Salt Loading to Help Detox Fluoride

In my last fluoride detox update, I mentioned that a recent visit to Fluorideville had caused a fluoroderma flareup along my jawline.  I also was experiencing persistent water retention, which I’ve experienced throughout the fluoride detox process whether I use iodine or boron to displace fluoride from my body.

I stopped drinking bone broth and taking my mineral supplement a few days before the trip in an effort to relieve the bloating.  It didn’t go away.

That same week, after being inspired by the healing power of common herbs as described in Healing Wise by Susun Weed, I bought a bunch of fresh cilantro and added it to my salad for lunch.  Some people believe cilantro can displace fluoride from the body, too, though I didn’t expect the reaction to be anywhere close to what I experienced with iodine and boron.

The bloating continued throughout the week even though I wasn’t consuming stock or extra boron.  I wondered if perhaps cilantro is more effective at detoxing fluoride than I thought.  Later, I realized there could be another reason the water retention did not go away.

My Initial Experience with Salt Loading

Several people have recommended that I try salt loading to help my body process the released fluoride.  For salt loading, you dissolve 1/4 teaspoon sea salt in 1/2 cup warm water.  After drinking the salt water, you drink a tall glass of plain water.  If you don’t start “copious urination” within 30-45 minutes, you are supposed to repeat the process.  The minerals in the sea salt are supposed to bind with the fluoride (or bromine) while the water helps flush them from your system.

Dr. Brownstein recommends salt loading for people who experience negative side effects of iodine supplementation (approximately 5% of his patients).   I tried it once last year when I was using iodine for my fluoride detox.  I didn’t like it at all.  It did not cause “copious urination” so I drank a second portion of the salt water.  But instead of flushing any fluoride out through my kidneys, I ended up with the rather unpleasant condition my dog gets after an afternoon at the beach.  I decided salt loading wasn’t for me.  It didn’t feel natural.

A Second Attempt at Salt Loading

As I continued to experience various detox symptoms from boron, so many people recommended salt loading that I decided to give it another try.  I used the salt loading technique for a few days before my trip.  This was the same time I was eating cilantro in my lunch salads.  At this point, it’s impossible for me to know which one (if either) was contributing to the bloating.

That is one reason why nutrition experiments are so tricky.  You can never do “just one thing.”  There are always so many different factors that could be affecting an outcome.

If the cilantro was the culprit, the bloating should have dissipated within a few days. It didn’t. That leads me to believe the salt loading might have been to blame.

I’ll write more about this mystery in my next detox update…

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D says:

Just reading about the salt loading reminds me of the ‘Master Cleanse’. When you do the Master Cleanse you have to drink a salt water solution in the morning. I wonder if that is recommended just because it acts as a laxative or because it helps detoxify fluoride out of your body.

D says:

Back again with more comments that are not really related to the post you made. I hope that’s okay! Dr. Mercola just posted a video & article about fluoride and your bones. There was also information about how 41% of teens now have ‘dental fluorosis’. I looked it up and saw a picture of teeth of a person with dental fluorosis and it’s exactly the white spots/streaks that are on my front two teeth. They didn’t really know what it was so they told me it was too much calcium. I think it might be df on my teeth. I looked up Fluoridation and it looks like in the US, they were fluoridating the water here in the 70’s when my teeth were developing (while in many parts of the world they stopped adding fluoride). I guess that’s the time when the teeth get the spots (between 1-4 years old. I thought you would find this interesting. I’m fascinated! I might finally know what’s going on with my teeth & it might also be the cause of other problems I”m having (joint & cellulite). Thanks for reading!


I don’t mind at all, D! I’d like to eventually add a forum to the site where people can post their own discussion topics. Someday I will get to that!

I have dental fluorosis, too. The docs didn’t know what it was when I was little, but now most dentists can recognize it pretty easily. Yes, I do think there is a connection between dental fluorosis, joint problems, and cellulite. Dental fluorosis is so common now which is why the U.S. just lowered the recommended level of fluoride in the water to .7ppm. Authorities don’t seem to realize that a large portion of the fluoride we consume is coming from the food supply.

Sick of F says:

If only they would actually follow the recommendations, I recently tested the water in our local city (NE Ohio) and it was 1.6 ppm or mg/l.

Paula says:

Do you remember what kind of salt you used both times? Was it normal processed table salt? Some websites say that processed salt will not work at all. It has to be unprocessed salt – one of the natural sea salt brands. Wondering because I’m thinking about trying it.


I used Celtic sea salt.


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