Iodine by Dr. David Brownstein

Can you sense the anticipation in the virtual air? I feel as if our investigation has been building up to this moment for a long time. This month, we’ll be featuring Dr. Brownstein’s book Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It.

From Fluoride to Iodine, A Personal Journey

The information in Dr. Brownstein’s book feels particularly poignant because of my history with fluoride.  As many of you know, soon after launching The Cellulite Investigation, I discovered I have a skin condition called fluoroderma. It’s a type of cystic acne caused by fluoride exposure (see, This Is What Fluoroderma Looks Like). For over a year, I’ve been wrestling with this new-found antagonist as I slowly figure out which foods to avoid and how to help my body recover when I’m exposed to fluoride from unexpected sources.

I am confident the fluoroderma was a result of the fluoride pills I was prescribed as a child. I was a tiny thing at 5 years of age. Even the chronic nose bleeds and dental fluorosis I soon developed weren’t enough to get my doctor’s attention.  I continued to drink fluoridated water and use fluoridated toothpaste for the next twenty years.

The cause was obvious, but what about the cure? Is there a way to reverse all those years of fluoride overload? I suspect Dr. Brownstein’s book will reveal some critical clues.

Why  Iodine?

Since discovering my fluoride condition, I knew iodine would play an important role in any recovery effort.  Iodine and fluoride have similar chemical compositions (both are halogens) and are stored in the same places in the body.  It is a common misconception that iodine is only needed to produce thyroid hormone. While that is true, the thyroid gland is only one of the many places iodine is used.

As Dr. Brownstein explains, iodine is also used in the mammary glands. He cites several studies (like this one) that show iodine deficiency is a major contributor to poor breast health, including cancer.  If there’s not enough iodine for the thyroid, then the breasts will certainly be deficient since the thyroid gets “first pick,” to quote the good doc.  The prostate gland, the digestive system, the salivary glands, bones, connective tissue, and virtually all the fluids of the body require iodine for optimal functioning.

An interesting point in Dr. Brownstein’s research: when the body is fully saturated with a healthy amount of iodine, the largest amount is found in the fat and muscle tissues.  It’s not clear to me (at least on my first reading of the book) what function iodine plays in the fat cells.  I am curious for obvious reasons. Maybe by the end of the month I’ll visit Dr. Brownstein’s blog and ask him.

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