Hanky Panky and Cosabella Win Undie Award for Best Thong

In Monday’s post, we discussed Dr. Bissoon’s theory that conventional panties are a major contributing factor in the modern cellulite epidemic.  Dr. Bissoon requires all his mesotherapy patients to switch to more cellulite-friendly options before undergoing treatment.

The panty hypothesis launched us on a quest for the perfect thong.  I already told you why HerRoom.com is my retailer of choice when it comes to such matters.  What I didn’t tell you about is their annual Undie Awards.  Every year, HerRoom collects votes from thousands of women around the world to choose the Undie Award winners.  There’s an Undie Award for Best T-Shirt Bra, Best Strapless, Best Boy Short… and of course, Best Thong.

And the Undie Award Goes To…

The 2010 Undie Award for Best Thong went to the Hanky Panky Signature Lace Thong, commonly known as 4811. The low-rise version, 4911, also shared in the victory.

This was the fourth straight year Hanky Panky won the coveted Undie Award for Best Thong. This fan favorite was made famous in a 2004 article in the Wall Street Journal with the byline Hanky Panky’s Model 4811 is a Thong Unto Itself; ‘It’s Like Lace Butter.’

What’s So Special About Hanky Panky Thongs?

Reading the Wall Street Journal article, it’s easy to see why Hanky Panky thongs are different from other brands. It all started in the late 1970’s when Gail Epstein gave her friend, Lida Orzeck, a panty set she designed from handkerchiefs as a 30th birthday present. Her friend liked the gift so much, the two soon opened a lingerie business together.

The 4811 model was inspired by Rio sunbathers in skimpy bikinis –thongs were not yet popular in the States. Gail fiddled with the design for several years, personally testing every sample for comfort and wearability. When the design was finally ready, their little company sold 5,000 pairs the first year.  Judging from the reviews on Amazon and HerRoom, Hanky Panky is hard to beat in the thong department.

2010 Judge’s Selection: Cosabella Never Say Never Thongs

The  2010 Judge’s Selection for Best Thong goes to Cosabella Never Say Never lace thongs. Cosabella is a higher-end line, manufactured and designed in Italy. Here is a brief video of Coabella’s victory lap.

Always willing to take one for the cause, I ordered an assortment of Undie winners from HerRoom to “test drive” for our investigation.  Like the Hanky Panky brand, Cosabella thongs are “one size fits most” so I’m curious to see how that works.  I’ll be sure to let you know who I’m voting for in next year’s Undie Awards.

What’s your favorite undie brand? When it comes to thongs, are you for or against?

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