic here: http://www.celluliteinvestigation.com/forum/food

John says:

I forgot to mention. I did try to look at that article a few days ago but it’s $35 to view it! That price is a little steep for me.

mark says:

Hey i started getting acne similar to this when i came to college and i called the water treatment place where i go to college today and they said the fluoride amount is .54 Is that enough to cause me to get fluoroderma like this. I ate tuna fish today and i wanted to know if that has fluoride in it. Also could i post or email you my pictures just to get your opinion on whether you think i have fluoroderma?


Yes, my skin breaks out at that amount. I haven’t noticed a reaction from tuna unless it contains any bone. However, I don’t eat canned tuna often so I’m not completely sure about that one. I think you are fine, though. Feel free to post any pics in our new fluoride forum at http://www.celluliteinvestigation.com/forum/fluoroderma (I just created it today so it’s a little empty. People have been writing about fluoride in the cellulite forum, so I figured it would be best to give the discussion its own home)

mark says:

Yeah well I am experiencing the worst breakout ive had in a long time but i originally thought that i was vitamin d deficient but i think that exasperated my low levels of magnesium due to the fluoride toxicity. I also use to use this fluoride paste for my teeth in my retainer while i slept so i probably ingested a whole lot of fluoride. And im not getting my face wet in the shower anymore starting yesterday.

Alex says:

Hi Melissa,

Thank you! I really can’t thank you enough for writing your book on fluoroderma and sharing all this information. I found your site after also having an odd moment of insight and typing “fluoride acne” into Google. After ending up here, I felt enlightened and totally overwhelmed. My breakouts look exactly like the ones you used to have. (I intermittently get cysts in my chin area, as well as near the temples, sides of face, upper neck, and small lesions on the forehead.) Allopathic doctors speculated the lesions to be caused by hormones. Holistic and TCM doctors speculated they were caused by diet and stress (and also lymph disfunction, but they couldn’t figure it out). I tried birth control pills (didn’t help), improved my diet, controlled stress, did acupuncture and acupressure. Acupuncture and acupressure helped in healing, but didn’t solve the problem. I was still tortured by breakouts. I’ve been living in a cycles of healing and breakout, taking things one day at a time and just living in hope for relief.

I even chose to study abroad in New Zealand, considering that perhaps my environment’s toxicity was contributing to the acne. New Zealand, a purer country (or so I thought) could give me relief. If it did, I would have proof that city toxins (air, water) were the source of my problem. Yet to my dismay, New Zealand failed to improve my condition. I still got painful breakouts. But oddly, whenever I was hiking for longer periods of time, the breakouts seemed to subside.

The city where I studied was fairly green and clean. It all made no sense. Until, one day, I took a whiff of the city tap water and squirmed at its smell in comparison to the river water I had gathered earlier in my sports bottle. Then and there, I realized that I had always been sensitive to smell of my drinking and washing water, scrutinizing different brands and water quality in cities. But, I used it all because I had no other choice. Was there something in the water which my body absolutely hated?

All this led me here. And no surprise — it turns out that most of the cities I have lived in have added fluoride to the water, even the small, “green” New Zealand city! And also, it is no surprise that the cystic acne stopped and healed when I was hiking and using only pristine stream water.

Again, I am so grateful to you. Now I know how to protect myself and put a halt to this pain. Unfortunately for now I cannot move into a non-fluoridated area. I am currently in Chicagoland, and I will have to finish my university degree in Philadelphia for one more year. I already got a Berkey water filter for removing the fluoride from my drinking water. I will do my best to bathe in filtered water and avoid all the foods you have listed. I’ll also try to stimulate my lymphatic system.

It’s a bit difficult persuading my relatives that fluoride is the culprit, and they all think I’m a bit crazy at the moment for filtering my bath water and refusing soup made with non-filtered water. But I will adamantly stick to limiting all fluoride intake and try to control the experiment as closely as possible.

You’re a brilliant investigator. Thanks again for opening my eyes.



Alex!! You’re comment gave me goosebumps. Thanks so much for sharing your story! It’s kindof epic! I can just picture you moving to New Zealand where the frustration continues and then having your moment of enlightenment as you fill your water bottled (only in my head, you’re filling it at the pristine stream you mentioned, ‘cuz it’s prettier. 🙂 )

My family was very skeptical of my fluoride theory in the beginning. It was hard to take because I didn’t even know if I believed it myself yet. They eventually came around when my skin “miraculously” healed without any special products or medications.

