My Efforts to Detox Fluoride with Boron

I started taking Dr. Ron’s mineral supplement about a month ago.  As I explained last week, it is made from the bones of grass-fed New Zealand cattle, so it is a logical complement to my beef stock experiment.

The supplement also contains boron, which I am investigating as a possible means to detoxify fluoride from the body.

Charles Hakala, a co-author with Dr. Guy Abraham of several papers for The Iodine Project, told me he believes boron might be better than iodine at displacing fluoride from the body.

Round One with Dr. Ron’s Calcium-Magnesium Supplement

Not knowing what to expect from a possible fluoride detox, I started slow.  Dr. Ron recommends six pills a day for a complete mineral supplement.  I started by taking one or two, twice a day.

I was careful to observe any reaction from the supplement, especially those first few days.  Because of my experience last year with iodine supplements, I had an idea which symptoms to look out for.

It only took a few days for my body to develop the same symptoms I had experienced from the iodine supplement.  After taking Dr. Ron’s mineral supplement for less than a week, I started to experience persistent fluid retention around my upper abdomen.  I also developed a breakout on my chin which had been blemish-free for a long time.

I decided to take a break from the pills because I was traveling for an important meeting and wanted to look my best.  The hiatus would give my body a chance to flush out any fluoride, if that is indeed what was going on.

Round 2:  The Floodgates Open

After the trip, I started taking the mineral supplement again.  I continued to limit my dosage to one or two pills twice a day.  I was attending a fiftieth wedding anniversary party that weekend and again, I wanted to look my best and avoid any possible fluoroderma reaction.

The bloating resumed a few days after I started taking the pills again, but my face remained clear so I didn’t worry about it.  The day of the party, I decided to increase the amount of pills I was taking so I would be closer to Dr. Ron’s recommended amount of six per day.

That morning, I took three pills instead of two.  When I ate lunch that afternoon, my stomach inflated like a balloon.  It was the closest I’ve ever felt to being pregnant!  Of course my first thought was, “am I going to fit into my dress?”  Luckily, it had a high waist so I was okay.

On our way to the party that evening, I started to feel some cramping.  At dinner, the nausea began.  I politely picked at my food and tried to keep the appearance that I felt fine.  I crashed on the way home and went straight to bed.

The next morning, I woke up early.  My digestive system was in torment.  I was constantly running to the bathroom.  The last time I felt that bad was when I ate oysters in August (not a good month for oysters).  I knew something was really wrong when I had to run out of the house to get away from the smell of bacon.

I was nauseous and weak the entire day.  Every time I stood up, it took a few seconds for the dizziness to fade.  My first thought was that I had food poisoning, but I could not identify anything that could have made me sick.  No one else was sick.  What was wrong with me?

Acute Fluoride Poisoning or Something Else?

When I still could not eat anything by that evening, I began to suspect this was not an ordinary bug.  That’s when I remembered that I increased the dosage of my mineral supplement. Could that have been the cause of this onslaught of sickness?

I had all the classic symptoms of acute fluoride poisoning: abdominal cramping, nausea, diarrhea, weakness, and dizziness.  When water authorities accidentally add too much fluoride to the water, these are the first symptoms people report.

The symptoms lasted approximately 24 hours, although I was not able to eat anything until the evening of day two.  I was fully recovered by day three.  Part of me wondered if I had experienced acute fluoride poisoning from a significant amount of fluoride that had been displaced by the mineral supplement.  After all, that was why I was taking the supplement in the first place.

Round 3: Let the Fluoride Detox Continue

The only way I could find out was by trying it again.  The thought of returning to such a sickened state did not appeal to me, but I had to know if the minerals could have caused such a potent reaction.  I decided to take the supplement again, starting out with one or two pills a day like I did before, and then adding a third on the weekend so I wouldn’t be sick for work.

I took two pills on Wednesday evening.  By the morning, I was sick as a dog (a heavily fluoridated dog).  It was all the same symptoms: nausea, diarrhea, weakness, etc.   I had made popcorn in coconut oil the night before and I could barely stand in my kitchen because of the lingering smell.  I opened all the windows and sprayed the house down with rose water.  Anything to get rid of the smell of food.

This time, the symptoms lasted less than a day.  By the evening, I was able to eat a small meal.  I returned to work the following morning.

Goodbye Cellulite? Maybe? Please?!

By this point, I was mostly convinced something in that mineral supplement was triggering this reaction.  If the boron was releasing fluoride as I hoped it would, then this would be the breakthrough I’ve been hoping for.

