Giveaway: Anti Cellulite iPant Shapewear from Wacoal ($60 value)

Admit it.  At least a teeeeensy part of you is curious about anti cellulite shapewear.  Not only do they hold in any jiggly parts, but nowadays they are packed with proven anti-cellulite ingredients that work their way into stubborn dimples for hours at a time.  These products are causing quite a stir in the UK.  Do European women know something we don’t?

HerRoom to the rescue!

Many of you know I am an unabashed fan of HerRoom, an online retailer of women’s undergarments (their slogan is “lingerie we buy for ourselves”).  When Dr. Lional Bissoon warned that visible panty lines contribute to cellulite, it was HerRoom that led us to the most comfortable thong on the planet thanks to their illustrious annual Undie Awards.  The site makes it easy to find lymph-friendly bras, too.

So when I learned that HerRoom was introducing a new product designed to target the blight, I eagerly wrote and asked for a sample to test for our investigation.  Not only did the founder of HerRoom, Tomima Edmark, provide a sample product for us to review.  She also offered one for a giveaway!

Introducing the iPant from Wacoal

The iPant from Wacoal draws on a number of active ingredients, including caffeine, retinol, ceramides, vitamin E, fatty acids, and aloe vera.  The fabric incorporates a technology called “Novarel Slim,” where microcapsules of the ingredients are woven into the yarn of the fabric during the spinning process (instead of a surface application).  This is how the ingredients are designed to remain in the fabric even after 100 washes.

The Novarel Slim website claims that in independent laboratory tests:

  • test subjects saw up to a 2 cm reduction in hip circumference
  • 63 percent of women perceived a reduction in “orange peel”
  • 67 percent felt their jeans fit better

Women in the study wore the product eight hours a day for 28 consecutive days.

The Real iPant Reviews

But what are real women saying about the iPant?

So far, there are only four reviews on (another reason I love the site —real reviews!).  Two of the reviewers gave the iPant five stars. They seem to love how it holds everything in place without feeling restrictive.  One of the women said she saw a difference in her cellulite after one week.

The other two reviewers docked off a star or two because the waist tends to roll down. Oooh, I do hate waistbands like that.

How You Can Win a Free iPant

Our own seasoned cellulite investigator, Herama, will be reviewing the iPant for an upcoming post here at CI.  If you would like to join her by winning a free iPant (a $60 value) for your own cellulite inquiry, please let me know in the comments section of this post.

Since these giveaways are typically small, intimate affairs, your odds of winning are pretty good. Here’s how you can increase those odds even further with a few extra entries.  Please leave a separate comment below telling me about each additional entry (limit one per line item):

This contest will end March 31st at 11:59 PM EST. The winner will be chosen via  The winner will be announced shortly after here at CI and will have 48 hours to contact me with her full name and mailing address.

Good luck!

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