My Weekend Respite from Fluoride Detox

I began 2011 determined to figure out how to detox fluoride from my body in the hopes that it would lead me to full cellulite recovery.  The detox process started slow the first couple months and then quickly accelerated when I added a key supplement to my strategy.

In spite of all my efforts over the last 5 months, I have not yet seen any improvement with my cellulite.  I was hoping the detox process would take weeks rather than months, but that does not seem to be the case.

Signs My Body Is Still Storing Fluoride

Last week I wrote about how my skin broke out when I used lesser-quality bones to make beef stock (a lot of animal bones contain fluoride if they aren’t raised to organic standards).  My skin broke out right away with those same familiar welts that plagued my face for years.  It seems all this detox has not made my skin less sensitive to fluoride, as I was hoping it would.  I stopped drinking the stock and the acne quickly went away.

A few days later, I had another fluoroderma outbreak from a jar of fish eggs I picked up at Whole Foods.  Fish eggs are another nutrient-dense food so I try to eat them on a regular basis.  I buy either wild salmon or tobiko from Caviar Russe. Usually it takes me a few days to eat the whole jar, but this time I finished it off within 24 hours.  The iodine in the fish eggs caused my skin to break out… again.  It wasn’t the painful welts I usually get after ingesting fluoride, but small pimples all over my forehead.

I also felt “down” for a day after eating all those fish eggs.  I noticed that reaction before, too, and I think it’s another side effect of the iodine displacing fluoride from my body.

What To Do When Your Lymph Needs Some Love

This weekend, I tried to give my body a chance to recover.  I slept in, drank a lot of fluids, and did my whole “lymph love” routine.

The latter starts with a short bouncing session on my trampoline.  Rebounding is a good way to improve lymphatic circulation.  Once the lymph was flowing along, I gave my back a good massage with my Rumble Roller and Thera Cane.  The main lymphatic ducts are just between the shoulder blades; I’ve had a “knot” in this exact spot for years.  After the self massage, I steamed my face to help it recover from the trauma of the previous week.  (I haven’t had a need to steam my face in months!)

Next, comes my favorite part.  After a quick dry brushing, I rubbed my skin with oil and then soaked in a hot tub.  I added epsom salts and some essential oils to the water and let my skin soften before scraping it off with my handy strigil-like scraper.  Finally, I rinsed with cold water and rubbed some of my homemade coconut coffee cellulite cream on my legs.

The whole routine takes a couple hours so I don’t get the chance to do it as often as I would like, but I really needed something to help set me back on the path to healing.

How do you “reset” when your body feels beat down and tired?

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Elizabeth Walling says:

Wow, that’s an impressive routine. When I find the time I usually do something like a facial steam, then facial mask, then dry brushing, then bath with Epsom salts (or vinegar or baking soda depending on what I have on hand). I like the idea of adding rebounding at the start of it. I hadn’t thought to do that! I’ll have to try this routine out next time I have a couple hours to myself!

herama says:

Huh. Good question. Not good at this. I tend towards anxiety and so use exercise to deal with it. Then when I’m totally wiped I use food for comfort, and it’s often not the healthiest food! But when I’ve been eating really poorly and feel bad about it, I tend to make a pot of cabbage soup and eat that with some really hearty whole grain bread for a couple days (with other stuff, of course). I’ve been told I need to learn to be nicer to myself and find ways to relax besides exercise. I think that might be an important thing for me to work on.


Then I highly recommend this whole “lymph love” routine. It makes me feel like a new woman! I was incredibly sore the next day just from the few minutes of self-massage. Goes to show how much tension I was storing in my back.

Jesus says:

I’m surprised to see this person has not learned to go vegan yet. The beef, the bones, the eggs = break out. Obviously… they suffered and the adrenaline and fear is in their blood. Any hormones or drugs they were given are in the blood. You consume all that, of course it will have a negative effect. That and it puts your body in an acidic state which is not good. The estrogen in the meat or dairy will also reek havoc on your skin.


Hi, Jesus. This post was written a while back. The breakouts were from fluoride, a condition called fluoroderma. They have completely healed now that I know how to avoid fluoride in my diet. I wrote about my experience in a free e-book to help other people suffering from this condition. You can read everything you ever wanted to know about fluoroderma here. I even posted before and after pics.

As for the bone broth, I’ve since discovered that I don’t experience any detox symptoms if I drink that has a lot of collagen in it. You can tell if a broth is rich in collagen because when it cools, it takes on a gel consistency instead of a liquid. The collagen aids with digestion and must somehow prevent any detox reactions on my skin, too. As you pointed out, it’s important to only use the highest quality organic, pasture-raised meat and dairy products you can find. Chances are, they won’t be found in a grocery store. You’re going to need to find a farmer!


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