The Cellulite Investigation’s Most Wanted List: Eat Real Butter (You Know You Want To)

You are going to like this piece of anti-cellulite advice: Eat more butter. Lots of butter.

I hope you’ve already heard the life-changing news by now that fat doesn’t make you fat. Not even saturated fat from meat and dairy. If you’re still not convinced, read Connie Leas, Gary Taubes, or Nina Planck and then, if you dare, try it out for yourself.  The key is to eat Real Butter.

Margarine’s days are numbered. With all the negative research surrounding trans fats and heart disease, the nutrition community’s push for low-fat butter substitutes has turned out to be quite the embarrassment. Besides, Parkay is SO last century.

Real butter is a simple work of perfection. It is made from real cream and, if desired, sea salt. That’s it. The quality of the cream is of the utmost importance. Does the cow live her life on a sunny pasture or a cramped feedlot? Does she eat grass or industrial byproducts? Is she fed hormones to increase production, thereby diluting the nutrient value of her milk?

It might feel strange when you first start asking these questions. The employee stocking the shelves in the dairy department probably won’t be much help. But health benefits aside, if a cow is gracious enough to share her milk with you, wouldn’t it be nice to know she is living a happy and healthy cow life? Premium artesinal butter is experiencing a renaissance here in the States –it’s not too hard to find it if you take the time to look.

Healthy societies went to great lengths to increase the nutrient value of their butter by giving their dairy cows access to the lushest fields possible. Real Butter is full of the fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids that our bodies crave. The highest food source of conjugated linoleic acid, an active ingredient in many anti-cellulite products, is found in the fat of ruminants.

Buy the best quality butter you can find. It is more expensive than the generic brand, but if you think of it as a food source and a cellulite treatment all in one, then you will see it for the bargain it is.

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Rosy says:

mmmm I love me some butter! Kerry Gold is my fav! All Irish butter is pastured and oh so yummy. Sometimes they have a "fermented" butter that is supper good too!


Kerry Gold lives up to it's name. I love that one too! I have to look out for the fermented kind.

Bronwyn Hewitt says:

YES YES YES! THIS IS TRUE. Please take note that there is nothing wrong with real natural butter! Our bodies cope perfectly well digesting and metabolising butter. BUT check your ingredients, not all butter is butter!!! Make sure your ingredients read: – Milk Solids (cream; milk), Salt, Water and that is all. Cheers from Bronwyn (from Cellulite Free Me).


Hi, Bron! I'm so excited to get a comment from a real live cellulite guru! Thank you!

Incidentally, I just found another great blog post about how to make butter. She even explains how to culture it. It's from Dawn at SmallFootprintFamily.

Roys says:

Oh I can't wait to try that homemade butter!


I'd be interested to hear how it goes. I have to live vicariously for now because all my kitchen gadgets are in storage until we move into our new place. Thank goodness for Kerry Gold. And Straus Family Creamery. I like their butter, too.


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