I’d love to hear more about your experience as you limit your fluoride exposure. It’s good to compare notes on how quickly the breakouts occur after exposure, how long they take to go away, if your skin is sensitive to water in the shower, etc. As far as I know, we’re the only ones studying this condition so any info you can share would be helpful.

Thanks again for your comment, Alex. It made my day!

Alex says:

Yes, it’s quite ridiculous – I was onto something, and I traveled to NZ in hopes of a solution. But, I was totally unaware that NZ often copies its practices (medical, municipal, etc.) from the UK and the US. Anyhow, I’m really glad we can team up on this! I will definitely be reporting back on the site or the forum. I’m healing at the moment, and I have faith for the best in the coming weeks.


I’m glad, too!! And I’m eager to read your next update. Good luck! Let me know if you run into any questions.

Alex says:

Also, does anyone also with fluoroderma have odd v-shaped bumps in the back of the tongue? In Traditional Chinese Medicine the tongue is key in identifying disease in the body. I’ve found that these bumps grow on my tongue whenever I have a breakout.


I don’t remember having anything like that. But I did go to a TCM doc when my fluoroderma was at its worst and she seemed unpleasantly surprised when she looked at my tongue. As I recall, it was because it had a whitish look to it. It looks pretty normal now. Must have been from the fluoride poisoning.

Do you have dental fluorosis? Just wondering, as it is a common sign of over-exposure to fluoride.

Alex says:

Yep, my tongue definitely looks slightly white when I have a breakout. (I almost thought it was Candida or something, but the Candida tongue definitely looks much more extreme.)

I don’t have dental fluorosis, maybe because I spent my childhood in another country and my teeth developed properly (is it only a condition acquired in childhood? I’m not certain.) I used to have some gum and chipping problems (and really frequent canker sores) and started experimenting with non-toxic toothpastes a year ago or so. I guess at some point I tried toothpastes without fluoride and liked them better. I bet all this contributed to my subconscious acne-fluoride connection.


Yes, dental fluorosis is a sign of over exposure to fluoride during childhood. I assume one doesn’t have to have dental fluorosis in order to have fluoroderma, but chances are there was something in your history that would have caused a hypersensitivity to fluoride. There hasn’t been much research done on this subject. I just asked about the dental fluorosis out of curiosity. 🙂

By the way, I used to have some gum and tooth sensitivity but in the last two years (since I successfully healed my acne) it’s gone away completely. Hooray!!

Kristina says:

So far I am only half way thru your free guide, which is very clear and a good source of many different kinds of ways fluoride effects is. I am from Winnipeg.. In Canada, lived here my whole life and we all have the same drinking water. There has always been fluoride in our water meaning I have been drinking it for 24 years. 3 years ago I started getting bad pains in my legs I am in very good shape and the pains would come and go randomly.. I thought it was from waitressing double shifts so I switched to desk job, didn’t help, pains where horrible and undescribable, X-rays blood tests and no results. Then last summer once I returned from Penticton BC (which I now know has very high levels of fluoride that comes from the rocks) I started to develop such bad cystic acne on my chin it hurt to eat, I didn’t want to talk. I have been bottled water for 2 weeks now with no new bumps 🙂 only the little ones you mentioned in your paper. I look forward to reading the rest and slowly trying to adjust my diet. Also I noticed when I use a facial wipe to cleanse and avoid tap water on my face the cystic acne I had healed faster.
This is the info I found for my city’s water and it made me so angry they seem so naive.
Fyi Pg 29 has a typo at the bottom


Kristina, thanks so much for your comment! Yes, makes perfect sense that the fluoride would cause the leg pain. Mayo Clinic wrote an article about how fluoride poisoning is often confused with arthritis (I references it in the e-book). It’s a shame water companies and healthcare providers don’t understand the dangers of fluoride. It’s up to us to spread the word.

Please let us know how your fluoroderma treatment progresses! Thanks again for sharing!

Marie says:

I am so excited to have found out about fluoroderma!!! I have been battling acne for about 10 years (I am 32). We completely overhauled our diet 2 years ago and now eat mostly organic and all natural foods and heavy on the vegetables with green smoothies. But my acne is not any better. For about two weeks when I first made the switch it was better, and then it was over. So I have read your e-book guide to fluoroderma, and I had some dates yesterday (a bunch actually, they were so good!) and what a huge mistake. I have got many whopper cystic acnes on my face now. I have always had lymph swelling in nodes around my ears and neck that move around. No one ever told me why, and in fact googling that is how I found you. So I am sure I have tons of fluoride to kick out but I will do it slowly. I was taking iodine for thyroid support and I now think that was causing flare ups as it displace the fluroide as well.

