Facercise and No Lipo Lipo by Carole Maggio

This past weekend, two of my fellow cellulite investigators happened to both ask about a treatment called No Lipo Lipo.  It was developed by Carole Maggio, author of the popular Facercise program.

No Lipo Lipo uses a series of specific massage strokes to break up cellulite and release fluid retention.  Danae tells us she just bought the dvd and will keep us posted on her results.  She’s been using her own version of this type of knuckle massage and it worked enough to convince her to learn the full No Lipo Lipo method (read her original comment here).

No Lipo Lipo Video Testimonials

Below is a video about No Lipo Lipo from a local reporter in Redondo Beach, California.  The testimonials seem to be from real women and they’re impressive.

Facial Exercises by Carole Maggio, Cynthia Rowland

Carole is most famous for her Facercise method.  She believes the muscles in the face can be exercised and sculpted just like any other muscle group, resulting in a more youthful appearance.  She’s been recognized as a foremost authority on facial exercises since she first published her book, Facercise, in 1995.  The book is popular on Amazon with over 200 reviews.  Most of them are overwhelmingly positive.

I have Carole’s book on hold at my local library and I’m excited to try it.  One of the limiting factors right now in my bone broth experiment is that my skin breaks out when I go too fast with the fluoride detox.  Hopefully Facercise will help my body process all the fluoride that is being released into my system.

I also reserved another book called The Magic of Facial Exercises: All About Natural Beauty by Cynthia Rowland.  Below is a clip of the author explaining the technique on The Doctors.

This technique sounds similar to Facercise and I thought it would be good to compare the two. However, I’m not expecting much from this second book. It received the worst reviews of any product I’ve ever seen on Amazon –over 100 reviews, almost ALL one star. Ouch!  But it’s the only other book about facial exercises available in my library system, and it’s free so why not.

Do you have any experience with massage or facial exercise programs like these?   Based on the information we’ve uncovered so far here at CI, do you think they have potential?

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Sessie says:

Hi Melissa,
I have tried face exercises on and off and find that they really make a difference. I have looked at different books but I find books harder to follow. My favorite way to learn the face exercises is to go to youtube and just type in ‘face exercises’. I have followed many of the different videos and learned their techniques. Here are a few
Face yoga, Jack Lalanne, Happy Face yoga, Face works…
For me the face exercises make a noticeable difference right away…and even more of a difference after a few days. It’s really hard for me to be consistent though. Thank you for the reminder. One thing that helped me stay consistent was when I had a make up mirror right by my computer. That would inspire me to watch the videos and do the exercises more often (taking a break from surfing online).


Great tip, Sessie! I’m going to put a little hand mirror by my computer right now. After I read the books, I’ll try to track down several videos and put them all in a post. Please let me know if you recommend any specific ones. Thanks!

Julie Bagamary says:

Worth a try. Thanks.


It’s certainly cheaper than plastic surgery. I’m really curious to check this one out…


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