To test the theory one last time, I resumed taking the supplement this weekend.  I started with two pills Friday night, then three Saturday morning.  The fluid retention continued but I did not hit “basketball” status, so I took two more Saturday night.  That did it.  Before I went to bed last night, I felt the same extreme bloating I had felt last weekend prior to the onset of symptoms.  I braced myself for the nausea that would follow.

But instead of waking up with my insides in knots, I awoke with a splitting headache.  I usually go to my computer first thing in the morning (yes, to read your comments and emails), but this morning I could not stand the light from the monitor.   The headache went away after I drank a large glass of lemon water with sea salt.  I was surprised how quickly it dissipated, considering how loud it had felt when I first woke up.

So that is the story I’ve been waiting to tell you all week.  What do you think?  Is it possible I could have experienced acute fluoride poisoning, or do you think something else caused the upset?

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Elizabeth Walling says:

Wow, this is such an interesting experience! I look forward to hearing what happens as you continue with the supplement.


So am I, Elizabeth!

.ambre. @ livingasoftheday says:

What a crazy experience! Wow, i really hope this is a great health breakthrough for you for sure!

NLS says:

I’m very interested in what conclusion you come to – will you continue to take these pills now that the effects seem to be subsiding?

Also, I’ve been wanting to try Dr. Ron’s shampoos and conditioners – have you tried them by any chance?


.ambre.: Thanks for the support! I’m hoping so, too.

NLS: Yes, I’ve been taking the pills twice a day since Friday evening. I still have the occasional headache, some bloating, and my back has been sore, but other than that I feel pretty good. I will be sure to let you know how it goes in the cellulite department in a few weeks.

I’ve been no-poo for awhile now, but I would have been tempted to try Dr. Ron’s shampoos and conditioners back when I used shampoo. If you do give them a try, please let us know what you think!

Jo at Jo’s Health Corner says:

Cleansing can make you feel really bad and you will experienced many of the same symptoms as the poisoning. I’ve seen some strong cleansing reactions when people have detoxed from heavy metals or candida.
I’ve had people that experienced the same symptoms as when they were sick 20 years earlier once they started detoxing. Old symptoms reminding them about previous diseases that had been suppressed with regular medications were experienced again.

If the cleansing process is to violent I tell them to reduce the amount and slowly getting the body used to it..


Wise advice, Jo! Now that I am pretty sure it is a detox reaction, that is exactly what I am doing. I had read about these kinds of things before but I never experienced it for myself. The body really is such an amazing creation!

Dave says:

I believe your reactions only show how important it is for you to ditch that fluorine from your systems. Hopefully you can find a level of detox that is not too uncomfortable. I would expect the symptoms to reduce fairly quickly, as the “low hanging” fluorine and aluminum is flushed.

Lois-Tenderherb says:

Interesting. I’m stopping by from Monday Mania. I am on my own journey to health from chronic Lyme Disease. And I have the ‘die-off’ symptoms too. And a chiro sure helps LOTS with the back aches. Seems there are pockets of bad stuff in the body and keeping everything in line keeps everything flowing and helps the body get rid of it. It sure has helped me, athough I don’t know much about the flouride toxins and how much that would be like Lyme, in the case of the body retaining the toxins in pockets. Blessings to you in your journey!!


Lyme disease is a difficult one. One of my family members suspects he has Lymes and he’s had difficulty trying to get a diagnosis. I can see why a chiropractor would help in these cases. I am hoping my detox symptoms will continue to subside quickly. I always have the option of skipping a day or two of the supplement and then I feel much better. Thanks for stopping by. Blessings to you too, Lois!

Daisy says:

Have you considered taking a bentonite clay supplement (or something similar) to bind up the flouride (for proper disposal) as you’re detoxing it? Because the clay could also absorb your mineral supplement, you would have to time it properly, but it might at least reduce your symptoms a great deal. I’ve used Dr. Foster’s Colon Detox caps before, and my husband has used Dr. Schulze’s similar formula to clear up a skin condition. It’s just a thought, but it might drastically reduce any acne, and make other symptoms more manageable, as well. (

Or what about schizandra? From what I understand, it can be very helpful for people who have a weak “phase II” detoxication process. From Ron Teeguarden’s Dragon Herbs website:

“Phase I and Phase II of detoxification
Schizandra has been shown to strengthen and protect the liver. It does this by detoxifying and rejuvenating this critical organ. There are two critical stages to the process of liver detoxification, known as Phase I and Phase II. In Phase I, a detoxifying agent goes into the liver and binds with toxins, releasing them from the liver and taking them into the bloodstream. Almost always, this newly bound toxic bundle is more toxic than the original toxin. This increased toxicity is known as bioactivation. It is obvious that this process can be dangerous. It’s similar to the removal of asbestos from an old house. It needs to be safely removed from the walls and from the building without exposing anyone to it again. Re-exposure to old toxins in their new bioactivated form can make you sick – and much of this material will end up back in the liver again, or stored in other tissues.

