Cellulite Stories, Declassified (Codename: Cassiopeia)

Today’s Cellulite Story from Cassiopeia is further evidence that colon cleanse products aren’t an effective way to treat cellulite.

While testing out every colon cleanse product on the market, this dedicated undercover agent has avoided sugar, flour, AND coffee for the last three years and is still looking for an effective way to tackle the blight. Sounds like this experienced cellulite investigator is at the right blog!

Maybe you can offer Cassiopeia a fresh perspective or some words of support.  Also, I’m curious to hear any suggestions for dealing with anxiety through nutrition (in response to #3 below).  Please let us know in the comments section. Thank you!


1. At what age did you first notice your cellulite? How would you describe it?

I started noticing when I was in high school but it only showed up when my skin was “squished”–crossing my legs or something.  In my late twenties, I began to notice that the backs of my thighs had small waves in them.  Then, when I turned thirty about five years ago, I noticed one little dimple above my knee. The back of my thighs remain wavy (small waves) and the fronts of my thighs have now become large bumps with waves.

It’s weird, because it depends on the light I’m in…some lights the cellulite looks horrendous…others, not so bad.  I mention it because sometimes now I can see large waves of cellulite on my upper arms, and in other lights I can’t see it.  Oh, and there’s a little on my butt.  Really, really attractive stuff.

I’m 5 foot 2 and 115 pounds–so for me, I don’t think weight has a lot to do with it.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s height! I see so many tall women with long legs that look like they have no cellulite….maybe all of mine gets squished within a small frame…  🙂

(Analyst’s Note: Yes, I’ve noticed this same phenomenon with the lighting. I think most women have. Oddly enough, it’s not just about the brightness, right? It’s the type of lighting and the angle that seems to make the most difference.)

2. How has your cellulite fluctuated over the years?

It’s really just gotten steadily worse, even when I lost twenty pounds three years ago.  My skin got looser, which might actually have worsened the appearance of the cellulite.  About three years ago, I was diagnosed with a systemic yeast overgrowth and let me tell you, since then, I have done every colon cleansing/detox thing out there. As a result of this, for the past three years I have not eaten sugar, gluten/flour, or dairy (except yogurt) nor had caffeine (but I never drank it anyway).  No improvement as a result of this diet and/or detox.

(Analyst’s Note:  Your experience here supports the research we’ve uncovered about fiber. I did not see any improvement either when I added psyllium husks to my diet, which is a main ingredient in most colon cleanse products.  After further research, I believe the focus on fiber is misplaced. Instead, I’ve found it’s much more effective to focus on building up the healthy bacteria in the gut by eating probiotic-rich foods such as kefir, naturally fermented sauerkraut, etc.)

3. What do you suspect is your kryptonite?

Actually, I think it’s stress and anxiety. I’ve been doing a lot of reading about how stress can raise the levels of cortisol released from your adrenals and persistent stress can cause the whole hormonal and lymphatic system to go kind of wacky. Adrenals are responsible for so much hormone production, I guess.   Constant stress lowers your immunity and makes it harder for your body to detox.  I have had an anxiety disorder for years which I’m only just beginning to address, so I think it might really contribute to my body’s overall health (or lack thereof).

(Analyst’s note: Just a thought here, but did you ever consider that recurring anxiety might be a result of a nutritional deficiency? I’ve read a lot of research linking anxiety disorders with a lack of healthy fats. Does anyone have any recommendations for a book/website for further investigation on this?)

4. What has been your experience with cellulite treatments?

I’ve never really used any until two months ago. I read Bronwyn’s book and started dry brushing every morning, using ACV in the a.m. and taking baths with essential oils/massaging.  Thus far, I see no improvement.  It’s kind of a bummer.  I’m trying to stay positive though.

5. What cellulite treatments are you planning to try next?

I do work out, though not as often as I should so I’m going to try upping that.  I’m just going to stick with what I’m doing for now, as I think maybe I might be one of those people it takes longer for.

I just started taking 2 TBSNs a day of coconut oil.  I read the book Eat Fat, Lose Fat and it was awesome!

Also, as I mentioned, I am working really hard on de-stressing.  I’m working with a cognitive behavioral therapist to combat anxiety because after all the reading I’ve done on it, I guess it can really wreak havoc on your body.  I, too, am looking for the whole body cellulite solution: I believe when I am healthy all around, I’ll see an improvement.