So far I have eliminated fluoride from my drinking water (walmart brand has reverse osmosis which I imagine has not fluoride but I should probably call) and I have been washing my face with distilled. Then today I had a chicken sandwich. OOPS. I forgot about that part since I read the ebook at 2am the other night. I have also been jumping on my couch really hard because I read that can help get lymph flowing. I also bought a body brush and did that one night, albeit improperly now that I have read your posts. Also called the water district and the guy who answered totally agreed with me about fluoride and said he absolutely hates putting it in (he is the operator)! He’s scared of it. We had a lengthy conversation and I plan to use your letter to send to the water board, and possibly attend a meeting.

He said the city once tried to remove fluoride and several dentists from another area came and made a big fuss about it. Do you know of any link with the major dental associations and the fertilizer companies that sell the stuff to municipalities? Because I have found that money is the biggest motivator and I was really surprised to hear that dentists traveled to another area to make a stink. So it is still in city water supplies. Last year they didn’t feed it in for some reason he said, and he loved that he didn’t have to handle it.

Thank you for this labor of love and info. It’s what I have been praying for for a very long time. (Yes, I actually pray about my acne, it’s that bad, as I know people on here can relate to.) 🙂 And I’m thanking God for you now!

I was also thrilled to read about John’s post and his childrens improvements. We are definitely getting one of those alumina filters very soon, or at least an RO for our kids sake. Going to check out forums now. Thanks again.


Marie! How wonderful to hear from you!! I’m so glad to hear the info in the e-book is helpful for you. It’s always exciting to hear from someone who is just discovering that they have fluoroderma. I know this illustration is overused, but it really is like shining a massive lightbulb on the problem, don’t you think? I can certainly relate to praying for a cure! My acne was such a mystery for so many years, until I figured out it was caused by fluoride. Then it all made so much sense. Now I think back to when those cysts would pop up from nowhere and it always makes me happy to think I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Do you have any idea what could have made you sensitive to fluoride? Did you ever take fluoride pills or were you exposed to high levels of fluoride as a child? You cracked me up when you said you’ve been jumping on your couch. How creative! I use a mini trampoline but I totally would have tried jumping on the couch if I had been more clever. 🙂

It is fantastic that you’ve started the conversation with your local water company. The dentists from out of town might have genuinely thought they were providing a service by keeping fluoride in the water. And since no one in your town seemed to care enough to put up a fight, it was probably an easy trip for them. The Fluoride Action Network does excellent work in helping local communities organize to end fluoridation. If you contact them, please mention you heard about them here. They were so kind to provide input on the e-book, I would love for them to feel like it was time well spent. Here is a list to their “take action” page: http://www.fluoridealert.org/action.aspx

Again, so great to hear from you!

Kristy says:

I’m so happy to have found your site. Wow! I have to say I think I’ve figured out what’s causing my acne. The pictures look like me to a tee. I’ve always thought it was strange how my acne is only on my chin, around my mouth, and neck area. I do see one here and there on my forehead but mostly around mouth. Since I’ve read your book I’ve cut out chicken all together and I’m trying to eliminate it in my water intake. I called my local CUD (water co) yesterday. They almost acted excited to tell me that they put fluoride in our water! UGH! 🙁 I have been buying more bottled water until I can get a real filtration system or something better than my PUR water pitcher. My question is how do I cure this up asap? I’m so tired of this acne! I’ve been using fluoride free toothpaste for a week now. Just curious on how long it will take to rid my body of this. I’m not eating cereal anymore either. I’m trying to figure out a guide or something I can follow to know what the best food sources I can eat.


Great to hear from you, kristy! Did you see our pocket guide to fluoride sources? It’s at: http://www.celluliteinvestigation.com/fluoride-acne

That lists all the common sources of fluoride I know of. I wasn’t able to clear up my skin overnight, but it consistently improved. I put everything I know about it in the ebook. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help. Good luck! Let us know how it goes!

