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A few weeks ago, I announced that I would be testing the Dynamic Duo Anti-Cellulite Kit from Swiss manufacturer Karin Herzog.  One of our undercover investigators (codename: Figure Eight) offered to review the product along with me.  As promised, we’ve been using the product religiously for the past few weeks and now we’re back to report the results.

About the Duo

As you recall, the active ingredient in Silhouette, the first cream in the Dynamic Duo kit, is oxygen.  Karin Herzog holds multiple patents on techniques used to deliver oxygen to the cells.  The company’s founder was the wife of Dr. Paul Herzog, a Nobel-prize honoree for his early work on the stabilization of oxygen in an emulsion. Tonus B12, the second cream in the duo, contains Vitamin B12, organic green tea, sesame, avocado, jojoba, and jasmine.


Figure Eight used the product for over 4 weeks. I used it for 2.5 weeks (keep reading to learn why I didn’t make it the full 4 weeks. Latebloomer, you were right!).


We both applied the product twice a day, once in the morning and evening. We applied the Silhouette first, giving it 5 minutes to sink in, and then applied the Tonus B12. Figure Eight wiped the remaining Silhouette off with a wet cloth but I rubbed it in. For the first two weeks, she applied the Tonus before the Silhouette (the instructions I received said to apply the Tonus first if you are trying to lose weight in addition to losing cellulite).

The Fragrance

We both kinda liked the smell, although I’m always hesitant to use products with “parfum” on the ingredient list.  It’s such a nebulous term.


Neither of us liked how the product absorbs or feels on the skin. Figure Eight thought it felt thick and we both agreed it did not absorb well at all. I could still feel it on my legs when I showered the next morning.

The “Tingle” Factor

Figure Eight didn’t notice any major tingling, but I certainly did. When I first started using the Silhouette cream, it felt increasingly prickly during the 5 minutes it sat on the skin.  This went away after the first week.

The tingling makes sense when you consider that one of the main ingredients in the Silhouette cream is hydrogen peroxide. I was concerned to notice a slight whitening effect on the skin directly under the cream (thank you, herama, for pointing out this article by The Beauty Brains about the possible dangers associated with long term use of hydrogen peroxide on the skin. It’s worth reading if you are considering this product).

The Amount

Figure Eight thought they give you a fair amount of product in each bottle. I obviously applied too much because I ran out of the Silhouette after less than 3 weeks. I since discovered this handy Dynamic Duo application guide which would have prevented that problem.

The Results

Determining the results from a cellulite cream review is always a tricky task.  In my last review, the manufacturer urged me to measure my thigh with a measuring tape.  But this technique didn’t appeal to me because I’m not trying to lose weight –I’m trying to lose cellulite.  Instead, I opted to treat only one leg with the cream so I would have a “control” to compare it against.  This time I decided that the eyeball gauge is the most effective way to measure the results.  If I can’t notice a visible improvement without breaking out the magnifying glass, then what’s the point.

Both Figure Eight and I are in agreement. If there have been any improvements at this point, they are minimal. Admittedly, 2.5 weeks is not a fair amount of time to judge the efficacy of a product (although the reviewer in this article on MSN claimed to see increased smoothness in one week).   Figure Eight is still using the product faithfully until it runs out, so I will let you know if she has any additional information to report.

As for me, the manufacturer offered to send another bottle so I could complete the 4 week treatment, but I am eager to move on to the next product –a suggestion from Kat James’s book, The Truth About Beauty. Check back next week to find out what it is.

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