A Fluoroderma Update: My Natural Cure for Cystic Acne!

It occurred to me recently that I haven’t posted an update about my fluoroderma since November 2009, when I wrote This Is What Fluoroderma Looks Like. I’ve been so focused on treating cellulite that I barely gave myself time to bask in the huge victory of curing my acne!

My fluoroderma has been much easier to control since January 2010 when I moved out of my fluoridated condo.  I continued to experience infrequent outbreaks throughout the year which I later figured out were caused by all the iodine I was consuming.

I am still experimenting with a diet rich in iodine and other elements known to release fluoride from the body (such as boron), but now I know to take breaks every few days to give my body a chance to recover.  Since I started this “pulsing” method, my skin has never looked better.

My Progression to Healing from Cystic Acne

This photo is from mid-2008, when the source of my acne was still a mystery.

Here is a photo from November 2009, almost a full year after the idea first entered my mind that my cystic acne could be caused by fluoride ingestion.  This was at the end of my “trial and error” phase when I was learning what foods and beverages I need to avoid to limit my fluoride intake.

And here is a photo from today.  I even took this picture with the same camera I used for the others (the webcam on my Mac).  You can see a few red marks next to my ear from my latest beef stock reaction.  The red spot at the top of my cheek is a beauty mark.

Here is another angle of the fluoroderma from 2008.

Here is this same angle from 2009.

And finally, another picture from today (March 13, 2011).  Again, you can make out a few red marks around my ear from the beef stock.  That last round also caused a few large lumps down the side of my neck.  This is an indicator that the minerals in the stock are releasing the fluoride stored in my teeth or bones (or both) and eliminating it through the lymph pathways that run from my ear and down the neck.

When my fluoroderma was at its worst, I would often develop large, tender lumps in my ears.  My lymph drainage therapist said that is a common symptom of lymphatic congestion, especially among children (and one of the reasons they get so many ear infections).

That brown spot on my chin —another beauty mark.

A Guide to Healing from Fluoroderma

In response to comments and emails from other people who suspect their acne might be fluoride-related, I am currently working on writing an informational guide to fluoroderma.  This downloadable guide will explain how I diagnosed, treated, and ultimately cured my cystic acne without medications, expensive skincare products, or any other special treatments.

If you have information that might be useful for a document like this, please leave a comment below or send me an email.  If you believe you also have fluoroderma, any information you can provide about your experience might be helpful.  I’ve heard from many of you already regarding fluoroderma, but I haven’t kept a log of fluoride-related success stories like the one I have for cellulite.

Now that I’ve got this acne problem figured out and my lymphatic system is returning to its normal healthy state, I’m in prime condition to tackle that remaining cellulite.  Watch out, you dreaded blight!

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Lauren kovar says:

I’m speechless. It all makes sense now. Your face is my face. The ONLY things that control my acne are a meticulous organic diet, a water filter and yoga. Wine makes my face itch and flare within minutes. I made chicken stock from a pastured organic chicken and I had alot of wine recently and I broke out a bunch and even had one of those awful ones in my ear. I guess I’m going to see which one made it worse by elimination. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this before. Just one more reason, added to a long list, for my growing mistrust of the medical community.


Yay, Lauren! It makes me so happy to be able to help other people understand what is causing their acne. I’m curious to know the results of your elimination experiment. Chicken that is truly organic should not contain fluoride, but I still have a reaction from some organic chicken (though not nearly as bad as non-organic chicken. That was really painful!).

I’m also curious about the wine. I didn’t drink much wine when I was figuring out which foods to avoid, so I don’t have a good feel for how strong of a reaction it would have caused. Now I drink either organic wine or wine from overseas and it doesn’t seem to cause a problem. From what I’ve read, the fluoride-based pesticide used on grape crops is not as prevalent in other countries as it is here in the States. Please let me know if you are able to figure out any more info on this. Thanks so much!

Elizabeth Walling says:

Wow, Melissa, what a testimony to natural healing! I think people are really going to benefit from hearing about your experience.


I am curious to see how many people I hear from who also have fluoroderma. I keep trying to calculate the statistics in my head, based on how many people visit my site and how many people I’ve heard from who suspect they have fluoroderma… the ratio is surprising. It is possible that fluoroderma is more common than I ever imagined.

Nancy says:

Wow, what great information. San Diego has just started fluoridating its water. So frustrating!
Thanks so much for sharing your story.