Andrea says:

I came across your blog while searching for fluoride allergy symptoms, because I have had them for a few years now.
I grew up in the country in WI, my parents had well water and a RO system for drinking. When I was 19 I moved to the city. After about a month I noticed my minimal acne (which had since been improving from my teenage years) suddenly became severe. I reacted the same as you, trying different skin treatments,but the acne became worse. I also had more trouble sleeping, partially from the pain, partially from insomnia. I changed my diet to help with acne, but that didn’t help much either.
After months of pain and acne that wasn’t normal (the cysts never went away like my acne had in the past) I was incredibly self conscious, avoided going out in public or hanging with friends. Not the typical life a 19-20 yr old wants.
During Christmas I returned to my parents house and that’s when I realized that water was the issue.
Showering in my current residence began to feel like an acid bath, while at my parent’s house I was fine, and my skin was improving.
After doing some searches online I figured it was fluoride. Since WI doesn’t have non-fluoridated counties, unless you own a well, I was pretty depressed about my predicament. Thanks to my dad I now have a reverse osmosis filter system that is rigged up to my shower and a drinking water tank so I can shower without pain and have safe drinking water.
My only issue now is washing hands in my apartment and when I’m in public areas. Every time I wash my hands the hair on my knuckles is singed and I sometimes still get rashes from that minimal exposure.

I have found that “100% Pure” products have worked great for my skin after all the issues it had. Before I used 100% Pure, I always used (and still do) goat’s milk soap.

Thank you for posting your own struggles with fluoroderma and ways you counteract its effects. I am looking at doing the fluoride detox you posted about. Do you have any other advice on the detox? Did you ever try the Tamarind detox?
Thank you again, its encouraging to find others in the 1% affected by fluoride.


Wow, I’m impressed you figured it out so quickly. Took me years to suspect fluoride!

I haven’t tried the Tamarind detox. I’ve read conflicting reports about it’s ability to displace fluoride. I can’t remember the source, but one article I read claimed Tamarind is actually high in fluoride so instead of detoxing it, it was just running more fluoride through your system. I never put that theory to the test, though. For me, other nutrients work well. Lately I’ve been consuming a lot of organic gelatin-rich bone broth with wakame, a sea vegetable high in iodine. I like this meal because I can easily control the amount of iodine I add to the broth, which controls how much of a detox reaction I get. As soon as I start breaking out along my neck, I go easy on the wakame. This way my face doesn’t break out at all anymore. It’s wonderful!

I still eat prunes on occasion, but the boron is more difficult for my body to process. I’m going to add them back in at some point, but right now I’ve been relying on the bone broth for my fluoride detox. It’s a slow process and I have no idea when it will be complete (if ever!), but I’m going to keep going!

As for hand washing, I use to try to avoid it at much as possible but now that my overall fluoride exposure is so low, it doesn’t seem to effect me. What about using waterless hand sanitizer for a while? Or you could take bottled water and use a big dash of that?

PS–how did your dad rig the RO filter to the shower? I get lots of questions about that.

Thanks, Andrea!!

Andrea says:

Thanks for the reply.
My skin reaction was so severe that once I had showered with pure water it became obvious to me that a chemical in the water was causing it. After some research I figured fluoride was to blame. Due to my self consciousness because of my skin I don’t have any up close-up pictures, but imagine a swollen red face with cystic acne all over, cheeks and chin/neck areas were the worst.
Since I work in the city and was going to school I had to continue to live downtown, and not in the country with my parents.
To make it possible to shower and drink pure water my dad and I and a plumber created a system within a closet next to the bathroom in my apartment. I bought a 50 gallon holding tank, 6 gallon electric water heater, under sink RO unit with 5 gallon holding tank and finally a pump (for water pressure). The water then from the holding tank is connected with plastic piping to the shower. The system has been working well for me for over a year now. I hope to get a more simple whole house RO unit when I am able to afford my own house. Until then this system is good enough for quick showers and providing drinking water at home, but not ideal for more than one person.

Amber says:

Until I found this site I never thought I’d get relief from my skin problems. I had already almost completely eliminated fluoride from my diet/products for other negative effects but the break-outs on my chin were so persistent and never really went away that, that’s how people remembered me. Then one day I ran out of my fluoride-free toothpaste & grabbed the regular stuff & within 24 hrs my chin was covered in hot, painful lumps. After some thought I decided to google fluoride acne and you popped up! It totally made sense. I cried. The next day I spent the $4.50 & got my ff toothpaste and loaded up on distilled water. I felt relif almost immediately, but I’m still healing. I still have break-outs when I get lazy. But to think, I could have went on like that. Suffering & embarrassed. No pictures of me with my daughters who, btw will never have to suffer like I did. So thank you!!!!!


