Cellulite File: “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay

I first read Louise Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life, six years ago when its bright cover called to me from the bookstore shelf. Little did I know that Louise is often thought of as the founder of the mind/body connection in self-help literature, with her books selling over 40 million copies worldwide.

The thrust of her message in You Can Heal Your Life is that our physical ailments are a manifestation of our emotional ailments. She asserts that all dis-ease comes from a lack of self-love, so this is the only thing she ever works on with her clients. In her own words, the essence of her work “is to bring them back to the time when they knew how to really love themselves.”

Louise says that our ailments are usually caused by limiting beliefs we learned as children –she encourages her readers to release the past and forgive everyone. Her book is filled with exercises designed to help uncover limiting beliefs, release resentment, and promote healing in all areas of life.

According to Louise, cellulite is the body’s way of storing anger and self-punishment. Lymph problems are a warning sign that the mind needs to be recentered on the essentials of life: love and joy.  She says we can counter cellulite by learning to forgive ourselves and by freeing ourselves to love and enjoy life.

I’m not sure what I think about Louise Hay’s theory. It does make sense on a collective scale. Could cellulite be a reflection of stored anger and self-punishment? What do you think?

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Rosy says:

I do beleive that there is a more spiritual conections to health, but I do not think my but is cheesey cause I don't love myself. My butt is cheesey cause I have built up toxins in my body and I need to learn how to nurture it correctly.


You mean, because you need to learn how to love that butt?! 😉

I'm teasing, Rosy! Your take is very practical. I don't think Louise Hay would disagree that there is a physical reason for the cellulite (i.e. a toxic build up in the lymphatic system), only that the physical cause is accompanied by an emotional cause and that when you release one, it will unlock the other as well.

The reason this idea intrigues me is because of my experience with acne –how I bottled up all that negative emotion and when I released it, I found the physical reason for the acne. (I wrote about it here).  It just makes me wonder…

manuela says:

Personally i believe that any physical problem is caused by emotions or believes.
So I do really believe that cellulite can be caused by self punishment or anger.

A very good natural remedy against cellulite : a tea of fresh nettle everyday before breakfast.

First of all eat and drink healthy food and drinks all the time. A lot of fresh and raw fruit and vegetables.
Less meat, no pop drinks but water, no alcohol.

Every morning I go in the country to take some fresh nettle, I wash it, and I add some hot water. Leave it for 10- 15 minutes, drink it 30 minutes before breakfast, then other 2-3 times during the day. It’s very good for stomach problems, liver, kidneys….everything!
And most important is good for make the skin softer, and very good for the hair.

Women, drink FRESH nettle against cellulite.
And for period problems, there is the herb yarrow ! Mix nettle and yarrow, add hot water to make a tea for 2-3 times a day and your life will be better ! (do not boil the herbs just the water)


I love your approach to health, Manuela! Where did you learn about harvesting and using fresh herbs? I’ve always been intrigued by herbal remedies. What is the best way to identify nettle in the wild? If I don’t have it near by, is is possible to buy it online? Thanks.

Karolina says:

I believe that cellulite might be the problem based on emotions. I mean, cellulite is the unwilling and unpleasant visible effect – this is the problem of lymphatic system and connective tissue, which is a serious problem!
And about Louise L Hay, once I have been tutoring laboratory classess for teenagers in my university, and one girl asked me what do we do here, on our PhD studies? I told her we investigate cancer cells. She replied to me, that she had a cancer on her own, and she very emotionally told me about that, and about that particular Louise Hay book, that helped her overcome the disease completely! I wish more people were aware, that thoughts cause emotions, and emotions are pure Chemistry, which is floding our organisms – so, here`s the thing – everything you think may become true, because you on your own produce some chemical substances in your very own body, and it is not left unaffected. I`ll try to struggle my cellulite in Louise Hay Way, cuz nothing else worked for me:D


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