Yes, it is a shame about San Diego. Hopefully it will be short-lived. Thanks for your kind comment, Nancy.

Mariposa says:

I have never heard of this! How interesting… I’ve been trying to figure out what causes my acne. Right now I just blame it on pregnancy hormones! lol. I will have to do some further investigation if I still have problems after the baby is born.


Congratulations, Mariposa! It won’t hurt to limit your fluoride intake now if you can. Besides fluoridated water, the biggest sources are mechanically de-boned chicken, tea, and foods sprayed with fluoride-based pesticides. Maybe you will see a difference in your skin –plus it’s good for the baby!

Sarah says:

Good morning!

Found your website through Fight Back Friday at Food Renegade. Your link title is what caught my eye since I have recently cured my cystic acne. I am a 45 year old female and have dealt with severe acne since I was 11 years old.

Long story short, I cut out grain (gluten) from my diet beginning last summer for a variety of reasons, but not to cure acne. However, almost immediately, my acne cleared up. Any time I “fall off the wagon” my face breaks out. No doctor (and I’ve been to several dermatologists over the years) ever pointed me in the direction of giving up grain. I used to wait for weeks for my painful, deep blemishes to clear up because I was continually “feeding” them with grain, I guess. Now, breakouts clear within a day if all I did was enjoy a handful of flour tortilla chips or eat a cookie or two.

Your mention of lumps near/in your ears is interesting. I tended to get very large, infected areas right under or behind my earlobes. Those are gone entirely now (unless I eat grain). I will spend some time reading your story this weekend since I’ve never heard of this fluoride connection you’ve made.


Thanks for your comment, Sarah. I’ve heard from other women who have noticed the same thing with grains. It seems grains can have a similar effect on the lymphatic system, which explains the acne and the lumps around the ears. I wonder how many other mystery causes of acne are out there. It shows how the dermatologist community is handling acne all wrong. Instead of prescribing prescriptions and skincare products, they should be studying the root cause of the breakouts.

MARIO says:

PLEASE dont prosecute inocent food while real culprit is at large i have mentioned that nobody understands mechanics of food allergy does not exists it is academic invention for what they dont know or understand or interim diagnosis untill they turn the stone where culprit hides remember centuries ago earth was flat any one oposing it was executed do not go into academic jungle or you never find the answer and you get lost in it grains are wery nutritious especialy a ROGUE gluten which is most nourishing part of grains grains are not candidal as such but when mixed vith candidal food or yeast in bread sugar fruits and so on they become volatile as they ferment in gut not digest more nutritious food stronger toxins if fermented lymphatic glands are filters to eliminate toxins and they get inflamed as whole body does if one is candidal like these tiny guys in intestine called willis get inflamed cant absorb food then one is gluten intolerant but it is wrong aproach to it one is candidal in first place of course chronic candida will do irreversable body organs damage if not controlled then inocent food gets the blame if you dont eat or drink anything you can still inhale candidal fungus my point is that candida is fundamental culprit to our health once this is controlled as there is no cure for wrong food we eat then body gets more resistant to these not so sure like iodine fluoride etc WHEN i was candidal i could not tolerate any smell it made me ill if i had one sided aproach to it i would be living for 30 years in a bubble they did not named it candida for nothing it stands well to its name candid hidden so hard to pin point it no wonder medical proffesion is not interested they could be even sued by people who eat candidal food then blaiming doctors for it REMEMBER everything have reason untill that reason is found and eliminated nothing will work supplements could be very dangerous as one could over dose even if taken as prescribed testing one for deficiency and prescribing supplements waste of money of course we are defficient when candida ferments it all so use this as a steping stone before you pointing finger at inocent food or anything else regards dr.fungus


We’re not against grains altogether here at CI, but most grain products are not well-prepared. Traditionally, the healthiest societies used fresh, organic grains (of course) and often put them through some kind of souring/soaking/fermentation process that makes them easier to digest. Many modern women are sensitive to grains because of all the unhealthy grain products we commonly eat today.

mario says:

HI MELISSA a lady friend had backed bread from spelt flour then few days later was rushed to hospital in critical state no doctors could diagnose her she pulled trough blaiming spelt flour untill i asked her what are these pawpaws fruits doing in her laundry for 2 weeks she said they organic i said yes but they should be not for so long without frigeration ah she said i tought coz they organic i bought whole box they can last so i said you were rushed to hospital because you have eaten rotten pawpaws they go quickly off then she said ah is that how i had that metalic antibiotic taste in my mouth every time i had eaten them and she had bread with yeast she is lucky it was so volatile as we have some reports from nursing homes where 6 elderly people died after eating fruit salad and they still have audacity to tell us fruit is good for you with my experience not so sure maybe good for funeral directors keep in touch and have some fruit regards dr fungus


Crazy story, Mario! I like fruit, but when it’s fresh and in limited amounts. It makes for a lovely dessert.

