More Reviews of Cupping Massage as a Cellulite Treatment

Last week I posted about my initial experience with cupping massage on my legs.  I’m still amazed at how well this technique can isolate tender areas and work to breakdown lymphatic congestion.

Several of my fellow cellulite investigators are testing the efficacy of this procedure along with me.  As you can see from their comments below, I’m not the only one who thinks cupping has potential as a cellulite cure.

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Christine’s Review of Cupping Massage for Cellulite

Christine writes:

I bought one Chinese cupping vacuum glass cup with a kind of vacuum ‘bulb’ on the top. I’ve used it about 5 times now and really think that this is working. I’ve tried LOTS of other things – you name it I’ve tried it. Was thinking of doing Endermologie but I think the cupping is doing the job anyway. I can highly recommend trying this as it’s cheap, effective and you can do this yourself at home.

I can’t believe how well it’s working. The added bonus is that my skin also seems to be more toned – really weird but my skin is smoother and more toned and the deep crevices of cellulite that I had are starting to be less ‘crater like’. I’ve not seen anything work so well before and I’ve tried lots in the past. I’ve tried massage, G5 massage, no needle mesotherapy, and the CACI toning and lymphatic draining – spent quite a lot over the years and none of it made any difference. I’m so glad that I joined your web site and read about the cupping massage 🙂

Teresea’s Review of Cupping Massage on the Lower Legs

Teresea writes:

My cupping for cellulite has been a bit sidetracked for the moment due to the fact that I am using the cups to work on my calves. Our calves, for some reason, can be a huge storage facility for our emotions. And when they are, our calves become very tender. In time, masses form. I used to think they were muscular in nature, but now I’m convinced that the lymph system plays a major (if not a complete) role in these “masses”. I’ve been using the cups to break down these masses and they are working. These masses, by the way, are very tender as well and no amount of massaging would remove them – massage would only temporarily ease the discomfort. With the breakdown, the tenderness is dimishing. So, huge gains in this department. I have also started using the cups on my upper arms as well for the same reason. They are freeing up deeply and long-standing restrictions, that’s for sure! I use a lot of suction power and just let the cups sit there.

Anige‘s Experience with Cupping to Treat a Cyst on Her Face


I recently learned about cupping and I’ve have had a cyst on my face for a long time. I’ve tried so many different creams, lotions, sulfur, and spent so much money on trying to get this thing to go away. Since it is actually on top of the skin and flesh colored I thought I’d try cupping it. I got a dobber bottle that used to have antibiotic in it that was easy to squeeze and right diameter and started using it. It’s actually working to reduce the size of it. I’m even more amazed at the fact it doesn’t leave a huge hicky on my face. This has caused me to become a firm believer in the technique.

Have you ever tried cupping massage?  Please share your thoughts on the experience in the comments below.  And don’t forget to enter our giveaway to win a free set of Bellabaci cups!

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Stephanie says:

Wow this looks awesome!


It certainly has potential!

Sessie says:

I’m using them. I am working on something that I have had for a long time with the cups on my shoulder blade area. I leave the cups there for 5-10 min. at a time. Of course, it leaves some bruising but that’s not a bad thing.
I have been using them on my thighs and calves, massaging in all directions for 5-10 minutes at a time. I have used oil & soapy water, both work well.
I have also used them on my upper arms quite a bit and left them on really ‘stuck’ areas and got a little kiss from that but nothing bad.
I have also worked the stomach area and butt! 🙂 Lets see…..beautiful smoother skin in my future? I’ll report as I go along. I really want other people to comment as well. Also, has anyone used these to help remove lipomas?


Thanks for the report, Sessie! It will be fun to compare notes as we go along. I wasn’t able to use the body cups much over the holidays so I’m excited to be back to my normal routine now. I didn’t think to use them with soapy water. I’m surprised that worked. That might be a good way to get in a quick 5 minute session on busy days. Thanks for the tip!

Ofelia says:

I purchase some cups not glass or clear,after I used them , I have a lot of bruses o my legs is this normal?


Hi, ofelia. You definitely don’t want bruising. Even when I “park” the cups for few minutes it’s still not a strong enough suction to cause bruising. You’d be better off using a very light suction (the lighter the better) or you could invest in a set of clear silicone cups.

sessie says:

What do you mean “not glass or clear”. Were they silicone?

I didn’t get bruises when I used them unless I “parked” them in one spot for a while.
When I did that I almost always got a bruise. It’s the cup bringing the old blood and waste up to the surface to be removed.

Be careful to start off slow. Also, I avoid using the cups during my monthly cycle.

Dorothy says:

I had a severe case of whiplash from a bad accident. I spent a month @ a chiropractor which did nothing for my pain or rang of motion. At night I could barely hold my head up anymore. I tried shiatzu massage, electroaccupuncture & only got temporary results, lasting a day or so. I was desperate for pain relief, as even vicodin wasnt curbing the pain. I bought a set of cups & had my boyfriend “park” them on my tapezius & scalenes around my neck for 20min which produced the darkest purple circles, but the the relief was instantaneous & its been 3 days now! I can move my head around & had the first full night’s sleep in a month! I am amazed & want to try sucking all my friends pains out now, but they are all freaked out by the “bruises” on my neck & too scared. They dont hurt at all! You can poke them & rub them & I dont feel a thing, my neck & shoulders are so squishy & relaxed now, & I am pain free! I even tested them on my leg nerve pains, which were not as paiinful, but still annoying & it relieved those as well, but only left a light circle mark for a day. I tried the cups on random “no pain” spots & got no marks at all, so I know these things are sucking bad stuff out & not just bruising me!!!


That’s an amazing story, Dorothy. Thanks for sharing! Yes, it definitely seems significant that the marks are in direct relation to the areas you were experiencing pain. Your story sounds a lot like Keren Trabelsi’s, the creator of the Bellabaci cup. (You can listen to our interview with here here: Interview with Keren Trabelsi of Bellabaci Cupping Therapy). Her interest in cupping began when she had a horrible back pain and nothing relieved it until she met a woman from Russia who said she could clear it up in one session. And she did!

Mimi says:

From where can I buy those cups

Dorothy says:

This week, I did one session on my face, and my sinuses are clear, my headaches are gone, I dont clasp my jaw as tight when I sleep, and this is amazing: the little bumpy areas on my chin vanished into completely smoothe skin. Even more amazing was the cyst I had on my arm, this was gross, but as an experiment, I “parked” a cup there & within 10min clear fluid started coming out! My cyst is gone now. I’d like to find someone locally here to try wet cupping on my arms to drain me bc when I cupped my upper arms, which always hurt, they were completely dark purple all over, so something is going on there. I cant wait to do my inner thighs & see what happens 🙂

Angie Fernandes says:

Please advise where I could purchase the face and body Bellabaci cups along with the Cellutherapy 3 Essential Homeopathic Oils.

HJ says:

Bellabaci cups can be purchased on Amazon. Not sure about the homeopathic oils. Google it and then click the shopping tab. 🙂

Angie says:

Thanks HJ.

Iriana says:

You can buy them at
I purchased Clear Baguanfa Cups set and me and my boyfriend use them a few times a week to massage neck and back. It does amazing job!

mukta says:

where can these silicone vacuum cups awailable in india

Howard Hodge says:

I’m a seventy year old male who is VERY active, but with tenderness in the lower legs that massaging and yoga only goes so far. The lymph comment above got me curious and well, if it could smooth out my legs at the same time then great.


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