Hi, Amber. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment. I’ve been on a hiatus from blogging for almost a year and just worked up the courage to check out what’s been going on in the comments section while I’ve been gone. It was so encouraging to read about your experience and know that all my ramblings here helped someone even while I was gone. Someday I hope everyone will know about the health hazards of fluoride, but for now I’m happy to at least be able to get the information to the people who are looking for it. 🙂

FF says:

Hi Melissa, I don’t know if you still check this site but I have pictures if you would like to see. My spots are most dramatic along my chin and not as much along my neck or other parts of my face, but your book saved my life.

I actually never had problems with fluoride until fairly recently.

Not sure anyone really believes me in my family (ugh I hate the spots), but your book was a lifesaver.


Yes, that would be wonderful! I’ve been having problems with my email, but you should be able to send the pics to me at research AT celluliteinvestigation.com. I am still plotting ways I can get this information to more people someday. If you don’t mind me asking, how did you come across the book? Thanks again for your comment. It makes me very happy to know the book helped you. 🙂

Chloe says:

I am 15 years old from Australia where I think most of our water contains fluriode. From about 9 years old I suffered with peeling finger tips. Now this is not just an occasional bit of skin coming off. All 10 of my fingers would be so dry it wouldn’t even look like skin, in winter they would crack and split causing them to bleed. It was horrible but I just assumed it was from the amount of tennis I played. Overtime as I played less and less tennis and realised they were peeling when I wouldn’t be playing my mum and I starting wondering what could be causing it. Up until last year when I went to live in France for 5 months my fingers continued to be horrible as well as my acne. Within a few days of being in France, I had absolutely normal skin on my fingers, I couldn’t believe it, they were soft normal fingers. I couldn’t remember the last time I had normal finger tips. Obviously this lead me to research the potential causes of this skin problem and what was different about France and Australia. To shorten the story I discovered hypersensitivity towards fluriode and now I believe this is the cause. I have many other symptoms including severe continuous acne especially around my mouth. I now drink bottled water which contains no fluriode which has helped my finger tips not cracking and bleeding as often but still occurs every month or so. I have been doing some late night research and have discovered your 74 page report which I read every page (which is extremely rare considering I never read). I am extremely excited to try cutting out juices and teas and a couple of other things you mentioned to see how it goes. Also want to try washing my face with the bottled water, only problem is it is quite expensive. Have you found anyways to wash your face without a lot of water? I know u mentioned the oil cleansing way but that still requires you to have hot water avaliable. Thank You so much for sharing this and hopefully it will help me. But I can’t wait until I am older and unfortunately leave Australia for this reason.


Hi, Chloe. Thanks for your comment and for sharing some of your story! Yes, you can definitely wash your face without a lot of water. A lot of times when I am staying at a hotel, I will rub some jojoba oil into my skin and then wipe it off with a damp wash cloth. Super simple! You could go even simpler and not wash your face at all. It’s called “the caveman method.” It’s not for everyone, though. 🙂 Some people really like that freshly washed face feeling. Another option is to spray a nice toner on a cotton pad and use that to wipe your face. I hope these ideas are helpful!

lot says:

Thnx so much for putting up this website! Just changing to a fluoride-free toothpaste already made a huge difference. I’ve been testing this for a few years now and the theory still holds up for me. Not all acne is gone but the deep cystic acne is. I also notice a difference in various countries. My skin was the best on an island from Indonesia where they just use salt water in showers and bottled water for drinking. Sometimes I borrow someones toothpaste with fluoride and it just takes a few days to develop the acne again. The longer I use it the worse it gets. So thanks for pointing this out! No doctor would have told me this.

Sidney says:

I’m really, really hoping this is the cause of my acne. Your pictures and description are so similar to my face is scary. I stumbled upon the whole fluoride thing while wondering if maybe my toothpaste could be adding to the problem, so I looked into and found your site. All today I’ve been reading about the dangers of fluoride. I even ordered a non-fluoride and sls free toothpaste and got myself some evian water (even though I love arrowhead, oh well). I’m 27 and been suffering with acne for probably 20 years. I was diagnosed with hypoplasia (soft teeth) when I was young and they prescribed me a special toothpaste to help it (high in fluoride). When I was younger though most of my acne was on my forhead like most teens but as I got older its migrated down my face consisting of painful cysts and white heads I just figured it was all because of my hormones because I do breakout more before my period. I’ve tried every otc product you can try and at the moment i’m washing my face with manuka homey which really does help the healing process but obviously my acne is from something internal and ive been trying to pinpont the reason for a long time. I’ve gone to a derm too but all they wanted to do was give me antibiotics and retin a cream 😑 Which i never used. To top it all off i’m a dental assistant! Lol trust me everyone at work is going to get an earfull about fluoride on Monday and unfortunately my boss isn’t going to care at all about the effects of fluoride its all about the money for him, we charge $45 for topical fluoride varnish and $85 for us to irrigate chlorhexidine mouthwash onto your gums when a whole bottle is only about 20 bucks ( you guys are also getting a little dental money lesson from me too 😉). All in all i’m super excited to start my fluoride free journey and thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge about it. I will post an update when any changes occur and hopefully they do. Thank you again and thank you to everyone else for sharing too