Elaine says:

I came across your site through Nourishing Traditions a few weeks ago and have been following you ever since. I just turned 30 and have never looked as bad as I do now. I have been eating as much non-processed, natural home cooked meals, as possible, however since December my face broke out with tiny little bumps all over my face and some deep cystic like acne. I have eliminated all carbs for a few weeks, tried the OCM for a few weeks, with no relief at all. I’ve gotten to the point where I give up and saw my doctor for a birth control prescription, as this was the only thing that ever helped control my breakouts in the past. Not only that but I’ve been gaining weight since eating healthier, it’s maddening! Currently most of my breakouts are cystic and around my chin and forehead, some on my cheeks. Any suggestions or advice? I am open to about anything!


Elaine, your experience sounds just like mine! I discovered NT when I turned 30, and after 6 months of trying to transition to a nutrient-dense diet, my skin exploded. It would have been tempting to contribute the acne to my change in diet, but I knew from previous experience that it was caused by the move from Scotland to the U.S. Eventually, I figured out it was the fluoride in the water supply here. Do you happen to know if your water supply is fluoridated? If not, you can either look up their water quality report online or just give them a call and ask. Besides causing acne, fluoride will interfere with hormones, too, particularly the thyroid, which could account for the weight gain. A good way to gauge thyroid health is to take your waking body temperature every morning (see, The Broda Barnes Self Test for Thyroid Deficiency).

One of the mistakes I made when I first started a NT diet was making chicken stock from bones that are high in fluoride. Even some of the chickens labeled “organic” still contain fluoride. I don’t consume any chicken stock right now at all. If you can find poultry that is truly organic you should be okay.

If it’s not the fluoride, can you think of any significant change in your life that happened in December?

E. says:

Hello! I came across your website from a Google search on how to make home-made kefir. I was completely stunned, and thought that I had to share my story.

I’m 24 – my fiance and I recently came across a report about fluoridated water and its effect on all body systems. (Long story short: It’s poison.) Consequently, we’ve sworn off tap water, fluoridated toothpaste, and anything else that might contain fluoride. (We live in North Central Florida – all tap water is, sadly, fluoridated.)

We only drink SmartWater, for the most part (little to no fluoride by comparison, as it’s vapor-distilled) – and sometimes, we drink Fiji water for a change of pace (which has a negligible amount of natural fluoride, from what we’ve read). I know that this reads like an endorsement, but these are really the only two brands that we’ve been able to find in our area that even address the fluoride question.

Since this change, we’ve both been markedly more alert and my acne has completely disappeared. My husband (who is from Spain, and never experienced these problems before) had begun to get marks on his teeth – which also disappeared a few weeks after we started drinking ‘clean’ water. We later found out that the marks were the beginning of dental fluorosis.

I grew up in Florida in a poor rural area, and I remember getting fluoride treatments as a child and our teachers telling us that the fluoride in the water would strengthen our bones. What is more disturbing is that people still seem to believe this today – we live on a major campus, and any mention of the toxicity of fluoride gets us panned as ‘conspiracy theorists’.

The research is there. It is not a conspiracy. Thank you for maintaining this website!


It makes my day when I hear about another cured case of fluoroderma! Thanks so much for sharing your story, E.

The bottled water issue is tricky. Being in Central Florida, you probably don’t have a Whole Foods nearby. I drink their brand of spring water without any problem. In a pinch a few weeks ago, I had nothing but Poland Spring to drink all day and that was fine, too. I’ve tried other brands without such positive results (Deer Park, for example, even though their online water quality report says fluoride is negligible).

Central Florida has a sad history with fluoride, particularly in Polk County where pollution from a local factory killed off thousands of cattle back in the 1950’s. Thanks for helping to spread the word in your community about the dangers of fluoride. I will continue to do the same!


Thought I would let you know, I recently figured out that Fiji water makes my skin breakout! It has .26mg per liter which I suppose is just too much for me to drink all day. I thought it was a safe source for me but I was wrong! :(

Sabrina says:

Reverse osmosis gets the fluoride, chlorine, and other harmful chemicals out.

