Anti Cellulite Product Review: MesoTone Cream

Last month, I asked if you thought we should review anti-cellulite creams here at the Cellulite Investigation and your resounding reply was “Yes!” I’ve barely begun the first promised cellulite-cream review but already I’m having some issues. Do you run into these same problems with cellulite products?

Issue #1: The Ingredient List

Checking out the website prior to agreeing to the review, the online ingredient list reads as follows:

  1. Deoxycholic Acid: Assists in the breakdown of fat for efficient secretion and conversion from Cholic acid.  Facilitates fat emulsification from food and assists in the distribution of energy.
  2. Phosphatidyl Choline: Vital for optimum liver function, assisting in the elimination of fatty deposits (detoxify).
  3. Hyaluronic Acid: Component of connective tissue whose function is to cushion, lubricate and plump.
  4. Allantoin: Healing, moisturizing, soothing and anti-irritation, keratolytic and non-toxic.  Commonly used in dermatological applications.
  5. Vitamins A, C, & E are included in the formula and provide powerful anti-oxidant protection.
  6. Shea butter provides ultra-moisturizing benefits.

There’s a few ingredients in there that require further research on my part, but I figured that would be a fun part of the review process. I didn’t see any major red flags until I received the product in the mail and was able to read the ingredient list on the label.

Besides the substances listed above, MesoTone cream also contains methyl paraben,  propyl paraben, and several other ingredients not listed on the website.

I’m sure Della Naturaceuticals was only listing the active ingredients online because that’s what most people are interested in, but parabens are one of those chemicals I try to avoid in my beauty products (check out this post about parabens at Kitchen Stewardship to learn more), so I was disappointed to see them in the cream I was asked to review.

Issue #2: The Not-So-Little Problem of Surface Area

Here are the directions for applying MesoTone cream, as described on their website. Can you spot the dilemma cellulite-prone women like myself will inevitably face when using this cream to treat the blight?

The pump is uniquely designed to dispense a 60 mg dose. The pump contains approximately 60 – 68 pumps. One pump will cover a 6×6 inch area of the body for one month. It may be necessary to use more than one bottle of MesoTone Cream ™ depending on how many areas you want to treat. The cream should be applied twice daily for best results.

A surface area of 6×6 is not going to do the trick on these gams. I might have to pick just one dimple or two to treat for this product review.  The manufacturers are straight up in stating you might need more than one bottle, but at $80 a piece, it seems unrealistic to use MesoTone cream to treat anything beyond a small patch of the blight.I can’t be the first woman to run into the surface area problem when it comes to anti-cellulite creams, right? Please tell me I’m not alone in this one!

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Elizabeth Walling says:

Um, yeah, at $80 a bottle that would be way too much for me… I'd probably go through 5-6 bottles a month if I actually bothered to use it on all my problem areas!

I'll stick with the rolling pin (which I've been using faithfully since your post about it, Melissa!). 😉


I'd need 5-6 bottles, too, and that's not even exaggerating. Can't wait to hear how the rolling pin treatment goes for you, Elizabeth!

Amaryllis says:

This has also been an issue for me when I've wanted to use an anti-cellulite oil here in Germany which comes in tiny bottles. Makes me wonder who their target demographic is – women with 'functional' cellulite or 'big problem' (!) cellulite. The MesoTone is grossly expensive for the amount of product, and the profit margin is probably so high it would make us gasp… but of course, these companies are not out to 'cure' celllulite; they are not altruists. They are out to make money and sell the dream of a cellulite cure. However, I agree that anything that might help is a bonus. And you taking the time and effort to review this cream is a great favour. I say pick a small patch, see what happens, and make the point about the cost/content factor in your 'official findings'. And thanks, as always!


I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who feels these cellulite creams are grossly undersized. I don't see how the women in the study could have seen such a dramatic decrease in the circumference of their legs if one bottle only covers a 6×6 patch. But I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the advice and encouragement, Amaryllis!

Cheryl Sandella says:

In regards to MesoTone…

To date there are about 500,000 people using this type of formula with great success. Studies prove that with diet and exercise it is effective. The cream was designed to treat "fat pockets" and cellulite. Many consider the cost to be "low" when they compare it to dangerous lipo-suction and other invasive treatments.


Cheryl –I was pleasantly surprised to find that one pump from the bottle actually covers a lot more surface area than the instructions claim. I'm writing about that in a post next week. I've made changes in my diet and exercise routine, but I'm only using the cream on one leg. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Cheryl Sandella says:

Melissa, did you get my other comment about Parabens? I think it would be helpful for your readers to read the information provided by the FDA. Many times the public never gets to hear the final results from the studies conducted. Let me know if you received it…if not I'll resend it.


Hi, Cheryl. I didn't receive the paraben comment. Sorry about that. Can you resend it? thanks!

singanddancethrulife says:

Hi Melissa,
I would like to add (so nobody else wastes their money) my findings with certain procedures and cellulite. I have a lot on my thighs despite being thin and eating healthy. I also have a problem with gaining muscle…since i hit my 40’s. I excercise a lot (spin, hike, yoga, weights) and you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at my legs. So in the last year i have tried endermologie-the before and after pictures said it all…after 12 treatments-NOTHING. So much time and money wasted. I have also tried zerona treatments….luckily i didn’t have to pay for this…after 6 treatments-NOTHING but wasted time. Not even a single millimeter lost. Then i tried Synergie by Dynatronics. I traded with a friend she was trying out a machine for her business… Did not work on my friend or me at all even after 10 treatments. Sorry about all the bad news….i just don’t believe that these procedures should be around teasing women into believing they work.


Thanks so much for sharing this valuable intel with us!! We haven’t received much positive feedback at all about salon treatments like these. They are expensive and inconsistent, at best. Thanks again for adding to the case on cellulite!

question says:

Mellissa or anyone else out there – have you tried finnulite or finulite (not sure the spelling) saw it on amazon and other sites with loads of positive reviews which of course makes me skeptical. Think i might buy to try. has only heard or tried. i exercise, eat pretty healthy most of the time, massage, have dried brush and i’m also doing some free venus freeze, wheatgrass, collagen.

i am dying for some improvement, even a little bit. i have some health issues now so can’t work out as much plus so very very busy.


Hi! I never heard of finulite before but it looks intriguing, right? I love that it uses all natural ingredients without parabens, SLS, etc. I wrote to the company and asked for a few samples we could test for our investigation. We’ll see what they say. Thanks for the tip!


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