During phase II of detoxification, the bioactivated toxins, which may be highly active, are safely cleared out of the body. This, of course, is the part we all want to happen in quick and efficient order. If the phase II process is weak, faulty or absent, all we’ve done is re-poison ourselves.

Many substances can go into the liver and release old toxins into the bloodstream, but that is all they do, and as a result the person goes through an increased toxic period. The so-called cleansing crisis experienced by many people who go through various types of cleanses, is largely the result of bioactivated toxins wreaking havoc in the body. It is therefore very important that agents which boost phase I activity also have significant effects on enhancing the phase II clearance of the reactive intermediate.

Schizandra appears to be very effective in boosting both Phase I detoxification and Phase II clearance of activated toxins.”

Hope you find some answers soon — you’re incredibly persistent!


Thanks for all of this info, Daisy! There is still so much for me to learn. I’ve never heard of Schizandra. Herbal remedies is one of those areas I definitely want to investigate more in the future. I think it is intimidating because there are so many different herbs and also it is hard to know what form to take them in and how much. I’ve only dabbled lightly in herbs so far.

Fortunately, I feel like I have a lot of control over these detox symptoms. Once I was confident the minerals were causing the symptoms, I simply scaled back on the amount I was taking. I still get the occasional aches and pains, but I always have the option of skipping a day and all the symptoms clear right up. I try to keep a good pace with the detox because I am dying to know if it will have an effect on my cellulite!

Kathy says:

OK, two posts on the same website on the same day. I have been supplementing for over a month with iodoral gradually increased to 75 mg and 9 mg of boron a day for a week.
Here is the weird part. I noticed late yesterday afternoon. ( I take vites in the am) that my pee was green and had a funny smell. No I didn’t eat anything especially out of the ordinary, no chlorella, no asparagus. I was wondering if this was fluorine, since it is green in the gaseous state? Also, the first night of supplementing I was almost crying with leg pain, like deep in my bone leg pain. It wasn’t until the next day that I was reading fluorine can be in the bones. dduuggh
Wondering if anyone has noticed anything similar.


Yes, I definitely noticed the bone pain, too. You described the exact same thing I felt when I started my fluoride detox. It is amazing that you can literally feel the fluoride leaving the bone. I haven’t felt it as much since I toned down the detox.

From what I’ve read in forums, other people have experienced green urine while taking iodine supplements. I don’t know if it is from fluoride that is released in the urine (makes sense), or something to do with how the iodine/fluoride affects bile (another cause of green liver). Or, perhaps iodine affects B vitamins somehow. An excess of B vitamins is known to cause green urine. This is an interesting mystery. If anyone knows the answer, please comment below!

Amy says:

Hi Melissa,

I’m on a journey to get rid of my cellulite and I had a very similar experiance you had here.

I have to preface this with I brushed my teeth with a floride gel while having braces for a long time. Ugh!

Anyway, a couple days before I started having symptoms I started taking a prenatal vitamin because I’m nursing and a organ delight type supplement. We also started putting minerals in our reverse osmosis water. About 5 days later I started getting a crampy stomach and the following day I was out with bad nausea and stomach cramps and horrible diarrhea and when I stood up I got a headache and dizzy. This lasted for 3 days and the diarrhea lasted 3 to 4 more days. I now have a constant bloated looking stomach. I almost thought I was pregnant again. I thought this was a weird experiance, but I just figured I got some stomach thing that none of my family got. Now I’m thinking it was a floride detox. This kinda worries me since I’m currently nursing my 13 month old. I still don’t understand why I am always bloated.

Where are you at now with the floride detox? Have you had anymore experiances?