Reid B. Kimball says:


I’d love to read your book “A Guide to Healing from Fluoroderma” if it’s released? Where can I find it?




It’s not quite finished, but it will be posted in soon. I’m on the very last chapter and then have a bit of editing to do. I will be posting some supplemental information in the meantime. On Friday, I hope to post my Fluoroderma Fact Sheet for Health Care Professionals. It is designed as a one-pager you can give to your doc if you suspect your acne is caused by fluoride. Most of them have not heard of fluoroderma before, so it is a way to start raising awareness of fluoroderma in the health care community. It will be available right here on the blog. Thanks for your interest, Reid!

Cindy says:

I would love to read your write-up when you have it finished.

Jeanmarie says:

Wow, I have never heard of this before, but I did suffer from cystic acne for years, mostly before I discovered Nourishing Traditions and Weston A. Price. I’m far from pristine in my diet, but at least the cystic acne is gone. I still have little red bumps around my eyes that I assume are a reaction to something, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s gluten. My partner doesn’t support going gluten-free and sugar-free and I find it hard to do it on my own, so I’m just trying to minimize. I look forward to reading more, thank you.


Yes, it is difficult when your partner isn’t on board with major dietary changes like that. Mine was not big on cutting out sugar in the beginning, so I focused instead on getting him to eat more fat (which he was much more amenable to!). The big meals made him snack less and after a couple years, he decided on his own to drastically limit his sugar intake. I’m so proud! Perhaps if you are patient and understanding of his concerns, he will come around eventually. Good luck!


I forgot to mention, you can read an excerpt from the forthcoming guide to fluoroderma here:

My Experience with Fluoride Detox and Boron

Laurie says:

Melissa – wonderful! So glad you are continuing to make progress and sharing your results online. I know you’re helping a lot of people.

I’ve been busy with a host of odds and ends, and your blog feed stopped working properly on my sidebar, so I wasn’t getting updates like I should. (Sorry I haven’t stopped by to visit in a while.) The picture in your title is displaying in the center over the top of the text text right now on my computer. I use Firefox – don’t know if that would make any difference.

As for my own health journey, I’ve dropped a few more pounds firmed up the backside and midriff. (Photo here: http://www.thelivingwellmoms.com/2011/04/whose-backside-is-this-and-what-it-is.html, but not so you can see the cellulite. :-) I’m still eating coconut oil before almost every meal, and using it as my primary skin care oil. Overall, things are going well.

Always nice to visit and see how things are going. :-)


Congrats on your steady road to a healthier you, Laurie! I suspect the feed stopped working when I switched to WordPress towards the end of last year. Does that sound right? I have no idea how to fix the header. I use Firefox as well, but it might have something to do with the resolution on various computers. I need to look into that. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! It is great to hear from you!

Melissa B. says:

Wow, this just confirms what I have been suspecting! I moved to a house with fluoridated water about 4 years ago. My acne has been at it’s worse during this time. I noticed it gets better when I use bottled water or travel. It does get much better when I keep the sugar low in my diet, and stick to mainly organic, whole foods. I had never put the two together! I also feel that the fluoride may be affecting my thyroid. I need to get away from it! I would love to see more information and suggestions from you on this!


Explains a lot, doesn’t it? Thanks for your comment, Melissa! It’s nice to know that my experience with acne can have a positive effect for a change by helping someone else figure out the source of this frustrating problem. The fluoroderma e-book is SO close to being finished now. A few more weeks should be all it takes. I hope you will find it helpful.

Lynn Dunning says:

When will the guide be out?


I’ll post it in the next few weeks. The first draft is complete, I am having a couple people look over it for editing purposes. Thanks for your interest, Lynn!

Kathy says:

Fascinated by your website and the amount of research you’ve done.

I am curious to know if boron has had any effect on your cellulite? I have been taking iodine for fluoride and have since added boron to the protocol last week. Also, I’ve gotten huge cyst on my face at first I thought it was a spider bite, but since it has reoccurred, in the exact same spot as the last one, I figured it was something else. I also had one at least an inch in diameter above my eyebrow. Unusual?
Now I wonder if it is fluoroderma or bromoderma.
I’ve been adding a pinch of borax to my water filter in addition to taking boron.