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latebloomer says:

Cassiopeia, I think you have been inside my brain. I could have written about 85 percent of what you've just written here. I mean, I have done it ALL, and still I cannot budge this nasty stuff. Mind you, I've only been at it for six months or so; still it seems to be so easy for some people–just a bit of coconut oil here or or raw milk there, or giving up gluten or starting dry-brushing, and poof it's gone! It's very hard not to get discouraged. I've been having the same thought about persistent stress and cortisol levels, etc. The sad part is that lately I've realized that a lot of the stress I'm feeling is coming from trying to get rid of my cellulite! Am I eating well enough? Am I exercising enough? Am I sleeping enough? I've actually had to STOP reading about nutrition and well-being, etc., because it's really getting to me I think. How weird is that? Still, I feel good overall, apart from the 15 or 20 pounds I can't seem to lose and the cellulite that is not budging. And the ACV in the morning has made my hair gorgeous, so that's a bonus! Soft and so shiny!

Anyway, I'm there with ya honey, and I feel your pain. But I'm not giving up and I'm not trying anymore stupid diets either.

Cassiopeia says:

Aw, thanks latebloomer for your post….I feel like I'm not the only one! Melissa has some really good ideas up there–I have wondered about a whole chicken or egg thing, i.e., anxiety causing other problems or other problems causing anxiety! Sometimes it seems like a vicious circle. I do know that it does seem that when I eat "iffy" foods that I might have a sensitivity too or overdo my carb limit for the day, I tend to get more anxious! If anyone has more info about a relationship b/t nutrition and anxiety I'd love to hear about it. And latebloomer, I hear you re: stressing out about all of this stuff. I even stress out about being stressed out!!! It's so silly!

Okay, well..Melissa's post made me realize I haven't been taking my probiotics lately so I'm off to go take some! Latebloomer..let's try to be easier on ourselves, shall we? 🙂 Sometimes I think if I could just love myself no matter what either half my health problems would go away OR…I just wouldn't care!


Ladies, you've really got me thinking today. I have so much fun conducting our little investigation and writing this blog, and I want to make sure my fellow cellulite sleuths are feeling the same way. It's such a stubborn condition and so frustrating when you're not seeing ANY results.

I was lucky because I saw improvement with my initial dry brushing –but I can tell you I felt that same frustration when dealing with the cystic acne. Then I hit a major breakthrough when I discovered it was the fluoride. I've been wanting to write a series of posts about what I think really spurred me on to finding that cure. I don't understand exactly how it worked (and it's a little more "out there" than our usual CI commentary), but I think it's an important subject to address so I'm gonna just dive right in. Look out for these posts later in the week. I think you'll know them when you see them 🙂

Amaryllis says:

Hi Cassiopeia – I'm definately able to relate to what you are going through. You're really not alone! I think so many of my health and well-being issues, eg lymph system problems, are affected by my inability to relax. I KNOW that 15mins yoga in the morning and a very simple meditation 3×5 mins a day work miracles for me, but am often too 'stressed' and 'anxious' to do these things! Regarding books, I've found one to be quite amazing: The Mood Cure by Julia Ross. Protein and amino acids. It even works for me as a vegetarian.

Melissa – being involved with CI has done wonders for my self-esteem, and for my skin. I know it could take a very long time before I see real improvement to my stubborn and awful cellulite, but what I like about CI is that it tells it how it is – and for me there are no quick fixes. Rather than despairing about that, which I have so much in the past, I am gradually making changes to my diet, my lifestyle and even my way of thinking. Creeping along like a tortoise, true, but for nearly 20 years having cellulite has caused me so much pain and shame and now I'm finally moving on.


So exciting to hear feedback like that, Amaryllis! When I first launched the Cellulite Investigation, I told myself that it will have been a success if I start hearing that it's helped people feel healthier and happier. Of course, the ultimate goal is to help women get rid of cellulite(!) but we've only been at it for a few months so we're definitely on track for that.

The Mood Cure seems to be a perfect recommendation for this case. Thanks! The author has an interesting questionnaire on her site that helps identify possible chemical problems that could influence mood. Here is the link: http://www.moodcure.com/Questionnaire.html. I'd be interested to hear what others think of it.


I first noticed cellulite at age 19 after going away to college and starting to eat the nasty cafeteria food. It stayed with me for years despite being rail thin. I never did anything about it or tried any treatments, but it went away on its own when I switched to a high fat diet in my mid-30’s. Partially hydrogenated vegetable oils I think were the main reason for my cellulite. I am now in my mid-40’s and eat tons of fat yet it is natural, wholesome fats like in whole milk and eggs. No cellulite to be found despite having 3 kids!

Melissa says:

Sarah, you are my cellulite superhero!


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