Sidney says:

Sorry about the misspellings, got too excited and typed too fast

Mary says:

Hi Melissa,
Reading about this has made me hopeful about my chronic acne that has caused me incredible suffering for the past 6 years. I have so many symptoms of fluoride toxicity so I really think this cure could finally be for me.
After scouring your resources and making many notes, I have altered my diet to avoid fluoride.
My questions: is conventional, pasteurized milk a large source of fluoride? Or what about cheese and yogurt? Store bought skim milk has become my largest source of protein as of late. What about coffee… Does it need to be organic beans? I also drink a lot of orange juice and found a local brand that is organic and but partly concentrated, but the manufacturer says the filtered water they use is free of fluoride. Would this be ok in regards to pesticides?
Also, have you done an update recently anywhere on your blog? How is your skin now? What have you learned from the past few years since your skin was clear? Do you still take iodine/other halogens?
Thank you!


Hi, Mary. Thanks for your questions! The basic answers are: skim milk is bad, organic beans are good, coffee only contains fluoride if it’s made with fluoridated water, the orange juice you described sounds okay, I haven’t updated the blog recently but I’m busy working on a book to answer all your questions in more detail! It’s available for pre-order on Amazon at http://amzn.to/2idiiNk. My skin has been perfectly clear for the last few years, since I figured out how to avoid fluoride. I am still taking iodine and feel healthier than ever!

Mary says:

Thanks for your responses Melissa. I’ll definitely be buying your book…. I’ve been scouring the internet for your other book and could not find it anywhere – I was so sad! But I had also stumbled upon Elizabeth with Living The Nourished Life and she had said you’re working on getting a book available again.
After reading Elizabeth’s experiences, I ordered Lugol’s iodine drops and have been taking one drop five days per week for the past couple of weeks. I also read your free e-book though and it seems this amount was way more than what you started with? I’m eager to get the fluoride out but am not sure how to pace myself since I know you recommend finding what works for me with regards to avoiding fluoride before adding any iodine at all. Do you suggest I stop the iodine for now?
I’m also still struggling with the milk thing, especially since you think skim milk is a problem. Here’s my basic recent health summary: I was diagnosed hypothyroid December 2016. I found Dr. Ray Peat’s work online and altered diet and lifestyle. One of the major ways was using milk as my main protein source and trying to get at least 100g protein per day. I have always loved milk and was using a local high quality source of whole fat jersey cow milk at the time. I quickly gained a ton of weight while following the “Peat diet” so I switched to skim milk so I could still easily get my protein in. I slimmed down over the summer using lots of low fat dairy so once I read yours and Elizabeth’s blogs this fall I decided to buy a couple of gallons of my local full fat milk again. I just don’t feel as good on drinking a half gallon or more of full fat milk per day…i feel like I’m already gaining weight. So I just don’t know what to do about milk/protein if you think skim milk from the store is an issue.
And just in general I’m a little unsure where to go from here. I feel like I’m so close. The symptoms of fluoroderma are so spot on for me that I know this has to be the cause of my cystic acne. I feel like I’ve seen slight improvements (my chin/mouth area usually has several large cysts at all times. Right now I have only one large painful one and a few smaller bumps. But I’m just waiting for the day when I wake up and they’re all healing AND I’m not getting any new ones! I feel like I’m really avoiding fluoride in most areas, the only weak spots that I can think of may be the skim milk and the iodine supplement. I’ve slipped up a couple of times and had a few bites of salad or something from a restaurant before I catch myself and remember I can’t do non organic produce.
Do you have any guidance to offer? I was so ecstatic when I began this several weeks ago and now I’m just feeling a little hesitant/hopeless/fearful since I haven’t had instant gratification. I am determined to stick to it but am just unsure whether I’m doing the right things to get me there.


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