I have not noticed a change yet, but I can tell my body is still detoxing from the boron. I am waiting until the detox symptoms subside before I make a judgment about whether or not boron affects cellulite. I plan on giving it a few months.

Where was the other outbreak on your face? It definitely sounds like something that could be caused by fluoride detox. I get them above my eyebrow, too.

Kathy says:

On my cheek, the area upper jaw area, if you pressed would be a canine or first molar.


Wow, definitely sounds like fluoroderma to me. The #1 place I developed breakouts from fluoride is along the line from the corner of my nose to the corner of my mouth and straight down to my chin.

Kathy says:

Interesting that it occurs near bone or cartiage. What concerns me is that I have been dx’d with trigeminal neuralgia on the very same side of my face as the breakouts.

Do you happen to know if there is any research that shows a correlation between fluoroderma and nerve damage?

I am in my 50’s. Back when I was a kid we had F in tablet form. I have been exposed for such a long time.

Do you know if fluoroderma is a rxn on the outside of the body or from ingestion?

Also is there a differentiation between fluoro and bromoderma? I have been reading about our environment being poisoned with bromine through all kinds of products like flame retardants and electronics.

Oh. I wanted to mention a book to you. It is by Gary Taubes. Why We Get Fat And what to do about it. Very interesting pics and descriptions of women before and aftet they discovered sugar and grain around the time of the gold rush days. No cellulite then massive amounts of cellulite. A great read and may help you in your search.


Kathy, that is concerning. Fluoride is known to affect the brain in various ways. For more info, see the Flouride Action Network’s page on fluoride and the brain. I can say from experience it is important to go slow with the fluoride detox.

Fluoride can cause a reaction from topical exposure or ingestion.

I don’t know much about bromoderma. When I had my iodine-loading test from Hakala labs, they told me my bromine levels were high. I have not noticed any acne from bromine exposure or any other side effects. (My face clears completely when I avoid fluoride and breaks out within hours if I eat or drink anything with significant amounts of fluoride.)

That book is fantastic! I love Gary Taubes! I tried to write a post about it (see, Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It) but I don’t think I did it justice. He is brilliant.

Mandy says:

I recently realized that fluoroderma was my problem thanks to your site! I eat a pure, plant-based diet (as much organic as possible in my town), exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep, water, etc. and I could NOT figure out why my lymph acne was still flaring so badly. So depressing.

Thanks so much for sharing this information. I went out and bought a bunch of distilled and smart water immediately (I get all of my minerals from food, so no need to worry about distilled).

My question is: How do you go about finding a place to live that is not fluoridated? I have no idea how to do this, as any place I’ve asked seems to have no clue what I’m talking about. :(

Also, if you cannot avoid fluoridated water systems, is there a recommended filter for showers, sinks AND drinking water? What a hassle! Shame on those responsible for forcing the general public to ingest fluoride…


Thanks for your comment, Mandy! It always makes me day when I hear from someone who has found relief from acne based on the info here. It’s such a frustrating condition, and virtually impossible to hide! How did you figure out that fluoride was causing your outbreaks? Was there any particular food or beverage that gave you problems (besides the water)? Your question about finding a non-fluoridated place to live is a good one. I responded to it in a separate blog post that will be on the site tomorrow. You can click here to view the most recent CI blog posts (it will be the first one tomorrow).

Shower filters do not remove fluoride. One fluoride expert I talked to recently suggested you could have a plumber install an active alumina filter in the shower plumbing line, but I don’t know much more about that option. For drinking water, a reverse osmosis system will remove 95 percent of fluoride. They can easily be installed under the sink. They waste a lot of water, which is why they’re not recommended for the whole house.


Here’s the link to the post, Mandy. Thanks again for your question!

How to Find a Non-Fluoridated Home

Sonya says:

Thank you so much for the work you are doing to educate people about fluoridated water. For five years my health has slowly deteriorated. It started with acne and eczema all over my body. I discovered milk was causing the skin symptoms and was fine for about 6 months off milk products. Next I developed an allergy to pork, then beef, then eggs, then nuts and on and on. Results were the same for each additional food as with milk. I would heal completely for several months while off the offending food only to then develop another food allergy. My diet was pristine, all organic whole foods, low carb/sugar, no wheat, caffeine or alcohol, but still I kept developing more and more food allergies and other health symptoms.