Wow, Amy, that sounds exactly like that I experienced. Does your mineral supplement contain boron? Boron is incredibly effective at releasing fluoride from the body. I am still working on the fluoride detox. I had to put the mineral supplement and bone broth on hold because the bloating was so bad. I am now wondering if it caused a magnesium deficiency. Beside the bloating, circulation in my lower legs is noticeably decreased (a problem I’ve never had before). I even woke up in the middle of the night with a charley horse for the first time. I recently bought a magnesium supplement and plan on adding it slowly in the next few days.

As you can see, I still have a lot to figure out with the fluoride detox. I know it has something to do with my mineral balance but I haven’t been able to figure out how to get it back on track. Have you made any progress since you left this comment? Sorry it took me awhile to respond. I just returned from vacation last night.

Tom says:

The skeletal bones of grass-fed New Zealand cattle, like grazing animals the world over, are massive sinks for fluorine complexes — chiefly, aluminofluoride complexes. It is inconsequential that Dr. Ron’s cattle roam over pristine New Zealand grasslands, or do not drink fluoridated water, as hydrogen fluoride complexed with aluminum and barium salts are precipitated out of the atmosphere, only to settle as super-fine particulates on the grass on which the cattle munch. Over time, ingested fluorine complexes concentrate in the bones, and subsequently bone-meal, of Dr. Ron’s holy cows. If you experienced symptoms consistent with acute fluoride poisoning, that’s because you were indeed poisoning yourself, one, two or three capsules at a time; bone meal contains as much as 1000 ppm fluoride.

Boron was a good idea, but not in combination with bone meal; it is counter-intuitive. It’s like scheduling a traffic accident…

Simply Google: “Bone Meal Fluoride PPM”

We, none of us, are able to dodge the increasing concentration of fluorine complexes in the environment, but may compensate with diets rich in boron, including French, Chilean and Italian red wines, olives/olive oil, peanuts/almonds, raw honey, apples, beer, raisins, and dried beans… Supplements with which I have had success in combating elevated levels of fluoride include, boron, manganese, colloidal gold and silver, and selenium.

I hope this was helpful. Dr. Ron sounds like a dangerous man.


Thanks for the info, Tom. Can you please provide more information about your experience using boron, manganese, etc in combating elevated fluoride levels? How do you decide which supplements to use for each case, or do you use them all in combination? Also, how do you diagnose elevated fluoride levels to begin with? Thanks for any info you can share!

Also, I’m always wondering how we know what we know. For example, how do you know fluoride accumulates in animal bones regardless of how they are raised? I thought this might be the case too until recently when I discovered that I was able to drink turkey stock made from an organic, free-range heritage bird without a single fluoroderma flare-up. When I tried to drink stock from our Thanksgiving bird last year, I broke out within hours (as is usually the case with chicken stock). There is no doubt in my mind that organic birds contain significantly less fluoride than non-organic birds, if any at all.

Thanks again for sharing this info. I hope to hear from you again soon!

Sina says:

So I’ve been doing a fluoride detox for two months. I’ve noticed huge improvements in my metabolism, mental clarity, bone/joint pain, etc. I’ve been using Borax in water (1/8 tsp in one liter of water) with zeolite from Waiora. I get the usual symptoms of headache, so I know it’s working, and improved mental clarity and metabolism. I know when I’m getting fluoride exposure because my metabolsim slows, I have stomach issues, and brain fog.
Interesting thing..I usually do a magnetic clay bath which removes heavy metals and fluoride too. Helps tremendously. But then I took TJ Clark’s colloidal minerals, and OMG, all my fluoride symptoms came back tenfold. I even vomited within an hour, brain fog, bad metabolism for days, stomach issues. I then read the ingredients and can’t believe it..there is fluorine (aka fluoride) in TJ Clark’s mineral supplement.

SO FYI, if you are taking a mineral supplment, make sure it doesn’t have fluorine/fluoride. And the water companies that add “minerals for taste” are adding fluoride to the water. Other things that contain fluoride, Prozac and Cipro.

Andrew Teichner says:

I thought it was worthwhile to comment on the above article and provide a couple of links to written information.

Bauxite is a combination of aluminum and fluorine, toxic to life. Are you cooking on Aluminum cookware or teflon coated cookware

Before WW2, literature was clear, fluorine compounds (fluorides) were toxic to life. Here is one of many books that talks about Aluminum and fluorine published

Dr. D.C. Jarvis wrote the book Vermont Folk Medicine in the 1950’s and explained clearly what endocrine disruption is. Your body needs iodine and boron

Fluorine compounds are in use everywhere now.

Finally our group Health Roundhouse has had some success nationwide but it will take much more if we are to stop the insanity.



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