After countless visits to MD’s and thousands of dollars trying to heal, I ran across your site and thought I’d give reverse osmosis water a try. What a blessing!! The first day off filtered tap water, I slept through the night for the first time in years! My bowel movements normalized the next day after 5 years of loose bulky stools(3-4 BM’s per day)! After 3 weeks off fluoridated water my muscle twitching stopped! I previously experienced hundreds of muscle twitches every day. Finally, my bottom is no longer itchy/burning which it had been for over a year! I’m still having mild reactions to foods but I do see some improvement and I’m hopeful my GI tract will continue to heal in time.

I didn’t realize how careful I would have to be with food and water though. A few days ago I drank a bottled water that said reverse osmosis filtration, a Guinness beer, and beans I’d previously cooked with filtered tap water. I’m not sure which of the three caused the reaction but the following day I had diarrhea, acne, insomnia, itchy bottom and muscle twitches :/

Will extreme sensitivity subside over time?
Do herbal teas like peppermint, etc have fluoride?
Is there any organization I should contact to report this side effect?
How important is shower filtration? Any other words of wisdom?

Your help is greatly appreciated. I cannot thank you enough for getting this information out to the public. This has made a dramatic improvement in my quality of life :)


Sonya, I’m so happy to hear from you! How wonderful you’ve found such quick relief by avoiding fluoride!

Guinness is fluoridated and the beans would contain a good amount, too. It’s amazing, isn’t it, how such a small amount of an undetectable, common chemical like fluoride can affect the body in such a short period of time. It took a long time to figure out just how meticulous I had to be about avoiding fluoride before my skin healed.

I’m still trying to figure out if the sensitivity subsides over time. My fluoride detox efforts are ongoing. Stay tuned to the blog for more info on that. You will definitely get more skilled at avoiding fluoride, though, once you pinpoint the problems its causing. It was really difficult for me in the beginning but now I rarely consume enough fluoride to cause a breakout.

Herbal teas are fine–it’s just the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant (common black/green tea, etc) that are naturally high in fluoride. I still buy organic herbal teas though just in case they were sprayed with a fluoride-based pesticide.

I don’t know of anyone who is looking for fluoride-sensitive individuals to study. I wish I did. I tried for a while to find a doc who would “officially” diagnose my fluoroderma but I didn’t make any progress with that. It’s something I would still like to do at some point (for credibility purposes), so please let me know if you have any ideas!

It’s hard for me to gauge just how much fluoride we’re exposed to from showering. My skin did not heal completely until I moved out of my fluoridated condo, but that could be because I wasn’t as good at avoiding fluoride or maybe I just needed to give it more time. I take quick showers in fluoridated water when I’m traveling and wash my hands as normal without any ill effect. I wouldn’t bathe in fluoridated water or take lingering showers, though. If you can install a shower filter, I recommend them. They’re not designed to remove fluoride but they still help take some of the load off the skin from other chemicals (like chlorine). The shower question is one I’m hoping another fluoroderma suffered will help figure out. It would be good to know if anyone is able to heal their skin completely while still showering in fluoridated water.

Words of wisdom? Hmmm… Be patient. Healing is possible, but it can take a while. For me, it was about two years from the time I first started considering fluoride as the cause of my acne to when my skin finally cleared. I wrote the e-book so it won’t take quite as long for other people, but I’m sure it will still take time. Getting fluoride out of your life takes a lot of change.

If you continue to see positive results, please consider adding your story to our growing list of fluoroderma success stories! Thanks, Sonya!!

alex says:

Hello! I suspect this is my problem too! I’m currently in a fluoridated area so I’m experimenting with avoiding all fluoride. When I switched to distilled water to wash my face, my skin got about 50% better right away! I also do have a little dental fluorosis, and my acne cleared up when I was in Italy. But I’m still struggling to figure out what things I can eat/drink and which things have too much fluoride here in the US. I’m getting a lot less breakouts since I stopped drinking tap water and if it continues to improve, I’m planning to get an RO filter.

I guess one of the main things I’m missing is green tea! It was a staple! Since I was missing it so much I started looking into growing my own tea plant, but then I thought the soil here is probably already fluoridated to begin with. So then I started looking for tea grown in non-fluoridated countries and found this: http://www.gorreanatea.com – tea grown in Portugal! Do you think that this could solve the tea problem?

Bo Jangles says:

You know my brother did a freedom of information request on a city that was in the process of putting in fluoride. He wanted to know if there were any financial kick backs or anything. They stopped putting in the fluoridation rather than comply with the information request. Financial incentives explains why we are being poisoned by our government.


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